Tucker Carlson is Making Profane, Homophobic Jokes About People Suffering from Monkeypox

The Republican Party has never been known for its empathy and concern for the welfare of human beings. Their entire political philosophy is aimed at causing the most harm possible for the people already struggling with hardship. Whether it be financial, health, bigotry, criminal justice, etc., the GOP is against people in need, while they eagerly advance the interests of corporations and the wealthy.

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Consequently, it should come as no surprise that the most pompous of asses on Fox News, Tucker Carlson, is exhibiting just how careless he can be about others, particularly those for whom he has long had a seething hatred.

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On his Thursday night program, Carlson sought to stir up his sadism and prejudice into something that he thought would be fun. So he presented his audience of deplorables with a Twitter poll to rename the Monkeypox. Because what could be funnier than some jokey names for a disease that is contagious and painful?

Carlson’s poll included the following suggestions for a new name: Hunter Hives; Midterm Variant; Adam Schiffilis; and Sclong Covid. Note that three of the choice were overtly political, albeit typically infantile in nature. The fourth was profane and purposefully derogatory toward gay men who are among the sufferers. And of course, it was the fourth that won.

When the poll was completed, Carlson went on the air to gleefully announce the results. He began by saying that he thought that “Monkeypox” was the coolest name ever. You have to wonder whether he thinks it’s even cooler than “Mad Cow Disease,” or “Cat Scratch Fever.” He probably thinks that “Pancreatic Cancer” is hysterical.

Then Carlson went on to order his braindead viewers to call the director of the CDC to waste the time of the agency’s staff with their childish antics. Carlson closed by taking a shot at Rep. Eric Swalwell with an especially stupid Photoshop prank that had absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the segment. It was just Tucker being his asinine self.

It doesn’t matter how often you see these cretins on Fox News acting like idiots, it still boggles the mind how they could get on the air, and how anyone could watch them for more than a few seconds. But it is particularly galling when their attempts at humor are so laden with hostility and insensitivity toward the suffering of others. And their animus is always built around a political goal. For instance, Carlson recently commented on gas prices, noting that low prices in the U.S. are more important than the lives of Ukrainians.

However, it does explain how Carlson, and the rest of the Fox News hacks, can lie so flagrantly about deadly diseases like COVID, when they know that their lies contribute to so much more suffering and death. It appears to be what they are aiming for.

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