Trump is FREAKING OUT Over Arizona Fraudit Results that Prove Biden Won

The sham audit that Arizona Republicans have been hyping for several weeks is coming to an ignominious end. The Cyber Ninjas have released the results of their phony “forensic review,” and will now skulk back into the shadows from whence they came. Meanwhile, Joe Biden will ignore it all and just continue being President.

Donald Trump

On the other hand, Donald Trump and his contemptible confederates are not ignoring it all. Instead, they are focusing on preposterous accounts of utter nonsense so they can keep pumping out their “Big Lie” BS to his dimwitted disciples. The highly disreputable Cyber Ninjas were ultimately unable to manufacture any voting irregularities. In fact, their end count actually showed a wider margin of victory for Biden, with more votes for him and fewer for Trump.

This state of affairs has sent Trump into a ferocious frenzy as he feebly tries to fit the facts into a constructed reality that he, in his narcissistic stupor, can comprehend. And, true to form, his main method for doing that is to flood the zone with wild, nonsensical outbursts that serve no purpose other than to satiate his mammoth ego and to inflame his followers.

To that end Trump had his spokes-shill, Liz Harrington (whose proxy Trump tweeting is violating Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban) post a statement asserting that the subpoenas of four of his closest associates (Mark Meadows, Dan Scavino, Steve Bannon, and Kash Patel) were merely a diversion from the the Cyber Ninja fraudit report.

One of Trump’s tweets on Thursday forewarned that “everybody will be watching Arizona tomorrow to see what the highly respected auditors and Arizona State Senate found out regarding the so-called Election!” That tweet didn’t age well. On Friday the report validating the original vote count was released with none of the “proof” of corruption that he and his minions had promised.

But it didn’t stop there. Trump, via Harrington, pounded out a manic maelstrom of 55 tweets alleging election fraud, in spite of the results in the official review. He hasn’t had a Twitter tirade like that since before he was banned. It was a bizarre hodge-podge of unsupported claims with no factual basis or verifiable evidence.

For instance, in one tweet Trump delusionally claimed that the “Lamestream Media are feeding large-scale misinformation to the public about the Arizona Audit. The Audit was a big win for democracy and a big win for us.” In another tweet he simply demanded that “Arizona must immediately decertify their 2020 Presidential Election Results.” He recently made the same demand of officials in Georgia.

It only got worse from there. It just doesn’t matter to Trump – or his cult followers – if the evidence matches his assertions. It doesn’t even matter if his blathering has any resemblance to reality. Trump just lets his rhetorical rambling pour out with the confidence that his simple-minded pawns will obediently buy into it. And he hits them with wave after wave of muddled meanderings to keep them off balance and incapable of noticing that none of it has any intelligible meaning. And, sadly, for some small, pathetic portion of the populace, it’s actually working for him.

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12 thoughts on “Trump is FREAKING OUT Over Arizona Fraudit Results that Prove Biden Won

  1. Yeah, that’s the ticket, AZ! Decertify your old results. Then recertify the new ones, giving Biden an additional 99 votes, and trumpty 200+ fewer. Even trumpty says the result is a big win for him, so go for it!

  2. One AZ Republican is demanding the do it all over again! These aholes never admit they’re wrong about anything. They double down and demand we all ignore reality.

  3. Ooooh, yeah, the cult disciples have had their morning kool-aid and are screaming all over social media that there were ‘17,000’ more votes for Trump ‘found’ so that means he won, so NYAAAH!!!! FFS. Honestly, none of this has any validity, does it? I thought it went on the electoral college vote, which was resoundingly in favour of Biden! Can someone help me on this? Being an Aussie…after all,m from what I can gather, Hillary won the popular vote in 2016 but lost the electoral college vote to Trump. So…was it different rules for 2020?

    This will go on into eternity…Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall, and is laying about whining because as he said himself, ‘I just whine until I get my own way…’

  4. One guy was saying the auditors fudged those new numbers intentionally to give themselves credibility. “Look, we set out to prove trump won but yeah it looks like Biden did”. Now other states will get them to audit their elections because the Ninjas seem to be a reliable outfit. So when they audit those states and say well did trump win here people will take it more seriously

  5. Apparently there was a little larceny going on during the election count. The fraudit found a couple of hundred votes for Biden that had not been counted. It just goes to show that virtually all voter fraud and suppression is committed by Republicans.

  6. Once again, Why the fck was this bulls*it ALLOWED to happen at all? Who the fck can STOP these fraudits from happening elsewhere? Who can the citizens of Arizona and other states SUE to STOP this bulls*it from happening in their state? (thank you to whoever answers.)

  7. it is time to post all their photos, each one who chose to be a part of Arizona’s ” Fraud Claimers” Conspiracy. Billboards with full names across Arizona. They tried to get from Voter’s Information and records for future harassment in 2022. They are doing it already in quite a few States, as apart of their ongoing “Q” Conspiracy to place Herr Trumpf in our United State’s White House again. They are the ones who voted for their Loser, and his Communist mistress, and later ‘wife’. Insanity is, they also proudly say their follow Christ’s Teachings, but scream for their “Barrab-ass”, while crucifying the truth of Facts!

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