Trump Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham is ‘TERRIFIED’ He’ll Run in 2024 – She’s Not Alone

Donald Trump’s former press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, is currently promoting her new book, I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House,” which comes out October 5, 2021. She was interviewed Monday on ABC’s Good Morning America by George Stephanopoulos, where she revealed some of her experiences as one of Trump’s longest serving aides.

Stephanie Grisham, Fox News

Excerpts from Grisham’s book have already disclosed, such as Trump’s unsavory fealty to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Other reports included descriptions of his bizarre behavior toward his staff, particularly women. But the GMA interview broke new and troubling ground. In it Grisham told Stephanopoulos that “I am terrified of him running for president in 2024.” She’s not the only one. The interview also featured this disturbing exchange:

Stephanopoulos: You were enabling the culture [of casual dishonesty] weren’t you?
Grisham: Yes, I was. And I reflected on that, and I regret that. Especially now watching him and so many people push the false election narrative. I now want to, in whatever way I can, educate the public about the behavior in the White House. Because it does look like he’s gonna try to run in 2024. […]

Grisham: He’s on his revenge tour for people who dared to vote for impeachment. And I want to just warn people that once he takes office, if he were to win, he doesn’t have to worry about reelection anymore. He will be about revenge. He will probably have some pretty draconian policies that go on.

It’s a little late for Grisham to express her regrets when she spent five years enabling the lies and megalomania that led to Trump’s insurrection and attempted coup. She addressed her own failures in the interview and conceded that she was no hero and that she wasn’t looking for praise. She just wants to get the truth out now before Trump has a second chance to complete his authoritarian takeover.

Progressives don’t have to embrace Grisham to appreciate her belated confessional. As someone who has been a long-time, trusted insider in the Trump cult, she has a unique perspective that could reveal further unethical, and potentially illegal, activities. She should be among the first former Trumpsters deposed by prosecutors investigating his administration’s many crimes.

As for Trump, he appears to be spooked by Grisham’s disclosures. He has already lashed out at her with his predictable, infantile insults, saying that it was “obvious from the beginning” that she “didn’t have what it takes.” Which affirms his tendency to staff his White House with “all the best people” that he later deems to have been incompetent all along.

What’s more, Trump complained that her book was put out by a “radical left-leaning publisher.” That would be HarperCollins, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., the parent company of Fox News. They have also published books by such radical left wingers as Jared Kushner, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, and Ted Cruz.

Trump’s customary reaction to criticism is to throw childish tantrums. He literally told Mike Pence that “I don’t want to be your friend anymore if you don’t” usurp power that you don’t have to overturn the election results in Congress. And Trump is going full scorched earth over the revelations in Grisham’s book. Which can only mean that it’s likely all true and that he’s scared witless. As he should be.

UPDATE: Grisham tells CNN that Fox News, OAN, etc., were like state-run TV for Trump and could “potentially cause a lot of damage.”

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6 thoughts on “Trump Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham is ‘TERRIFIED’ He’ll Run in 2024 – She’s Not Alone

  1. When is this fucker going to be indicted for his life-long criminality, especially while he was in the WH?

  2. No sympathy for you, Mizz Not-Related-To-John Grisham. Like the rest of the Lord God Trumpovah’s propaganda mistresses, you aided, abetted, and ignored the threat he posed and embodied. You are just as much at fault for what happened as he is.

    So, you don’t get a passing grade for failing the exam….

    • So we’re not grading on the ‘curve’ then? Trump surrounded himself with nothing but ‘loyal subjects’ -firing them as soon as they disagreed &/or refused him. Grading on the curve, she still was bad, did bad, but had lots of company there; like, well…everyone!
      The 1st unprecedented thing Trump did that indicated trouble & should have been stopped, then & there, was appointing Jared & Ivanka as his WH “special advisors”, with NO experience whatsoever. We do NOT put close family on gov’t payroll when they have NO useful experience ~ ‘special advisors’ pretty vague title & what did they do? (“Secret keepers” is more like it.)
      Grading Ms. Grisham on the curve for that Admin. & taking away points for profitting off her book (unless donating profits to work against his return), plus, giving few points if testifies truthfully B4 Congress & any courts investigating Trump-shit…? The bar/curve us pretty low one, so maybe a “D” or “D-“, IF she testifies & works to get truth out to all possible; help him NOT ever be back in WH!
      She definitely flunked the Final Exam! No free pass on credibility either – was in den full of liars!
      Only gets a “D” IF her work checks out, is timely & about those book profits…hmmm?

  3. Too much hindsight and way late and overdue.

    The orange would be king tantrum(p?) needs to be quickly indicted and put away where he can no longer do damage to the people of the United States.

  4. So many pl leaving for saner shores that soon only we old ppl too worn down to move overseas –and a lot of angry 45ers– will be left behind. I can die and get out of this failing country. The 45ers get to live with what they–in their recalcitrance/ignorance/wishful thinking–have wrought. There is justice, after all.

    • Oh I wish I could indeed, leave here for saner shores – but that’s for younger & stronger workers. I too, will get out of this country of my birth & my life, by way of my death.

      Compared to living with what’s next for USA, should Rethug plans come to fruition, I”ll be glad to go! It’s a real shame nonetheless, that the nation that championed Democracy & valued personal freedoms, shall die on that alter cuz’ too many took it all for granted, thinking, “it could never happen here” & couldn’t see the end in sight. Those who choose to just believe obvious lies of 1 Party & worst U.S. president ever, led by their hatred & bigotry down path of destruction — well, they deserve what they’re voting into power… But that leaves millions more who will suffer thru no fault of their own. That’s sad! Greed & politics are dirty things. Those who are too dumb, or too lazy & willing to be told what to do, or not do, & blindly follow ~ they will get just what they want. But they won’t like it.

      The death of a once-promising nation with the right ideas & strong foundation to build upon, where people were free to live their life in pusuit of happiness. Then greed, hubris on 1 hand & an apathetic populace on the other, ended The American Dream for all but 1% (maybe 5%). The wealthy never suffer!

      When a nation puts all its money into military & war, rewards the greedy & then refuses to spend the people’s money for needs of the nation & its people, it can only lead to the death of the nation.

      Our allies sadly shake their heads & our enemies rejoice.

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