Tucker Carlson Paints Trump as a Messianic Victim of False Apostles in His 3rd Twitter Tirade

The continuing saga of Tucker Carlson is unfolding in his third installment of “Tucker on Twitter,” the social media replacement for his canceled White Supremacist Hour on Fox News. The Twitter show thus far has consisted of poorly produced, ten minute disgorgements of Carlson’s inbred hate and conservative crackpottery. The new episode is more of the same.

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Carlson’s new chapter may be even cheesier than the previous ones. He rambled for 13 interminably tedious minutes about his theory that the reason people hate Trump is because he was a peacenik who took on the war mongers of Washington. Carlson based this blather on a few seconds of Trump criticizing the war in Iraq during a 2015 Republican primary debate. And for this Carlson is risking millions of dollars in defiance of a Fox News demand to “cease and desist.

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According to Carlson, Trump’s alleged antiwar stance launched eight years of unyielding animus toward Trump. Carlson is oblivious to the fact that millions of people have actually long despised Trump for his bigotry, dishonesty, and policies that hurt middle and low income Americans, and enriched corporations and the wealthy. Most people probably have no recollection of the sound bite that Carlson plucked from nearly a decade ago.

Carlson doesn’t explain why there was no such contempt for everyone else who held antiwar views way before Trump. Democrats and progressives opposed the war in Iraq and castigated the Bush administration’s false allegations of “weapons of mass destruction” long before Trump adopted it merely as a cudgel with which to bash his primary opponent, Jeb Bush.

Somehow, Carlson spins this nonsense into an incoherent defense of Trump, who he says must now be forgiven for the completely unrelated crimes of having stolen hundreds of sensitive national security documents, stashed them in bathrooms and ballrooms around his Mar-a-Lago home/hotel, defied subpoenas, obstructed justice, and lied to the FBI and other law enforcement authorities.

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After his perversely twisted introduction, Carlson got into what really irked him: people who he believes were deceptive and insincere Trump supporters (video here, if you can stomach it)…

“They ran toward Trump, not away from him. They sucked up to him to him. They ingratiated themselves to the man they intuitively understood was susceptible to flattery. Which Trump is. And they did this in order to subvert his new administration from the inside. There were a number of these, and you could spot them immediately.”

It’s impossible not to notice that Carlson is describing virtually everyone in the Republican caucuses in Congress and on Fox News and other right-wing media. And, of course, himself. What’s more, Carlson is conceding that Trump is “susceptible to flattery,” which makes him an easy mark for political shenanigans. A puppet for other GOP operatives to control. Even worse, it makes him a national security risk, because it isn’t just all of these domestic suck ups that were able to manipulate Trump, but every foreign leader, friend and foe. Carlson continued…

“They were flatterers. Invariably the ones who flattered Trump the most, hated him the most and disagreed the most strongly with his views. You saw them in the hallways of the White House and at press conferences. They were there slobbering over their boss with elaborate self-abasement as if they were addressing a monarch or a god. It was a scene from the Ottoman Court. And it was filthy and decadent, and it was false. Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, Lindsey Graham in the Congress. They all called Trump a visionary genius up until the moment he lost power.”

Well said, Tuckems. Except that you left out a particularly notorious and unscrupulous Trump-fluffer – Tucker Carlson. After all, you frequently “slobbered” over Trump publicly but, as we learned in the Dominion Voting Systems defamation lawsuit, you privately said that you “hated him passionately” and called him a “demonic force.” Carlson, however, correctly characterizes Trump as the leader of a “filthy and decadent” cult that worships him.

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Carlson’s Twitter show is proving to be as nauseating and deceitful as his Fox News show. At least it is much shorter in duration, minus his noxious guests, and confined to his Twitter account, where it is being mostly ignored. Don’t be fooled by his boasting about the “views” it racks up. Those numbers are grossly misunderstood. Views on Twitter are not comparable to viewers on television, as explained by Aidan McLaughlin, the Editor in Chief of Mediaite…

“According to Twitter, if you watch a video for two seconds, with only half the video player in-view, you count as one video view. The tweet view metric is even less valuable. It merely counts how many people viewed the tweet, so if you scrolled past Carlson’s video on Twitter, you counted as one of the 114 million. […] If you scrolled past the tweet multiple times, you counted more than once.”

The good news is that, like Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Megyn Kelly before him, post-Fox Carlson is sinking into oblivion. Right where he belongs.

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5 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Paints Trump as a Messianic Victim of False Apostles in His 3rd Twitter Tirade

  1. Fux Spews is considering suing your arse for these rants of yours, FuKKKer. Enjoy the schadenfreude….

  2. Keep it up, TUCKER, Fox Spews is watching you, keep up your insane and false ranting, and you will be out millions and millions of dollars. You will be in the soup lines and homeless. Have fun, TUCKER, you Ignorant SOB. I hope the very worst for this crazy bastard.

    • Sadly, John, Tucker will never suffer the deserved fate of being broke and homeless. He’s a trust-fund baby from the Swanson frozen-TV-dinners family who loved to describe himself on-air as “loaded.” That’s why he doesn’t give half a rat’s ass about Fox’s lawsuit, no matter what it eventually costs him. But his self-inflated ego will suffer, as he and his loathsome messages sink inevitably into well-earned oblivion.

      • Yes, i wrote that in my seething anger at that serial liar. I despise him almost as much as i do Donald TUMP. Earlier tonight i saw an article on one of my emails that Fox Spews was calling Joe Biden a ”wannabe Dictator” for having TUMP arrested. That was a blatant lie in itself because Biden didn’t have a damn thing to do with that, it was a Miami grand jury that took that action of having him indicted. That was just more lies from the center of disinformation and pure out lies..

        • In that same disgusting chyron on-screen, Fox called Trump “the president” and said that Biden was having his political opponents arrested. This shit is from the same source that broadcasts false images and reports of American cities burning , with lawless gangs (colored, of course) roaming the streets, terrifying helpless citizens. All part of Murdoch’s plan to destroy the democracy that made him obscenely rich. You have to wonder at the diseased brains behind this nightmare.

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