Trump Says All Presidents Must Have ‘Total Immunity’ from Crimes – Except for President Biden

Next week jury selection will begin for the first criminal trial of Donald Trump. In fact, it’s the first criminal trial of any former American president. Trump is outraged because, as he incessantly whines, “Nothing like this has ever happened before.” But that’s only because there hasn’t been any other persistently profligate perpetrator of crimes like Trump before.

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The peculiar thing about Trump’s legal misadventures is that his defense rarely involves providing arguments that he is innocent. More often than not he defends himself by asserting that it is improper to accuse him of anything because he has the imaginary security blanket of “presidential immunity” that frees him from any consequences for any crimes he feels like committing. Nothing like that exists in the law, but he clings to it desperately.

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On Wednesday Trump took to his failing social media scam, Truth Social, to unleash his intensifying trepidation of being convicted for any number of the 88 felony charges he has currently pending. He posted a couple of fear-drenched videos on the subject of immunity that illustrate just how addled and irrational he is. The first began…

“If a President doesn’t have immunity, he or she will be nothing more than a ceremonial president, rarely having the courage to do what has to be done for our country and to make our country great again. This is not what our Founders had in mind at all. This is not what they wanted to think about. This not where they wanted us to be. The founders wanted the president to have immunity so the president can feel free to make decisions. Hopefully they’ll be great decisions. But whether they are or not, a president of the United States has to have immunity.”

Trump is apparently unaware that every president prior to him was not hampered in the least in their decision making by this made up obstacle. And he doesn’t bother to provide any evidence that the Founders were worried about it either. It’s a weak concept that he made up – or more likely one of his sleazy attorneys made up – to get him off the hook. However, about an hour and a half later, Trump posted another video that completely contradicted the first one…

“At what point are the actions of a sitting president, using lawfare and weaponization against his opponent for purposes of election interference, considered illegal? I believe, as do various highly respected legal scholars, that “crooked” Joe Biden has long since crossed over that very sacred threshold. He is a criminal. He is a horrible president. He is the worst president in the history of the country. And the only way he thinks he can get elected is to take me to trial, take me to court, city, state, and federal. They control them all. All of these cases you read about are “crooked” Joe Biden’s case because he can’t put two sentences together. He can’t do anything. So they weaponize government and they take me to court on bullsh*t. So we are going to win. We are going to win big. We’re gonna go through these horrible Biden trials. And the end of the day, November 5th, everyone’s coming out to vote for Trump.”

So according to Trump, all presidents must have total immunity. Except, of course, for President Biden, who Trump claims is acting illegally, even though he previously insisted that that isn’t possible for a president. Trump went on to smear Biden saying that “He is a criminal. He is a horrible president. He is the worst president in the history of the country.” In Trump’s twisted mind his opponents can never be merely wrong or have a different opinion. They are always the worst of all time of whatever he is accusing them of.

What’s more, Trump disgorges his tiresome and baseless lies that Biden is an evil genius who controls every lever of power, city, state, and federal, despite being unable to “put two sentences together.”

Trump closes by dismissing the charges against him with a bit of profanity that his glassy-eyed cult followers love so much. Then he expresses confidence that he will ultimately prevail simply by the virtue of his god-given superpowers. Once again, he doesn’t offer any coherent defense via innocence.

A little while later, Trump posted a comment that elaborated on his assault on the judicial public servants he believes are tormenting him…

“Crooked Joe Biden and his crew of Hacks and Thugs, led by Merrick Garland and Deranged Jack Smith, are working overtime to try to illegally intimidate and harass respected Federal Judge Aileen Cannon. They are calling her terrible names.”

It was thoughtful of Trump to praise Judge Cannon, the obviously biased Trump toady who is doing everything she can to shield Trump from accountability. And there is a perverse irony in his complaint that some unnamed persons have been “calling her terrible names.” How dare they? He’s probably upset because that’s his thing. Anyone else throwing around Trump-style infantile insults is stealing his identity and infringing on his anti-intellectual property. Not that anyone is actually doing that – or would want to. It’s just another outlet for his obnoxious animosity.


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3 thoughts on “Trump Says All Presidents Must Have ‘Total Immunity’ from Crimes – Except for President Biden

  1. He is a criminal. He is a terrible president. He is the worst president in the history of the country.

    Project much? If Biden is the worst, explain how, in a listing of Presidents from George Washington to Joe Biden, from best to worst, Joe Biden came in 14th best and you came in dead last?

    • Trump’s likely reply:
      (Only according to me.)
      “They only polled people who hate me. So crooked. It’s all set-up against me – the fairest, smartest & best loved president in the entire history of the U.S.” &
      “Hey! Did you know that U.S. spells “us”? I was just thinking about it the other day & realized that U.S. like United States, spells “us”. Isn’t that cool??”

      (There’s the smartest Prez ever, showing off his big smart brain again. He had it tested ya’ know….yeah, ok.)

      That man is like gum stuck on bottom of your shoe ~ nasty, so gross & no matter what you do, you just can’t get rid of it! “Yuck!!!”

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