The Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly ‘Sexual Predator Tour’ is Flopping Bigly

As the nation continues to struggle with a pandemic that stubbornly refuses to go away (or more accurately, is aided and abetted by Trumpian Republican anti-vaxxers), the demand for live music, theater, and other in-person performances has been growing steadily. The Foo Fighters recently played for a fully vaccinated audience at Madison Square Garden in New York City, in show that sold out in 10 minutes.

Donald Trump, Bill O'Reilly

However, that level of anticipation is not apparently matched for the upcoming Sexual Predator Tour starring Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly. The show was announced more than a week ago, but ticket sales have been lackluster, to put it mildly. According to Politico

“Donald Trump is having trouble selling advance tickets for his upcoming speaking tour with conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly, according to interviews with ticketing officials for the venues. […]

“The events are not until the end of the year, Trump’s camp notes. But so far, the pace of purchases has been slow compared to other acts, arena officials say. […]

“As of Thursday evening, Ticketmaster pages for the Orlando, Dallas and Sunrise events and the Axs page for the Houston event show wide swathes of available seats, with some large sections only having sold a few tickets.”

Trump and O’Reilly are not exactly packing them in. Even though there are only four dates on the tour and all of them in Trump friendly locales. Nevertheless, venues like those in Dallas, Texas, and Orlando, Florida, still have most of the ticket supply available. This despite early boasting that “This tour will be one of the most lucrative of all time.”

Even if the $7 million take is true (doubtful), it wouldn’t be anything to brag about. Since most of the “standard” seats priced at about $100 each are unsold, it would mean that they have only sold a couple of thousand seats at premium prices ($1,000 – $8,500) to the wealthiest and most zealous devotees. That’s out of a potential 80,000 available seats (approximately 2.5%). This is what happens when Trump disciples, who are accustomed to getting free entry to his cult rallies, are asked to pay substantial admission fees.

Perhaps the reason for this failure is that America isn’t anxiously awaiting to hear from a pair of notorious and abusive perverts. Trump has been accused by more than two dozen women of harassment and/or assault. O’Reilly was fired by Fox News after some multi-million dollar settlements with his female victims were disclosed. And both are hurting for cash, having lost access to their primary grifting platforms.

Whoever does eventually show up isn’t going to get anything more the same old clown show that Trump and O’Reilly have been performing for years. They’re like an aging 1960’s band of one-hit-wonders playing the same song over and over again for decades. They won’t cover anything controversial or newsworthy. Does anyone think that O’Reilly will challenge Trump with this observation…

Maybe ticket sales will pick up as the dates approach. Or maybe Trump will bully the Republican Party into buying up a few thousand seats. Or maybe QAnon or the Proud Boys will step up to rescue Trump from this humiliation. Or maybe it will just go down in history as another failed Trump attempt to fleece his dimwitted flock.

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8 thoughts on “The Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly ‘Sexual Predator Tour’ is Flopping Bigly

  1. Part of the problem is anyone who buys tickets will be outed by the left as a crazy, revolutionist wanting to see how their leader wants them to overthrow Drunk Uncle Joe and the legitimate government.

    • The Left has much more important things to do than that.

      That isn’t a tactic useful to the Left. “Live & let live.” People can waste their money anyway they choose, long as it isn’t hurting anyone else.
      That is, however, a tactic used by Rethugs & FauxNooz with some success.
      Projecting, perhaps?

    • “outed by the left as a crazy, revolutionist”

      And what part of this isn’t true?

  2. “…And both are hurting for cash, having lost access to their primary grifting platforms.”
    O’Reilly no doubt may be hurting for cash, but Trump? He cashes in on every stupid lie he tells, or just repeats. Everything is a fundraising ploy to those guys. “Cry victim & get money for it”, seems to be the #1 way Retrumplicans make money nowadays!
    Pretty pathetic, but it works for them.

  3. Donald Dump fleecing the public? Say it ain’t so.

    • Well, on the plus side, he’s mostly just fleecing his own dimwitted cult followers.

  4. This is hilarious. Even Trumpsters are getting tired of the grift.

  5. The Dirty Old Man Tour will have a pretty limited audience even without atrocious over-pricing. Should be a hoot to watch though, I suggest the real networks cover it live, as a comedy special.

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