Trump Doubles Down on His Treasonous Putin Puffery While Continuing to Insult Biden and America

Donald Trump simply refuses to let a single day go by without contaminating every public debate with his diseased and delusional misperceptions of the world. And Saturday was no different as he spoke at the ultra-rightist Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). His address to the CPAC crowd was predictably riddled with lies and exaltations of himself.

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Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin

Among Trump’s preposterous observations was a reprise of his theory for why Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. According to Trump it was because of the “rigged” 2020 presidential election. Because what atrocity isn’t the result of that throbbing thorn in his tiny paw? He also tried to sell the absurdity that Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if he was still president. Although there’s some kernel of truth to that. Putin wouldn’t have needed to invade Ukraine because Trump was giving him all the things he wanted the invasion to produce: weaken NATO and the EU, expand Russia’s sphere of influence, sow discord among Western allies, and throw American democracy into disarray.

True to form, Trump elaborated on his recent comments celebrating the intellect of his hero, Vladimir, whom he regaled as “smart,” “savvy,” and a “genius.” He told his glassy-eyed cult followers that…

“Yesterday reporters asked me if I thought President Putin was smart. I said ‘Of course he’s smart.’ To which I was greeted with ‘Oh, that’s such a terrible thing to say.’ The NATO nations, and indeed the world, as he looks over what’s happening strategically, with no repercussions or threats whatsoever, they’re not so smart. They’re looking the opposite of smart.

If you take over Ukraine we’re going to sanction you, they say. Sanction? Well, that’s a pretty weak statement. Putin is saying ‘Oh, they’re gonna sanction me. They’ve sanctioned me for the last twenty-five years. You mean I can take over a whole country and they’re gonna sanction me? You mean they’re not gonna blow us to pieces, at least psychologically?’ The problem is not that Putin is smart, which of course he’s smart. But the real problem is that our leaders are dumb. Dumb!”

First of all, Trump’s account of how he came to fawn over Putin is pure fiction. He wasn’t asked anything about this by reporters. He offered up his Putin praise unprompted at a Republican fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago. And yes, it is a terrible thing to say while the object of his affection was committing war crimes against innocent Ukrainians.

Furthermore, Trump’s assertion that there were “no repercussions or threats” from NATO allies is a deliberate distortion of reality. NATO and President Biden made it clear that Putin would suffer swift and severe consequences if he went through with his invasion plans. Despite Trump’s ignorant belittling of the impact of sanctions, most experts agree that they will critically hamper Russia’s economy and its ability to sustain an occupation of Ukraine.

Note also that Trump’s implied solution is a military response to “blow [the Russians] to pieces.” That’s the sort reckless reaction that could escalate the crisis into the next world war. and it’s typical of his faux bravado. However, during an interview with Fox News Digital at CPAC, Trump displayed his impotence when asked if he had a message to Putin. The ordinarily blustering, pseudo-strongman replied weakly that “I have no message. I just think it’s a shame that this is going on.” It’s a shame? Well, that should make Putin squirm.

Finally, Trump doubles down on his adoration of Putin’s brilliance. But this time Trump embellishes it by insulting America’s leaders as “dumb.” And again, this comes during a time of conflict wherein Trump’s views can only be seen as emboldening the enemy. No doubt his remarks will be played repeatedly on Russian television. Just like the remarks by Fox News Putin lover, Tucker Carlson.

The propaganda value of a former president of the United States favoring Putin over the current president is incalculable. Which makes it unarguably treasonous on Trump’s part. Thankfully, we have a current president who knows precisely how to smack down a paper tiger like Trump. When asked what he though of Trump’s praise of Putin’s alleged genius, President Biden replied…

“I put as much stock in Trump saying that Putin’s a genius as I do when he called himself a stable genius.”

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14 thoughts on “Trump Doubles Down on His Treasonous Putin Puffery While Continuing to Insult Biden and America

  1. Dumber and more on the immoral side of everything than the fools that support him!

    • The dumbest thing I’ve heard from acquaintances was, “I saw for myself on tv boxes of votes for Trump being carried out of the polls and replaced shortly thereafter.” Or, “Biden started the war and not Putin.” I think every American should be required to take a course in Civics. Trump is a deranged disaster and it takes these kinds of people to vote him in again.

      • Used to be that one had to pass a Gov’t Class & History too, to graduate High School in USA. I think they must’ve dropped those requirements.
        When a nation (USA) chooses to outspend next 10 nations on so-called “defense”, with obscene amounts of money spent on war & weaponry, there’s very little to spend on anything else, like a good education! Such has been the US for too many years now & it shows! Need change in priorities, something alot of us have been trying to push for, but the old timers in gov’t refuse to make ANY cuts in defense spending, so we have a whole bunch of ignorant people & tons of deadly weapons ~ what could go wrong, eh?! What’s worse, is we have way too much private funding $$$ going to greedy politicians, corrupting all it touches & dirty politics as result. The vast majority of ignorant voters watch the Fox Propaganda Network that claims to be “news”, which makes many of our voters dumber than dirt! So, chances of anything here changing for the better are looking pretty dam* slim. Sad, sad state of affairs in USA these days!
        Trump & his chumps are hard at work taking away the right of millions of Americans to vote ~ not the dumb ones tho, since that’s their “base” of voters.
        There’s a direct connection between “Trumpublicans”, FoxNotNews & dumbass voters!
        They’re the minority… but ONLY IF every American gets to vote.

  2. Tangerine Idi Amin is a traitor. Putin is the authoritarian dictator that Hairplug Himmler dreams of being. In reality, he is just a sniveling, crybaby.

  3. CPAC: Crushin’ on Putin, Assholes Congregating….

    It’s not that Moronikus and his fellow worshipers commit slander, libel, and treason. It’s that his fellow worshipers DON’T CARE!

  4. Maybe pretend Fox News has gotten orders to cut down on the pro Russia propaganda they’ve been spewing because they seemed to slightly change course on Sunday while Der Fuehrer Trumpushka has doubled down on his pro Russia, pro Putin and anti American rhetoric. The Republican party is a danger to America and needs to be dealt with aggressively, the same way that the world is dealing with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    • And, right now, I rejoice reading about how evil Putin has to deal with economic collapse due to sanctions by European nations and by the US.

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