Sean Hannity Slobbers All Over ‘Super Trump’ for Contracting a Worse Case of COVID than Biden

Last week President Biden announced that he had tested positive for the coronavirus. Like many others, he was exposed to the most recent variant, Omicron BA.5, that is reported to be the most transmissible yet. Fortunately, Biden is fully vaccinated and boosted, and thus, suffered only mild symptoms and quickly recovered. He has since tested negative.

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Upon learning of the illness, most Americans were sympathetic and wished him well. However, that was not how Sean Hannity reacted to the news. Instead, Hannity launched into a typically toxic tirade against the President, because that’s the only way he has of dealing with the emotions that decent humans experience. On Wednesday’s episode of his nightly hate-fest, Hannity launched into a lecture that was littered with lies and loathing. He began by saying that…

Hannity: Biden had to evoke, the uniter that he is, his favorite subject, Donald Trump. Take a look.

Biden (on video): Here’s the bottom line: When my predecessor got COVID, he had to get helicoptered to Walter Reed Medical Center. He was severely ill. Thankfully, he recovered. When I got COVID, I worked from upstairs of the White House — in the offices upstairs — and — for the — that five-day period. The difference is vaccinations, of course. [See Biden’s full address here]

Hannity: Now, what Joe failed to mention is the current variant, which is BA.5, the dominant variant of Omicron, is much, much weaker than the original strain that infected then-President Trump.

Aside from disgorging his knee-jerk contempt for Biden, this is Hannity’s way of exalting Trump as some sort of Superman who is even impervious to deadly viruses that have killed more than a million Americans. It is the worshipful perspective of a fully indoctrinated member of the Trump cult.

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However, Trump is hardly a superhero. In reality, he is coward who, after downplaying the severity of the pandemic for months, kept his own COVID diagnosis secret, and even attended a presidential debate when he was likely infectious.

More to the point, Hannity’s assertion that Biden was infected by a “much, much weaker,” strain of the virus than Trump, is utterly unsupported by science. Professor David Montefiori of the Human Vaccine Institute at Duke University Medical Center said that

“There’s really no clear evidence that [the BA.5 variant is] more or less likely to make people sick and cause severe illness and death.”

It has been reported that hospitalizations and deaths are lower. But that could be due to more people being vaccinated and more therapies that are widely available.

Trump’s illness was indeed more severe than Biden’s. But the reason for that was more likely because he was unvaccinated when he contracted COVID in early October of 2020. He wasn’t vaccinated until January of 2021. What’s more, he was sicker than he let on at the time. The morbidly obese Former Guy – who subsists on junk food, is rumored to be an Adderall addict, and advocated quack cures such as injecting bleach – was hospitalized for five days with dangerously low blood oxygen levels.

Hannity’s rant began with a petty dishonesty by calling Trump Biden’s “favorite subject.” In fact , Biden rarely ever mentions him. In this address Biden referred to Trump only once, obliquely calling him “my predecessor.”

As for evoking irrelevancies, Hannity brought up an old incident when Biden tripped ascending the stairs to board Air Force One. To Hannity this was a major news story. But that contrasted with his observations of Trump, about whom he said “I never saw a Donald Trump trip,” Perhaps because Hannity has Trump-fluffing blinders on. Or perhaps because Trump rarely walks. He takes a golf cart to travel short distances. And Hannity must have forgotten how Trump shuffled down a low ramp as if he was trying to walk on thin ice. [Note: Hannity lied that it was raining, but it was a sunny day].

Hannity also outright lied that Biden “forgot to mention he took the antiviral medicine.” In fact. Biden explicitly noted in this speech that “Millions of Americans have used Paxlovid …I used it … This lifesaving drug reduces risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19 by about 90 percent.”

Hannity also lied that Biden hasn’t credited Trump with overseeing the development of the vaccines. Of course, Trump did no such thing. The companies that brought the first vaccines to market did so without the aid of Trump’s phony “Operation Warp Speed.” That said, Biden has frequently given Trump some credit for the vaccines being developed during his occupancy of the White House.

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After all these years, Hannity remains Trump’s most loyal propagandist. He shamelessly flings flagrant falsehoods that glorify his wannabe messiah. And while Trump’s legal peril increases by the day, Hannity can be steadfastly relied upon to ignore reality and marvel at his emperor’s new clothes. And apparently those clothes are tights and a cape.

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