Trump is Covertly Recruiting More Violent Insurrectionists With Promises of Future Pardons

On January 6, 2021, deadly riots took place on Capitol Hill that were purposefully instigated by Donald Trump. They were intended to undermine democracy by obstructing Congress from carrying out its constitutional duty to certify Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election. It was an unprecedented act of domestic terrorism that was fueled by a wannabe dictator who was unwilling to concede that he lost.

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Donald Trump Rally, Sieg Heil

While Trump and his Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) belittled the carnage, more than a 140 law enforcement officers were injured, and millions of dollars of damage was done by the StormTrumpers. This insurrection is currently being investigated by a bipartisan House Select Committee that is finding abundant evidence of criminality on the part of Trump and his seditious confederates.

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So what is a treasonous, twice-impeached, pathologically lying, former reality TV game show host to do when confronted by indisputable proof of his treachery? Well, for Trump it is to deliver yet another lie-riddled, self-exalting speech before an audience of glassy-eyed cult disciples. And that’s precisely what Trump did at the “Faith and Freedom” in Tennessee on Friday night.

Trump’s harangue was mostly consumed by the tedious repetition of his relentless and totally false whining that the 2020 election was “rigged” and “stolen” him. It was a pathetic outpouring of self-pity that has only become more intense as the House Committee’s case of against him progresses, with the American people watching and learning of his depravity, by the millions.

In addition to his tiresome top hits, Trump added a new number to the set list on Friday. Referring to the thugs who assaulted Congress, Trump offered his sympathies, not for the people’s representatives who were terrorized or the officers who were attacked, but for fate of the traitors who were arrested for their flagrant and savage lawlessness. But he didn’t stop at sympathies:

“Even while January 6th defendants are having their lives totally destroyed, and being treated worse than terrorists and murderers, despite most being charged with parading through the Capitol, most people should not be treated the way they’re being treated. And if I become president, someday if I decide to do it, I will be looking at them very, very seriously for pardons. Very, very seriously. They’ve been treated very unfairly.”

First of all, if the lives of the January 6th defendants are being destroyed, it’s their own fault for joining Trump’s immoral and unlawful coup attempt. Secondly, many of them have been charged with seditious conspiracy, and other felonies, which Trump fails to mention.

However, the most foreboding part of Trump’s remarks is his promise to “very, very seriously” consider pardons for his shock troops if he were to reoccupy the White House. What should send shivers down the spines of patriots is not just his interest in allowing the traitors to get off scot free, but the effect of his promise going forward.

Trump is essentially telling anyone who is contemplating committing future acts of violence that they too would be pardoned. That is a thinly veiled recruitment campaign for new insurrectionists. Trump is telling them to go ahead and assault people and institutions without fear of consequences. He is also engaging in witness tampering because his promise would encourage people with pertinent information to withhold it on the expectation that they would be pardoned for their crimes and for defying the courts.

It is rhetoric like this that makes it all the more critical that Trump never be allowed anywhere near any position of power again, and that he be prosecuted for his past offenses. Hopefully the House Committee will continue to document his malfeasances and the Department of Justice will act accordingly.

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13 thoughts on “Trump is Covertly Recruiting More Violent Insurrectionists With Promises of Future Pardons

  1. The most telling of his political promise is that he will “consider” pardoning his seditious followers. He got them to do it the first time and now he is asking them to do it again. Consider how stupid these lemmings are, they just might try again. But considering his multitude of lies, why would they trust him?

  2. If that son-of-a-bitch were behind bars, where he belongs, he’d not be able to continue spewing his lies & threats so easily! And make no mistake ~ his talk of pardons with rest of his ongoing lies & rhetoric IS a threat! He should not be able to continue his poisoning of America by way of his speeches! He should not have any public audience, no ability to continue fomenting hate thru his ongoing, never-ending LIES! He should NOT BE a free man to be doing this shit!
    His speeches are proof that he is still a huge threat to this nation, its people & American democracy! The people going to hear him are a threat to democracy too, since they’re actively supporting & encouraging the man who is intent on ‘taking us down’, destroying what this country has stood for & turning it into an oligarchy. (Don’t look now, but we’re halfway there!)
    How many felonious traitors, thieves (stole stuff from WH) & violent offenders are allowed to be out here, roaming free & promoting more of the same? And providing him airtime just broadcasts his dangerous lies to even more people.
    He should be shut up & shut out! Meanwhile, his Party of like-minded liars & thugs are making certain that no matter what the voters say, they will take power in upcoming election. What a country!

