Is Trump Now Saying that Presidents Do Not Have ‘Total Immunity’ – Or Just that Biden Doesn’t?

For the first time in history America has a former president who has been indicted civilly and criminally for acts taken that breach the principles and/or laws of the nation. He has already been found liable for financial fraud, defamation, and sexual assault. And he has at least 88 felony charges still pending.

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Joe Biden, Donald Trump

In response to these unprecedented acts of misconduct, Trump has embarked on a relentless smear campaign against prosecutors, judges, courts, the Justice Department, and of course, President Biden. As with every allegation ever made against him, Trump dismisses them by crying “witch hunt” and “hoax,” and by maligning the public servants that he perceives as his enemies. But perhaps the most overwrought whine that Trump has been employing is his belief that some amorphous authority grants him “total immunity” for any crimes that he has committed.

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Trump spends more time lamenting his pathetic victimhood than he does asserting his alleged innocence. Therefore, he needs an immunity defense in order to avoid the consequences of his criminality. He insists that no president can make a decision without being indemnified, for fear of being held accountable by the law. Never mind that 45 of the other 46 presidents in American history have not needed that exemption from prosecution.

Trump has never been able to cite a legal justification for his claim to absolute immunity. Although his attorneys did argue in court that even if a president were to have a political foe assassinated, he could not be prosecuted. Which is a peculiar argument for them to make while Biden is currently sitting in the White House.

Trump’s license to break the law, however, has just been thrown into legal limbo by his latest remarks on his failing social media scam, Truth Social. In a pair of comments he is now categorically contradicting himself. In the first one Trump wrote that…

“At what point are the actions of a sitting President, using LAWFARE against his opponent for purposes of Election Interference, considered ILLEGAL? I believe, as do various highly respected legal scholars, that Crooked Joe Biden has long since crossed over that very sacred threshold!!!”

So Trump is now conceding that actions taken by a president can, in fact, be “considered ILLEGAL,” and therefore prosecuted. Which is consistent with his prior assertions that Biden should be jailed for imaginary offenses that exist only in Trump’s twisted mind. But Trump wasn’t through. He also posted that…

“People must continue to speak of, and remember, that the Engoron number of $450,000,000 for doing absolutely NOTHING WRONG is a big part of the crime being perpetrated against me by Crooked Joe Biden and his political Hacks and Thugs.”

Here Trump is charging that rulings made by an independent judge are actually “a big part of the crime being perpetrated against me by Crooked Joe Biden.” So once again, he is conceding that presidents are not immune from prosecution for crimes after all. Consequently, prosecutions of Trump are legitimate and warranted.

No one should be surprised that Trump is exhibiting a heaping helping of hypocrisy. In his mind his recent accusations of crimes are entirely consistent with his past invocation of immunity. Because in his mind that immunity is only valid for ex-presidents named Trump. Like everything else in the Cult of Trump, he is afforded the privileges of the Dear Leader, and his critics are cast into the lake of fire. That is, after all, how cults work.


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3 thoughts on “Is Trump Now Saying that Presidents Do Not Have ‘Total Immunity’ – Or Just that Biden Doesn’t?

  1. Thank you, Mark. So on the spot. If SCOTUS rules that only Trump has immunity, the backlash will be more than immediate. Add that to Dobbs —

  2. What’s fascinating now is how the Trump Worshiping Terrorists have so embraced a defense of Their God by way of the Eighth Amendment when we’re all pretty sure none of the Terrorists had a clue the Constitution actually HAS an Eighth Amendment. Remember, the Terrorists only recognize two parts of the Constitution: The First Amendment (which can only be allowed to apply to THEM) and the Second (which they are too stupid to understand its real intent).

    And it’s clear they don’t understand the 8th Amendment either. Which reads:

    Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

    There is no bail involved here. This is a bond that is routinely required by Courts to initiate an appeal. If Their God really WAS a billionaire, then a bond of $454 million would NOT be considered excessive. A bond MUST be something that will directly affect the subject while still being affordable. It’s intended as a reminder of the crime, not merely a minor inconvenience. A, say, ten dollar bond against Their God would mean nothing – either to the Court OR the subject. That’s why the Court MADE it $454 million in the first place. The subject must FEEL the cost of the bond so that the Court knows the subject intends to go ahead with the appeal.

    And then the Court foolishly lessened the required bond to $175 million, and once again, Their God gets away with something no one else would have. Therefore, there is LESS reason to call the bond excessive, which won’t stop Their God and his worshipers from continuing to spew that it is.

    Oh, and there’s no “cruel and unusual punishment” here — except, of course, ANY punishment ascribed to Their God is automatically “cruel and unusual” by definition.

    In short, the Eighth Amendment does not and never did apply. But, the Terrorists now have another idiot defense of their God, and, of course, the Terrorists are now using that nonsense to justify yet another scream for Letitia James to be disbarred.

    And when Their God invents yet another excuse to justify NOT paying the bond, what lie will his worshipers spew NEXT?!

  3. His followers are tired of (honest!) his endless e-mails asking for money. It isn’t just once a month, it may be requesting a donation every week. If they don’t read the fine print at the bottom of the donation form, they can end up paying as much as $2,000 a month in weekly donations or $50/month. His small-dollar donations have fallen off, and he’s lost 200,000 donors. Nikki Haley and Joe Biden raised more money in one month (Biden in one night — his New York fundraiser with Barack Obama and Bill Clinton as superstar guests) Both outraised Trump.

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