Tucker Carlson Finally Admits that ‘I Have No Freaking Idea What Goes On in American Politics’

Every now and then the propaganda merchants at Fox News will, in a moment of weakness, reveal something genuine about themselves. More often than not it’s something that most rational people already knew. And while it may not come as a surprise, it is nevertheless notable if only because they are generally so shrouded in deception for political affect.

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Fox News. Tucker Carlson

Leading the Fox News file of phonies is their Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson. As the network’s top-rated primetime host, Carlson packs an impressive quantity of lies and disinformation into his nightly hour of hate mongering. He is a shameless provocateur and disseminator of flagrant falsehoods. But by his definition, truth is just a matter of opinion that requires no factual basis.

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Consequently, Carlson’s comments this week on the podcast of ultra-rightist shill, Charlie Kirk, were uncharacteristically candid . At one point in the conversation Carlson addressed how badly he had predicted the outcome of the 2022 midterm elections, for which he joined the Republican echo chamber in erroneously forecasting a massive red wave. He told Kirk that he “fell down in my duty as a talk show host. […] Wow, did I get it wrong.”

At least Carlson admits that he was wrong. Donald Trump has been bragging about his imaginary victories. Carlson explained that he had come to realize that he’s he’s just not any good at political prognosticating. Which is quite an admission considering that it is a core part of his job as a TV pundit. However, he had an excuse…

“I actually hate this neoliberal movement, whatever it is, this antihuman movement that’s sweeping the West right now. I think it’s a threat to everything I believe in. It’s a threat to my family, and I really feel hatred. And that loathing clouded my judgment.

“I was like, I dislike these people so much, what they’re doing is so wrong, it is helping so few people and hurting so many. It’s so immoral on every level that I just want it to be repudiated. […] I did learn that, like, I have no freaking idea what goes on in American politics.”

Well, thanks for sharing that, Tuckums. To begin with, it is useful to know that Fox’s top-rated host hates a majority of the American people. But even worse, he regards them as antihuman. At least he seems to recognize that his “loathing” clouded whatever small measure of judgement he thinks he has.

However, the most beneficial confession that Carlson is making is that he has “no freaking idea what goes on in American politics.” Once again, that’s been apparent in his years of making wrong calls on television and radio. However, it does make one wonder how he could ever get a job as a political commentator given that admitted lack of insight. But then again, that’s pretty much what Fox News was created for.

For the record, this isn’t the first time that Carlson has admitted that he doesn’t know anything about a subject that he regularly pontificates about. He previously mad a similar confession regarding Critical Race Theory saying that “I’ve never figured out what critical race theory is, to be totally honest, after a year of talking about it.”

Furthermore, Carlson was actually defended in a defamation lawsuit by his own Fox News lawyers who told the court that “no reasonable person” would believe anything he said. And they won that case.

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2 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Finally Admits that ‘I Have No Freaking Idea What Goes On in American Politics’

  1. If this rotten piece of crap Carlson Tucker wants to see something utterly antihuman, suggest to him to look in a mirror, there is nothing on earth more antihuman than him other than Donald J TUMP and many other MAGAt creeps. His judgement can’t get any more clouded than his has been for all of his retched life.

  2. Reads like Tucker finally told the truth. Or half-truth, if one can figure out what all this stuff about the neoliberal movement is. Trump needs to follow suit. Badly. Yesterday he put more self glorification remarks on truth social. Said the reason Facebook was losing money was because they were boring without Trump. Then criticized its name change to Meta.

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