UH-OH: Tucker Carlson’s Biggest Advertiser – MyPillow – Pulls All of its Ads From Fox News

It must be awfully difficult to be Tucker Carlson, The Fox News Senior White Nationalist and Conspiracy Crackpot. It must be painful for him, having his brow perpetually furrowed into an expression of eternal victimhood that facilitates his constant whining.

Fox News. Tucker Carlson

After all, Carlson has had to endure repeated – albeit imaginary – offenses by a government intent on persecuting him. The list of his derangements and hate mongering would get someone who isn’t a wealthy trust fund baby and frozen food heir committed and placed under 24 hour psychiatric observation.

For instance, there is his paranoid delusion that the National Security Agency (NSA) is spying on him? Or his baseless accusation that the FBI orchestrated the January 6th insurrection? Or his claim that health authorities know that vaccines don’t work and they aren’t telling you? Or his overtly racist promulgation of “white replacement theory.” Or his attack on Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair, Gen. Mark Milley, as “stupid” and “a pig.” Or his whining that Rep. Eric Swalwell won’t return his calls? Or how he disgustingly smeared a January 6th Capitol Police hero?

On top of all of that, now Carlson has to contend with the devastating loss of his biggest advertiser. According to Variety

“In a statement late Thursday, Fox News confirmed a report by The Wall Street Journal that Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, had asked for his company’s ads to be taken out of their schedule after the network decided not to run a proposed ad promoting baseless claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

“‘It’s unfortunate Mr. Lindell has chosen to pause his commercial time on Fox News given the level of success he’s experienced in building his brand through advertising on the number one cable news network,’ Fox News said in a statement.”

Lindell, who has problems of his own, is furious at Fox News for refusing to run a commercial for his upcoming “cyber symposium,” a livestreaming event in August that he says will prove that Donald Trump won the 2020 election, and restore him to his throne. Of course, that’s a fantasy that Lindell and other Trump cultists have been harboring for months, despite having zero evidence and a string of 60+ cases being laughed out of court.

Lindell is joining Trump on the anti-Fox bandwagon. Trump became disenchanted with his Ministry of Propaganda when the network failed to be sufficiently worshipful, in his egomaniacal view. And on what appears to be his own “channel” (Lindell TV), he bellows that “I’m pulling all my ads from Fox indefinitely and immediately … Shame on Fox News.”

Carlson’s problems with advertisers began last year after some of his overtly racist ranting that is the hallmark of Carlson’s show, and of Fox News more broadly. At the time several major advertisers ditched him, including T-Mobile, SmileDirectClub, Disney and Papa John’s.

That left Carlson with only some lower-tier advertisers that aren’t as discriminating. They include reverse mortgage lenders, dubious vitamin supplements, personal injury lawyers, and gold coin peddlers. Where this gets sticky for Carlson is that Forbes reported at the time that…

“According to iSpot, Tucker Carlson Tonight’s biggest advertiser is My Pillow, which spent more than $40 million on spots during 2019 and 2020. That is about ten times as high as the show’s next biggest advertiser and more than the next four sponsors’ combined spending.”

With Lindell’s announcement that he’s pulling all of his Fox News advertising, Carlson’s show will become a charitable project for Fox News. It was already probably losing money, but now there is no way that it could be profitable.

While it is still Fox’s highest rated primetime program, it is not immune to cancellation. Bill O’Reilly was dropped after having to shell out millions of dollars to multiple women who accused him of sexual harassment and assault. Lou Dobbs got the axe after the voting software company that Dobbs slandered filed a billion dollar lawsuit against him and Fox News.

Both O’Reilly and Dobbs were already suffering from an exodus of advertisers who couldn’t tolerate their bigotry. And now Carlson finds himself in exactly the same spot. Will Fox News do the right thing and end Carlson’s Nightly Disinformation Hour? Well, Fox isn’t known for being honorable or respectful of journalistic principles. So this could go either way. Stay tuned (but not to Fox News).

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3 thoughts on “UH-OH: Tucker Carlson’s Biggest Advertiser – MyPillow – Pulls All of its Ads From Fox News

  1. Why IS Fox Propaganda Network refusing to air “Pillow Guy’s” ad for his “cyber symposium” next month??
    Sure, Lindell claims it will prove Trump’s… …yada, yada…election claims ~ the usual shit. Nothing new there. In fact, Fox has been a huge daily promoter of all that same bullshit noise. It isn’t like that shit is beneath FauxNooz “quality standards” — as if they had any! LMAO Lindell’s ‘thing’ seems to be right up Fox’s assinine alley! So what’s the problem? Did Lindell say something to make little *ucker cry?!? Hurt his widdle feelings?

  2. Good question. It’s not as if FOX suddenly went righteous nor developed some morality. As always with the sleazebags, follow the money … but in this case, it’s hard to find enough to trace. FOX gets its income not from advertisers but from the cable distribution companies, so maybe some pushback on content has come from that source?

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