Fox News Totally Flubs (i.e. Lies) About How Jury Biases Would Impact Trump’s Hush Money Trial

On Monday jury selection began for the first ever criminal trial of a former American president. It’s only the beginning of Donald Trump’s legal tribulations as there are three more criminal trials gearing up that could make him the first ever former president felon. The so-called “Hush Money” case – which could more accurately be called the “Election Interference” case – is just the first one out of the gate.

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Trump has been spending these days whining pitifully that he is a poor beleaguered victim of a corrupt judicial system that he says is determined to destroy him. Never mind that he is the cause of his troubles due to his relentless criminal activities and behavior that exhibits a consciousness of guilt. He even issues public confessions admitting that he has done what he’s accused of, but claiming that he’s allowed to under an imaginary doctrine of “presidential Immunity.”

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Jury selection in high profile cases like these are always complicated as attorneys on both sides seek to assemble a panel that will not be biased against against their client (the defendant or the state). In this particular case that is even trickier because Trump’s supporters are fully indoctrinated cult members who can be expected to deceive the court in order get on the jury and save their Dear Leader from clutches of justice.

To that end, Fox News is contributing to the problem by disparaging the court and encouraging misbehavior by prospective Trump jurors. Fox News contributor Clay Travis actually suborned perjury by advising potential jurors to “do whatever you can to get seated” on the jury.

But that’s just for starters. Fox News also interviewed law professor and Trump toady, John Yoo, who gave an utterly bizarre analysis of the jury selection process, saying that…

“I think it’s pretty extraordinary in the very first jury pool, before you interview anybody, half of the jury pool already says that they’re so biased against President Trump that they can’t serve on the jury…That’s only going to feed into, I think, Donald Trump’s claim that the public integrity of court’s and the prosecutors is to be questioned as biased and unfair against them.”

First of all, it is a flagrant lie that half of the jury was dismissed because they were biased against Trump. The truth is that prospective jurors completed a questionnaire that asked several questions to ascertain whether they had “any” strong opinions about, or association with Trump.

One question specifically asked, “Is there any reason, whether it be a bias or something else, that would prevent you from being fair and impartial if you are selected as a juror for this case?” Judge Merchan also asked for a show of hands of those who believed that they could not be fair and impartial. Those who raised their hands or otherwise indicated an inability to be impartial were dismissed.

Note that none of these inquiries indicated whether a bias was in favor of or against Trump. Just whether any bias existed either way. So, contrary to Woo’s analysis, it is just as likely that supporters of Trump were dismissed for bias as opponents.

But Yoo’s analysis was also flawed logically, in that he asserted that dismissing those who were biased against Trump would disadvantage him. What? Quite obviously the opposite is true. If only people who were biased against Trump were dismissed, leaving him with a jury comprised of his supporters, that would be an enormous advantage for him.

Despite the efforts of the court to ensure a fair trial, Trump and Fox News keep whining that Trump can’t get an impartial jury of his peers in New York. They seem to think that “peers” means political allies. Trump’s team is fixated on smearing the judicial system, this court, and the jurors. And Trump’s press secretary made that clear in an appearance on Newsmax Tuesday morning…

Let’s face it. The Trump team is already convinced that they are going to lose. so they are pulling out all the stops to demean the courts and dismiss the findings of the jury. But they are so frightened by their fate that they have lost all ability to make coherent arguments. So sad.


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2 thoughts on “Fox News Totally Flubs (i.e. Lies) About How Jury Biases Would Impact Trump’s Hush Money Trial

  1. Trump keeps whining how he can’t get a f air trial because of all the ‘pretrial publicity.’ Well, Mr. Trump, who made all the pretrial publicity about himself? And didn’t your dad tell ‘any publicity was good publicity?

  2. there you go again, News Corpse, expecting anyone that is a trump-a$$-kisser, like Yoo, to maintain even a modicum of logic in their arguments. Even if a person attended Harvard and got a PhD in Logic in their younger days, their current status as a trump-A-K shows that person’s brain has been rotted away.

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