Trump’s Cult Followers Eagerly Lap Up His ‘Big Lie’ After the Arizona Election Fraudit Fizzles

There is no question that Donald Trump was, and is, an imminent danger to the wellbeing of the United States. He has demonstrated that by repeatedly advancing his own perverse personal interests and a tyrannical craving for power and adulation. The results have been devastating for the nation as his maniacal hostility and pathological lies tore the country apart, leading to the January 6th insurrection and continuing incitation to violence.

Donald Trump Messiah

The legacy of Trump will include his fatally flawed stewardship of a collapsing economy that saw record numbers of jobs lost and businesses failing. He presided over diplomatic relations that embraced enemies and alienated allies. He created unprecedented political division, animosity, and bigotry. And his mismanagement of the COVID pandemic has resulted in nearly 700,000 Americans dying due directly to his negligence, incompetence, and deliberate malfeasance.

That said, Trump is not the biggest threat that America faces. From the start his demagoguery was the impetus for a cult following that rejected constitutional principles in favor of messiah worship. His dimwitted and easily conned disciples have always been more dangerous than he was himself. And his abhorrent remarks at his latest Cult Rally and Coronavirus Super-Spreader in Georgia illustrate just how treacherous Trump’s authoritarian aspirations are.

In another of his tediously long tirades, Trump lashed out at all of his usual enemies, including the press, insufficiently obsequious Republicans, and pretty much every Democrat. Although he did give a back-handed endorsement of Stacy Abrams for Georgia governor while he was attacking the current GOP governor, “RINO” Brian Kemp, for not “decertifying” the election, which, under the law, he can’t do.

However, Trump was mostly fixated on the election review in Arizona by the Cyber Nimrods – sorry, Cyber Ninjas – that was just completed and found that President Biden beat Trump by an even larger margin. He rambled on about alleged improprieties had no resemblance to reality. In Trump’s world, though, there was a completely different perspective:

“Yesterday we got the results of the Arizona audit which were so disgracefully reported by those people right back there. And the headlines claiming that Biden won are fake news and a very big lie. You know they like to…you ever notice when they write about that they always say ‘While the election results are a big lie…?’ Every reporter. It’s like total misinformation. ‘While they’re totally unfounded.’ Everything’s unfounded, big lie, not correct. ‘While Trump has no reason to say this…’ I mean we’ve got piles and piles of information, affidavits by the thousands and thousands. It’s a disgrace. We won on the Arizona forensic audit yesterday at a level that you wouldn’t believe.

Trump starts off by simply stating, without any basis, that “the headlines claiming that Biden won are fake news.” In fact, the Nimrods themselves provided that finding in their report. It was not invented by the media. Even Fox News reported it as a confirmation of Biden’s victory. And if “every reporter” is saying that Trump’s twisted tales of election fraud are an “unfounded, big lie, [and] not correct.” it’s safer to assume that they are right than to believe a notoriously pathological liar like Trump.

Finally, if Trump actually has “piles and piles of information” validating his allegations, you have to wonder why he, or his crack legal team, hasn’t produced any of it in more than nine months and 60 court cases. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that his lawyers are themselves in legal peril. Rudy Giuliani’s license to practice law has been suspended in New York and Washington, D.C. And Trump’s other attorneys were recently sanctioned in court.

What makes this all the more troubling is that when Trump delivered the remarks above, his audience of confirmed zealots applauded enthusiastically. They couldn’t care less whether what he says is true or not. And neither does he. In fact, Trump will always support these preposterous fraudits because no matter what the results are, he’ll just claim that he won. Just like he’s doing with the 2020 election.

Trump’s cult crusaders will believe whatever he tells them to believe. The the first law of the cult is that the leader is the only one who will ever tell you the truth. Everyone else is lying to you. It’s a closed circuit of blind faith that puts the future of the nation – and democracy – at great risk. It’s how totalitarian regimes force their way into power. And with the mindless obedience of Trump’s fervent fanatics, this is the closes that America has ever come to that catastrophic possibility.

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One thought on “Trump’s Cult Followers Eagerly Lap Up His ‘Big Lie’ After the Arizona Election Fraudit Fizzles

  1. “They couldn’t care less whether what he says is true or not. And neither does he.”

    And the scariest part of that, is that he & they have shown that they will gladly use violence to support his accusations & flat-out lies, while knowing & not caring that they’re NOT TRUE! That’s insanity!
    Who is crazier…??
    The liar promoting the violence… Or, the people who commit the violence, not even caring if it’s for a real reason, or just another big fat lie from a pathological liar & conman??!

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