WTF? Trump Attorney Says He Should Be Free to Defame, Wrongfully Jail, and Incite Insurrections

The legal tribulations of Donald Trump have driven him to the farthest reaches of sanity. He has been fiercely defending himself with arguments that assert, not that he is innocent, but that he is entitled to commit any crimes he wants with impunity. it’s what Trump claims is “presidential immunity,” which he believes indemnifies him from everything from jaywalking to hurling his critics off the roof of Trump Tower.

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Trump Fear

In addition to having what he thinks is a universal Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card, Trump also asserts that any criticism of him is “election interference.” That includes any discussion of all of the documented evidence of his multitude of crimes. So when anyone mentions that he has been found liable for sexual assault and defamation, or that he is currently facing 91 felony charges for crimes ranging from financial fraud to undermining democracy, they are guilty of interfering with his divine right to be re-elected.

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To underscore these wholly deviant legal analyses, Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, visited with Fox News Senior Trump-Fluffer, Sean Hannity, Thursday night. During their chitchat Habba uttered several eye-rollers that were especially troubling for an alleged lawyer. Topping the list was her theory on the boundless authority of presidents in America.

“What I argue is not for President Trump, it’s for all presidents. It’s for the executive branch. We have to have them be able to govern this country in a way without the fear of someone saying you defamed me, you put me in jail for the wrong reason, you were an insurrectionist, when you were actually just asking for election integrity. Actually asking for us to take a close examination to preserve American constitutional democracy.

“That’s what president Trump has done. And presidential immunity is very important. It’s never been questioned because nobody’s ever been prosecuted like Donald Trump.”

Really? Habba’s observation that “nobody’s ever been prosecuted like Donald Trump” is not the exculpatory revelation that she thinks it is. To the contrary, she is reminding everyone that Trump is a historically unprecedented, recidivist, and unrepentant lawbreaker. That said, let’s take a closer look at Habba’s legal theorizing.

When Habba says that presidents should be able to govern without fear of defaming others, she is asserting that they should be allowed to deliberately lie without having to worry about any consequences for it.

When Habba says that presidents should be free from worrying about unjustly incarcerating people, she is arguing for the right of presidents to lock up their opponents on bogus charges.

When Habba says that presidents must not be burdened with concerns about engaging in insurrections, she is indemnifying them from committing treason.

First of all, would Habba really be comfortable with President Biden having these “freedoms”? But more to the point, fear of consequences for defamation, wrongful jailing, overthrowing the government, and other assaults on democracy, are not the legal hamstringing of a political leader. They are proper and healthy constraints on behavior that is anti-constitutional and anti-American.

However, in Habba’s mind – and in Trump’s – that fear is an imposition on what they regard as their immaculate mandate to reign as tyrants. It interferes with their yearning to rule unencumbered by law or the will of the people.

Habba further demonstrated her disrespect for the Constitution when she told Hannity that the 14th Amendment is just “some obscure section of some statute.” She also sent a subtle, mob-style threat to Trump’s Supreme Court appointees that they had better fall in line, saying that “people like Kavanaugh, who the president fought for, who the president went through hell to get into place, [will] step up.”

The one thing that we can be assured of with Habba is that the more she talks, the more likely it is that Trump will be convicted. Which is a trait she shares with Trump himself. So therefore Ms. Habba, please proceed.


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2 thoughts on “WTF? Trump Attorney Says He Should Be Free to Defame, Wrongfully Jail, and Incite Insurrections

  1. I wonder what would happen if President Biden would say, in a campaign speech, that if he were to assert the powers that Trump claims belong to the presidency, that he could put Trump, his supporters in the House and Senate, and even the people who just vote for them in prison without trial.

    (Actually, I do have some idea, but I’m tired of typing for the day.)

    • I’d wonder too. MAGA would be up in arms, Trump would probably have a stroke (or an aneurism). Hey —- I think Trump’s a zombie. He has that buried then exhumed look. May be why corruption never bothered him.

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