    • My question is WHY is this raving maniac even allowed to continue with this threatening BS? I know the absolute best solution to stop this raging, horrible, criminal, but i am not going to say it out loud. Anyone with any intelligence knows what i am referring to. If this freak of nature no longer existed millions of citizens here in the USA would be greatly relieved and much of this turmoil would stop. Look at Germany after Adolf Hitler was gone. Germany is now a multi-cultural and free and Democratic nation now and is thriving and it’s now against the law there to display Nazi flags and banners and anything referring to Nazis. As it is now and in the future if the low down, sorry bastard, Son of a bitch TUMP is allowed to continue with his hate and violence is going to escalate into a full blown Civil War, especially if corrupt, Fascist, Nazi election officials overturn elections in the coming election. It blows my mind that this worst human ever born, Donald TUMP is still running loose and stirring up extreme hate and division. If this freak is allowed back in the oval office it’s the end of it all. That lazy ass Garland better do something after these hearing are concluded, or it’s over for the United States. As for me personally, i won’t be staying, i don’t care what it takes, i am going to a good nation. CANADA. and i don’t care how cold it gets there, anything will be better than the United States if this TUMP carnage is allowed to continue.

      • Germany has indeed overcome & learned from time of Hitler & his Nazis. It’s been a hard road for them, but they did it. It matters ALOT that Hitler ended his own life, rather than anyone else –it just creates martyrs any other way. Trump is far too chicken-shit & needs his ego stroked too much to ever do that. I’m waiting for a chicken bone, or heart attack, the way he gets so riled-up & agitated ~ with his health, that’s risky! Is for me too, so try to avoid it when I can.
        Rethugs might use him to get back in WH, but don’t think they want him to be in charge again ~ very loose cannon & they won’t risk their ‘ruling power’ on him. If a GOP who’s just as nasty, but more stable, is chosen as VP, Trump should be concerned. He is quite old & in bad shape, after all.
        Trump is like the gum on bottom of your shoe ~ sticky, gross & dam hard to get rid of!! LOL

        • I don’t even know how this despot TUMP is still alive now with what i have read his diet is. It’s beyond me how one person can screw up so much as TUMP and in the past screw up as much as Hitler did. Both of them did a huge amount of damage to millions of people. I just want to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I never ever thought that so many people in the United States was so evil and hateful would follow and worship a horrible, spiteful, evil, human like Donald TUMP. it’s freakin’ appalling to me…

          • The only thing that I’d disagree with is about “so many people in U.S. being evil & hateful..( to be Trump followers).
            The Trump supporters, followers & “glassy-eyed disciples” are many things, but 99% of them are not truly evil. The one they’re following certainly is.
            Having sold his soul to the devil long ago, he walks in the shadow of “the father of all lies” (like father, like son!).
            If you look at the eyes of some of those closest to him, their eyes have gone black – no soul. “The eyes are the window to the soul” & when you cannot see IN their eyes…! Jared Kushner, Stephen Miller & few others have solid black eyes, like a shark. Enuff on that…
            Bible speaks of the devil “putting blinders” on weaker humans so he can use them to do his work, whatever that may be ~ cuz’ basic good people won’t do what he wants if they know, so the blinders keep them from seeing the truth & allows him to manipulate them. God uses humans to do His Work & devil uses them to do his evil works. Most wouldn’t do the devil’s stuff if they could see that’s what it is, so blinders.

