New Tea Party Express Bus Trip Already Out Of Gas

The big kick off celebration for the Tea Party Express’s latest bus trip began with something of a whimper. The event was held in Napa, California amidst the wineries and grape fields.

Last year the Tea Party Express bus tour was launched by Sarah Palin. This year the best they could come up with was losing Nevada senatorial candidate, Sharron Angle. Palin has a good excuse though. She is busy not riding on her own “One America” bus tour, which she quit six days in.

Tea Party Express had heavily promoted this trip, even promising Baggers that “This is your opportunity to hear special guests speakers, including presidential candidates.” Unfortunately, not a single candidate bothered to show up.

The bus trip will continue across the country with plans to end September 12, in Tampa Bay, Florida, in conjunction with a GOP presidential debate sponsored by CNN and Tea Party Express.

When CNN originally announced that they were partnering with Tea party Express, it was an embarrassing association that never should have been entered into. Tea Party Express is a corrupt enterprise that was created by Republican publicist and fundraiser, Sal Russo. Most of the money raised by the group was funneled right back into Russo’s company for publicity and management fees.

What’s more, since the association was announced, the Tea Party has bled support. It now sports favorable ratings of only 20%. It is viewed less favorably than atheists and Muslims.

CNN sullied its already teetering reputation by embracing Tea Party Express. That decision was the work of Ken Jautz, who was promoted to run CNN after his tenure at Headline News. Jautz will forever be remembered as the man who brought Glenn Beck to Television.

And now that the boneheaded decision to clasp hands with TPE has proven to be a fiasco, it is not too late to break ranks. There is simply no excuse for a news enterprise to partner with a phony scam outfit that purports to represent a movement that is widely reviled.


8 thoughts on “New Tea Party Express Bus Trip Already Out Of Gas

  1. That is surprising when you consider that CNN is an outlet for AIPAC. Wolf Blitzer is still an active lobbyist for AIPAC and is an Israeli agent. And no, I am not a conspiracy theorist. I do tons of research from various outlets on both the left and the right.

  2. Not a surprise. Everything connected with phony Palin is a fiasco or fails.

  3. At least the debate will be entertaining. Will Santorum or Bachmann out tea bag Governor Goodhair?
    And I was surprised to hear that the Palin Freedom Tour II died after 6 days.
    I think it’s even become obvious to the MSM that she does it for attention.

  4. Reading only the mainstream newspapers from several cities, one would get the impression that the Tea Party express is the ONLY thing happening.

    They are making it sound like it is the MOST popular movement around politically speaking.. Anyone opposing this party is given a short one or two sentences, within the main article promoting the Tea Party.

    The Koch Brothers are also behind the Tea Party, and finance it to promote their own agenda.

    Just ONE weak spot within the Tea Party is that they say that they are against corporate influence in Congress, but the opposite happens when those Tea Party reps actually reach Congress and vote. The most recent vote around the financial crisis is evidence. Corporations got 100% of what they wanted, while ordinary people had to sacrifice. Why?

    Tea Party Presidential reps are HIRED by the Fox News Network, and only extreme right wingers are hired. Ooopppss, there goes the fair and balanced reputation of this supposed news network.

    Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch, of News Corp.. It had record profits last year, paid ZERO taxes, and collected corporate welfare money from the public Treasury, meaning they took money from the middle class and the poor. How is this FOR the people, and against corporate corruption?

    Now explain to me how Fox News hires only consultants and Presidential candidates friendly to their corporate extreme right wing point of view?

    How do their candidates UNIVERSALLY end up voting only FOR corporate corruption, corporate welfare and absolute control of everything by corporations and their elected lackies?

    How does being willing to take the country over the edge of the cliff financially, somehow promote the will of the people? Taking a whole country hostage and acting like a terrorist organization fits only one model; the corporate, for profit, at any cost model.

    • I say we kick the corporations out of the country entirely. We don’t need them. We can start our own! Let’s show the rest of the world that we mean business! Add another couple of trillion to the debt, raise taxes, and take that money and create our own government sponsored entities. We could hire only union workers and give them all outstanding benfits and the best healthcare (since we would own the hospitals too). Man we could make everything run sooo much more efficiently and cost effective we could save jillions. We could have a centralized government with master planners that would create entire cities designed for maximum efficiency. You know, just like they do in China. It’s no wonder they’re kicking our ass! We could also get rid of the illegals by making them all citizens and pay them minimum wage. Hell, with all the efficiency savings we could raise that to $15/hr. Americans need jobs and I believe this would be a great way to create them. While we’re at it why not create those electric stations for our electric cars. We could also throw in a few high speed rails. Everything would be integrated for maximum efficiency. Solar panels on every rooftop and recycling service in every neighborhood. I’m sold! Let’s kick those greedy corporations out and get started living the dream!

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