Trump to Spend the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 Babbling at a Boxing Match for $50 a Pop

This weekend it will be twenty years since the worst terrorist attack on American soil. The planes that flew into the World Trade Centers in Manhattan, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania, took more than 3,000 lives and injured more than 25,000. Many more – including first responders – have suffered with lingering, debilitating and, in some cases, fatal health problems due to toxic conditions on the ground.

Donald Trump

This is a solemn anniversary for which most Americans will be remembering the victims and their families, and paying tribute to the heroes. However, there is one uncommonly clamorous, pseudo-patriot who will be commemorating the day in an especially selfish and callous manner.

That’s right, rather than respecting the memory of a sorrowful day in America’s recent history, Donald Trump will be partying with his boxing pals at the Hard Rock Café in Hollywood, Florida. It’s not even a title match, but an exhibition staged by a couple of fight club relics.

This “entertainment” event was produced solely to put dollars in the pockets of the producers and the fighters. So naturally, Trump had to weasel his way into it to grab some green for himself. His cult followers will gladly fork over fifty bucks each to hear Trump announce the fight. And he will be doing it along with his son, Don Jr. What a bargain.

The promotion for the fight reveals that “President Trump” will provide “live in-person commentary” (that should be “former” president Trump). Trump’s picture is featured between the two fighters, Vitor Belfort and Evander Holyfield. Holyfield was a late replacement for Oscar De La Hoya, who had to cancel due to contracting COVID-19.

Ironically, there are likely to be even more COVID victims because vaccinations and face masks are not required at the Hard Rock. That’s actually the case throughout the state of Florida, that has become the nation’s Hot Zone for coronavirus infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. In fact, Governor Ron DeSantis has deprioritized measures to mitigate transmission (masks and vaccines), in favor of treating people after they get sick. Sadly, that is often too late.

Meanwhile, on 9/11 President Biden will visit all three sites where planes crashed. He will be joined by Vice-President Kamala Harris at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. So while Biden is offering a dignified and compassionate opportunity for the nation to come together and commiserate, Trump will be getting paid to provide his sappy commentary for a couple of geezers beating each other up. Could there be anything more Trumpian?

UPDATE I: To confirm the depth of Trump’s madness, he was asked who he would fight if he were in the ring. He replied “I think probably my easiest fight would be Joe Biden because I think he’d go down very, very quickly. […] I think Biden would go down within the first few seconds.” Not only is this an indication of his obsessive jealousy and hostility, it’s downright delusional that he thinks he would beat Biden who bikes and jogs regularly, while he can barely carry his morbidly obese frame down a low-incline ramp.

UPDATE II: As expected, Trump couldn’t help injecting his election fraud BS into his fight commentary in a manner that affirms his mental decline. Discussing the decision after less than one round, he blurted out that “It’s like the elections. It could be rigged.”

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3 thoughts on “Trump to Spend the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 Babbling at a Boxing Match for $50 a Pop

  1. His entire presidency was a freak show, why would anyone expect him to suddenly show respect to anyone or anything now. His “patriotic” fan base will think this is the perfect way for him to spend the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Personally, I think charging $50 is $50 too much, but that’s because they’d have to pay me to be in the same room as him, and there’s not enough money in the world for that to happen.

  2. Well, guess it’s better than his last “great idea” for how to spend annv. of 9/11 — that 1 was to meet with Taliban at Camp David. His eventual mtg. with them resulted in “total surrender” to them in Afghanistan. Safe to presume that mtg. would’ve been for same thing. On 9/11. At Camp David.
    The most UnAmerican president we ever had & still, the GOP & his braindead followers haven’t figured that out! History books will show that the downfall of the USA was led 100% by the GOP, knowingly; aided by the centrist Dem establishment, who couldn’t manage to be tough when it was needed & called for… & last but not least, by the American GOP voters, who closed their eyes & ears, shut down their brains, preferring to believe numerous lies cuz’ it was easier than “thinking”. I can only hope that other nations learn from this very painful lesson – the Death of US Democracy. “Lies kill!!”
    When those in power refuse to act boldly with the authority granted them, against any group trying to take over & destroy the Country, it’s democracy & the people’s sense of being united as 1 people, the nation cannot survive!
    It’s not enuff that a large portion of those people care & are aware of what is happening to their Country. It is up to “leadership” to be the leaders they need to be. Ours have failed in that regard. The MSM have also miserably failed to live up to expectations. The voters choosing to remain ignorant & just vote for Party over Country, to act violently on total lies fed to them, rather than stand up for the nation, the flag & all we used to believe in ~ they are rhe surprising disappointment to me.

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