Trump’s GOP is Morphing Hunter Biden Into an Evil Cartoon Villain to Deflect From January 6th

As the House Select Committee hearings on the January 6th insurrection continue its devastating exposition of Donald Trump and his treasonous role in orchestrating a violent coup, Trump and his Republican confederates are becoming ever more frantic about sweeping their assault on democracy under the rug.

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Fox News, who refused to even air the first hearing live in primetime, has devoted as little time as possible to covering the extensive incriminating evidence that is being revealed. Trump himself is suffering severe and psychotic meltdowns as he watches the Committee’s blistering presentation of his overt criminality. And the American people are paying attention as millions tune in to each session.

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Consequently, the Trumpian Defense League has had to work overtime to distract the nation from the damning realities that are gushing out with each new panel of witnesses, all of whom – contrary to Trump’s frenzied rants – are former Trump associates and staffers, not partisan Democrats or Trump opponents. And topping the list of the Trump absolutionists is Rep. James Comer, ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Comer stands to become chairman of the Oversight Committee if Republicans seize the majority in November. And he is openly revealing his agenda for the country under GOP leadership. During an interview on the ultra-rightist propaganda network, One America News (OAN), Comer said…

“I promise you this, and I don’t make many promises, we will have Hunter Biden hearings in the House Oversight Committee. We believe Hunter Biden is a national security threat. We believe Hunter Biden’s bad shady business dealings are influencing some decisions that Joe Biden are (sic) making. So, in other words, we think that Joe Biden is compromised because of Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings.”

So Hunter Biden, who is not now – and has never been – a government official in any capacity, is somehow a “national security threat”? Comer, like all Republican shills, doesn’t explain how that could be possible. He also has zero evidence of any allegedly “shady business dealings.” Therefore, his allegations of “influencing” President Biden are just being pulled straight out of his asinine imagination.

On the basis of that flimsy fiction, Comer is promising to waste the time Congress with blatantly partisan hearings that are strictly motivated by politics and revenge on behalf of Trump. And that’s the GOP platform for the American people in 2023 should the GOP assume majority power.

Adding to the demonization of Hunter Biden is a harangue excreted by Donald Trump Jr on Newsmax.

“Our press won’t even ask ‘Do you think like us being on the verge of World War III, do you think our decision making could be being influenced by the fact that there’s plenty more out there that we don’t even know about.’ I mean, there doesn’t seem to be an enemy country of the United States that doesn’t somehow have a Hunter Biden laptop.”

WHUT? Let’s just set aside Donnie’s six year old speaking ability and his schizoid fantasies of World War III. His unsupported assertions of Hunter Biden’s influence over his father make no sense whatsoever. What decisions does he think have been altered due to anything that has been found on the suspect laptop? Donnie doesn’t say.

Furthermore, is the Trumpy spawn really peddling the notion that it’s no longer just one laptop that was abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware? Now there are actually dozens of reproducing laptops scattered around the world that once belonged to Hunter, and are now in the possession of America’s enemies? And all of them have some sort of compromising data on them?

If this is the depths that Trump and the GOP are sinking to in order to deflect from the January 6th hearings, then you know that they are desperately afraid of the information that is being accumulated and made available to the public. They know what they have done, and what could soon be revealed. And they know that it’s so bad that imaginary caravans of Mexican immigrants are no longer sufficient diversions. They have had to go nuclear with what Newsmax’s chyron calls “New Revelations Come From Hunter’s Evil Laptop.”

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See? No longer merely an inanimate object, the laptop itself is possessed by demons. And Hunter is the messenger of Satan. It makes you wonder what the congressional hearings that Comer is threatening would be like. Would they have an exorcist testifying? Or would they just leave that sort of fear mongering to Tucker Carlson?

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9 thoughts on “Trump’s GOP is Morphing Hunter Biden Into an Evil Cartoon Villain to Deflect From January 6th

  1. For God’s sake, what a load of crap. If the fascist GOP take over Congress this country is going to be in a lot of trouble. I don’t even want to think of what will happen if the Combover Caligula gets back in office. We could be living in a post-Constitution America before we know it.

  2. If i am still alive and reasonably well i sure as hell won’t be in the USA if these rotten sacks of scum called the GQP take over congress and the Dictatorship by 2024. I am beginning to prepare now to get out of the USA at least by 2024. There’s going to be a lot of red tape and money involved but i don’t care. I am not going to live here under a Fascist Dictatorship. I would end up dead if i stay here. I would do something bad to one of the Brownshirts that tried to make me do something i didn’t want to and they would end up doing away with myself. If there is any sanity left here in the United States, that SOB Donald TUMP would never ever be allowed to run for any political office again, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s very sad and a crying shame that the United States has sank to the level of 3rd world nations. It’s become a Banana Republic….

    • John, I don’t want to cause you more upset, but is there anything combover caligula as Louis calls him won’t do to claw his way to the White House? He spoke at the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Nashville. (For 90 minutes! For an elderly man?) Talk about Hunter Biden. (Now, the Republicans are REALLY going to complain about Biden, part of the attempt to keep the Senate.) Trump trash talked and lied about Biden of which I will not talk for fear you will get as sick as I was. REALLY SICK is how Trump can get a crowd going. After each of two statements-“our next Republican president”, and “Would anybody want me to run as president?” there was standing ovation and cheers. This balloon of an old man makes me sick. Talk about him taking our Democracy away. Our ConstitutIon is in danger.

      • I am afraid you are correct, I watch these shows about Hitler frequently and it’s really alarming how similar things are going in the USA now. and Stalin in Russia. I hope i am wrong, but i am afraid we are doomed. Seems no one will make an honest effort to stop this.

  3. Billy Carter was just as bad. Jenna Bush could be naughty too. It’s always fun to play the presidential family game.

  4. Instead of turning the USA into the next Russia, or Hungary, as the Rethugs Party is so inclined to do, how about all those who want that just pack up & move to Hungary or Russia?! And leave this country alone. There are already countries that are what Rethugs want us to be, so move there. Don’t like democracy? You are free to go.
    Be happy elsewhere. Don’t try to turn us into that kind of country ~ we don’t want that for us! Just go now & take your chosen leaders with you.

  5. If there’s a threat to our National Security, it sure as hell is NOT Hunter Biden’s possible laptop!
    What REALLY could be a threat
    to Nat’l Security tho is Trump’s son-in-law, Kushner, being “gifted” $2 Billion dollars from the Saudis (& against their experts’ advice) for some new investment thing that Jared is starting up. For Saudis to hand him $2 Billion is very questionable! MUCH more so than anything Hunter has ever done!
    Oh! And at same time, Saudis also handed Mnuchin $1billion! (Why?) Mnuchin was head of Treasury Dept. under Trump. What is that all about… Hmmmm??!
    Saudis giving Billions of dollars to Ex-President’s family member + his Treasurer ~ that isn’t normal, is it?!!
    Wanna’ investigate some shady shit then start there!

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