Fox News Remedial Reporter Peter Doocy Tries – and Fails – to Set Up Jen Psaki

On Monday morning, Peter Doocy, the nepotism hire serving as Fox News White House correspondent, sputtered out another of his pitifully impotent attempts at a gotcha question for Jedi Press Secretary Jen Psaki. This is becoming a daily episodic farce that is way too predictable to last another season.

Jen Psaki, Fox News, Peter Doocy

You might think that after humiliating himself repeatedly, Doocy would take some time off to ponder what career path he might actually be suited for. It surely isn’t journalism. In just the past few weeks Doocy has presented his behind for spanking too many times to list, but here are a few standouts:

The latest moment of shame came when Doocy asked a short, but fatuous question concerning the troubling increase in COVID pandemic activity that all the data shows is hitting predominantly Republicans and/or Fox News viewers. The exchange with Psaki went something like this…

Doocy: On COVID, Dr. Fauci says we’re going in the wrong direction. Whose fault is that?
Psaki: Well, I would say first what he was referring to is the fact that because there are still a large population of people in this country who were unvaccinated, and we have the most transmissible variants that we’ve seen since the beginning of the pandemic, that more people are getting sick with COVID. Those numbers are not moving in the right direction. I think that’s accurate and you can see it by data.

The strikingly thin premise of Doocy’s question was aimed at prodding Psaki to assign blame for the viral spike. That is hardly an appropriate line of inquiry. The only purpose of such a question would be to goad Psaki into pointing fingers at Trump or Fox News or Facebook or any of the other sources of deliberate disinformation.

Following that, Doocy, or his confederates back at Fox’s studio, could complain bitterly that Psaki was taking partisan pot shots and pushing responsibility to others. Then, of course, the Fox Newsers would blame the Biden administration for COVID spreading in some contorted illogic devised just for the occasion.

Unfortunately for Doocy and Fox, Psaki, as usual, didn’t take the bait. Instead she provided a beginners lesson for Doocy on how viruses work and what makes them so dangerous. Not that he’ll be able to comprehend or retain such knowledge. But she has give it a try. Doocy will surely return the next day with yet another imagined zinger that will turn out to be another dud. And this show will continue until Fox News decides to have some mercy and cancel it.

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  1. “Jedi Press Secretary Jen Psaki.”
    Lovin’ it!

    Doofus Doocy must be a masochist AND an idiot!

  2. Or, could it be that he has a big “crush” on Jedi Jen??

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