Fox News Lies that Poll Shows a ‘Majority’ of Americans Blame Biden for Inflation – It Doesn’t!

These are difficult times for America as it struggles with both internal and external problems. Russia’s genocidal assault on Ukraine has embroiled the world in an unprovoked and otherwise unnecessary conflict that has impacts far beyond the borders of those countries. Meanwhile, while the numbers decline, the COVID pandemic continues to pose risks for vulnerable communities. And even though employment and wages have increased significantly in the past year, inflation has has taken a bite out of those gains.

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Fox News Lies

Consequently, President Biden’s favorability has suffered despite his having executed almost flawlessly throughout the challenges that his administration is facing. You might think that the adversarial Biden bashers at Fox News would be satisfied just reporting on some of the polls where his numbers have declined. But then, you don’t know Fox News.

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The fabulists at Fox are never satisfied with merely disseminating bad news for Democrats when they could be spreading flagrant falsehoods instead. Take, for example, this story that Fox News did on Tuesday about an NBC News poll…

Fox News, Joe Biden, Inflation

Alert viewers would immediately notice that Fox News apparently doesn’t know what the word “majority” means. What their graphic shows is actually that a plurality – not a majority – of the poll’s respondents blame Biden for inflation. The majority (57%) actually do not blame Biden. They blame other factors, including COVID-19, corporations, and Russia. Which proves that the American people are much smarter than Fox News.

If you were to approach any of those who answered that Biden’s policies were responsible for inflation, and ask them which policies they meant, it’s a safe bet that they couldn’t identify a single one. That’s because the real factors fueling inflation are indeed the pandemic and greedy corporations that are raking in record profits while whining about some higher costs. They just pass those costs on to consumers and use the windfall to buy back their stock, making them even richer.

For its part, Fox News is happy to brazenly mislead their already dimwitted audience. The guest host, Trace Gallagher, introduced the segment saying that…

“A recent poll shows a majority blame President Biden for the ballooning inflation, and not Russia’s invasion which the President has been using as his scapegoat.”

For the record, Biden has correctly cited a number of factors that have contributed to higher inflation, not just the Russian war against Ukraine. More to the point, Gallagher’s intro proves that the “majority” misstatement wasn’t just a sloppy “mistake” by a graphics editor. It was articulated on air by the program’s host. This was obviously an editorial decision that Fox News made to deliberately lie to their audience in order to disparage Biden.

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Of Course, that’s standard operating procedure for Fox News. But it’s not often that their glaring dishonesty is exposed in the very graphics they are using to illustrate their lies.

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10 thoughts on “Fox News Lies that Poll Shows a ‘Majority’ of Americans Blame Biden for Inflation – It Doesn’t!

  1. Don’t ya just love this ‘majority’ bollocks? It’s as if they went around and asked every single American citizen! In other news, Tucker Carlson, who resembles the offspring of a deranged ferret and a sheep, has been suspended from Twitter. Not sure why, but whatever it is, it must be bad because 1. Usually, they take forever to suspend people like him and2. he’s refusing the take the controversial comment down.

    • Wow! *ucker Carlson suspended??! How’d I miss that? Refusing to take down comment? Sounds like a pi**ing contest between him & bosses.
      In any case, won’t last long since he is their biggest cash cow. “Moo-ooo!” Can’t afford to tick-off the loyal viewers. Might run risk of them tutning channels to look for news & accidentally hearing some REAL NEWS! Oh my!

    • Dyin’ to know what *ucker could have said/done to even get a 1-day suspend from FauxNotNews. Will it lead to a Faux divorce? LOL
      Please let us know if you find out what that’s all about!? Didn’t think anything he’d do/say would cause Faux to disipline their golden boy.

  2. Ronna McLiar Romney has been spewing this NBC poll for days now, even though, as usual, she doesn’t bother posting any link OR any evidence this means ANYTHING. And, as ever, it doesn’t.

    Funny how the TyrantLicking traitors love citing NBC when they agree with the result (or think NBC agrees with them), and call it a propaganda fester when they DON’T. Yet, they swallow whatever feces Fux Spews — a propaganda fester FOUNDED as a propaganda fester — spews, And if it doesn’t fit Their Beloved God’s agenda, it just disappears into the ether, and Fux Spews claims they never spewed it.

    But. It. DID.

  3. Are not polls nothing but a barometer utilized by the criminal capitalist that indicates how well they have duped Americans into believing rightwing fairy tales that only exist in the mindless void in front of a television tuned to the criminals’ fascist feeding trough that is the American media…….this would only be relevant amongst those that actually think they are paying attention and not the millions of leeches that don’t.

  4. It really gets me that when we try to fix a problem (Russia, the pandemic, corporations), we’re called socialists.

    • Severely limited vocabulary…& comprehension skills.
      They’ve trained their voters “Pavlovian” style ~ will respond predictably, as trained, to certain words. No understanding necessary.
      …Or wanted.

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