            Bible also talks about the “end times” & some shit that will happen then. I believe the end times have begun; may last a very long time tho. In the end times, otherwise good & learned men (& church leaders) will be fooled by the devil & will do his bidding, not seeing the truth at all. Not all these men, but enuff to create chaos in God’s Church, sending some of His people down wrong path, believing they are still following Christ. Many a wise man will be tricked into doing devil’s evil deeds. Those who are looked up to as pillars in the church will bring others with them. If those are devil’s minions, then Trump must be a 1st Lt, at least! There will be much suffering in the end times & Bible gives more details on that. I can’t ~ am not that learned.
            But, just wanted to say that Trump’s followers, for the most part are just stupid, geeedy, bigots, hateful, angry & easily fooled…like any cult. They get easily brainwashed by person saying what they want to hear & telling them they are “special”; telling them everyone else is wrong outside the cult. And they’re told this stuff over & over again. (Sound familiar?) The leader & his cult are usually victims of ‘bad people’ & they bond over this. These things are reinforced constantly & soon enuff, the cult just stops thinking & believes only what cult leader tells them.
            Trump is an evil man & cult leader of totally brainwashed fools who worship him as if…
            (You get it.)

  3. Treated worse than terrorists and murderers? They were just that but only homegrown puppets of cullt leader djt. There has been more than enough evidence for the DOJ to indict djt but they are afraid of another riot, civil war in the streets. I got news for the DOJ, this has more of a chance of happening if you let this cult leader get away with this. He is not above the law and he has broken so many laws and walked free it is outrageous and sickening. He is threatening our democracy everyday and profiting off it by only suggesting he may run in 2024 so he can use all that money he is scamming from these idiots for his own purposes. He is so laughing at them all and all those US Senators that kiss his ass and congressmen alike. History tells us to pay attention and make sure certain things are not repeated but we are watching but turning our heads. His actions follow Hitler’s almost to a tee and we as a nation seems so dazed and confused. Wake up America before our democracy is a thing of the past.I remember Nikita Krushev saying when I was a kid that Russia will takeover America without firing a shot. Don’t look now but it seems Putin is making it a reality with the help of djt and the Republican Party, which is not the Republican Party I grew up with. One thing I also wonder is why like Cohen djt not serving time for campaign fraud as he was listed as the #1 co-conspirator and Cohen got 3.5 years. Merrick Garland needs to stand up for the rule of law and for our democracy, right now, right here and arrest Trump and his cronies. We have made fools of our democracy long enough and it is time we show the world what a democratic society is really like and that means,” no one man rules and no man is above the law, even the POTUS”

    • Good points – especially that the consequences of not charging djt will be worse than an uprising by his supporters. And yes the scamming won’t end. Just like Rome, the fall came from within the Empire, not without.

  4. I could almost guarantee if Trump isn’t brought up on charges for what he has done, it will happen again. Possibly by him but definitely by others, like DeSantis. The quest for power and the accompanying riches is the prime mover behind this “new” Republican Party. As long as it appears within their grasp with the help of a gullible electorate, they will continue to fight. Only bringing the guilty to justice now will deter them.

    • True. Getting rid of Trump will not solve the problem. The GOP is terminally ill.

      • I do agree, Mark NC, the GQP is terminally ill, it would be nice if it died already. I just hope it doesn’t morph into the Fascist, Nazi party… it seems to be headed that way now. I have watched many TV programs and documentaries over and over again about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and the similarities are terrifying to the way the GQP is heading now.

  5. I may sound stupid for asking this but here i go, Why does it seem to me that most everyone is so scared of this Despot name Donald TUMP?? I just don’t get it. What in hell about him is so untouchable? His despicable ass should already be in prison, but no, his sorry ass is still running around free and spewing his lies at rallies across the United States. I have heard that some in the Justice Dept. are concerned about MAGA’s, Proud Boys, and the Brownshirt thugs starting riots and inflicting violence if TUMP is found guilty and held accountable for his criminal acts… but that is a lame excuse as far as i am concerned. The authorities need to be ordered to stop them by all means if they start trouble and throw all of them in jail where they damn well belong… Please do something, Garland, stand up to this asshat TUMP before it’s too damn late!!!!

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