Hungarian Dictator Orbán Lauds Tucker Carlson at CPAC, Says He ‘Should Be Broadcasted 24/7’

The Republican Party, under the spell of wannabe dictator Donald Trump, has embarked on an unalterable march toward authoritarianism. They have embraced a doctrine of total fealty to Dear Leader Trump whom they would grant absolute power to rule without regard to Constitutional law or human decency.

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Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Dictator

The latest evidence of that abandonment of American principles of liberty comes with this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that is being held in the neo-fascist haven of Hungary. The location of this confab is likely due to the recent drooling idolatry of Hungarian dictator Viktor Orbán by aspiring tyrant Trump and Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

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During his address at CPAC, Orbán wasn’t shy about expressing his appreciation for the autocracy he has built in Hungary. And he had ready advice for those who would like to follow in his oppressive bootsteps:

“‘“Have your own media. It’s the only way to point out the insanity of the progressive left,’ he said. ‘The problem is that the western media is adjusted to the leftist viewpoint.'”

Orbán has taken his own advice. He has virtually shut down the independent press in Hungary. What’s left are only government run outlets that regurgitate exclusively pro-Orbán propaganda. It’s from that perspective that he complains about western media being too “adjusted to the leftist viewpoint.” By which he means having the freedom of speech that allows independent journalism.

CPAC’s anti-free press positions fit right in with their Hungarian hosts. They have actually barred many reporters from covering the event, including the New Yorker, Vox Media, Vice News, Rolling Stone, and the Associated Press. But according to Orbán, conservatives in the west are overwhelmed by liberals:

“‘Of course, the GOP has its media allies but they can’t compete with the mainstream liberal media. My friend, Tucker Carlson is the only one who puts himself out there,’ he said. ‘His show is the most popular. What does it mean? It means programs like his should be broadcasted day and night. Or as you say 24/7.'”

First of all, let’s dispense with Orbán’s preposterous analysis of the press in America. Fox News is not only able to compete, it is the highest rated cable news network in the United States. And Orbán knows that. He is obviously a Fox News fan as evidenced by his effusive fawning for Tucker Carlson. However, his proposal to have Carlson on the air twenty-four hours a day is not just a prescription for propaganda, it could be classified as torture.

For his part, Carlson sent a video message to CPAC extolling the virtues of Orbán’s authoritarianism. He described Hungary as providing a “signpost to a better way” for America. Which is the best evidence to date that Carlson seeks to turn the U.S. into the same sort of totalitarian dystopia that Hungary has become under Orbán.

Trump also made some remarks at CPAC via phone from Mar-a-Lago. He predictably slobbered over his pal Orbán saying that “He’s a great leader, a great gentleman, and he just had a very big election result. I was very honored to have endorsed him.” It’s no coincidence that both Carlson and Orbán and Trump share the same love for Vladimir Putin. And for you apocalypse watchers, those might be the fabled “four horsemen” right there.

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3 thoughts on “Hungarian Dictator Orbán Lauds Tucker Carlson at CPAC, Says He ‘Should Be Broadcasted 24/7’

  1. FuKKKer and Orbán sitting in a troika
    K I S S I N G!

  2. What the hell is CPAC doing in Hungary anyway? What ~ no venues available in the USA? “Buy American” anyone? Our own economy has no need of CPAC $$$?? Cheaper to go all the way to Hungary?!?

    CPAC is pro-Hungary, pro-Hungarian economy & definitely, pro-Authoritarian, pro-Viktor Orban’ & anti-free press ~ that’s clear enuff.
    What Orban is, & promotes, is NOT pro-American, pro-frerdom, pro-USA. So, again I ask… why the hell is CPAC meeting over there & filling their heads with UNAmerican shit??!! Gathering advice & ideas from Viktor Orban on how to rule as Authoritarian over us & get remove our freedoms & take over the press!?! Conservative CPAC has turned anti-USA & don’t even hide it. So-called conservative voters are being shown what their Party has become. Is that what they all want? Need to step back & take a look at this ~ not in hindsight, but now!! If not, we’re all doomed to regret it & sooner than you think.
    CPAC could not be more obvious & perhaps that’s what conservative voters want ~ Authoritarian Rule & the end of American democracy?!?
    What about the rest of us? Is that what WE want too??
    (This shit be crazy!)

  3. CPAC is a terrorist organization. Time to TREAT them as such.

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