Fox Nation vs. Reality: USA! USA! USA!

Here we are on the morning after the Super Tuesday primary that may decide the GOP nominee for president of the United States, and what does Fox Nation regard as the most important story of the day, posted atop their web page?

Fox Nation

As usual, some context is necessary to grasp the overt prejudice in the story and headline published by the Fox Nationalists.

The incident occurred at a high school basketball game. Ordinarily the jingoistic chanting of “USA! USA! USA!” is something that occurs when an American team is playing a team from another country. But that’s not the case here. This was a Texas high school team (Alamo Heights) playing another Texas high school team (San Antonio Edison). The difference is that the Alamo Heights team was predominantly white, while the opponents from San Antonio were mostly Latino.

The clear inference was that the other team was not American. The only other explanation was that the chanters were cheering for both teams, which was definitely not the case. An Alamo Heights district official even noted that this isn’t the only time this has happened:

“If this chant was commonplace – chanted at their games with other schools — it would not be a problem. It was targeted at a school that is predominantly Hispanic.”

There is no other interpretation of this behavior than racism. Even the district official from Alamo Heights (the white school) recognizes it. But Fox doesn’t. And they leave their readers with the false impression that the school district has engaged in some sort of rabid political correctness and is opposed to national pride.

Fox News has proven that it will go to any lengths to dismiss allegations of racism in the hopes of making every authentic claim appear to be invalid. That’s the tactic of a propagandist with an agenda to peddle. That’s the tactic of a racist.


4 thoughts on “Fox Nation vs. Reality: USA! USA! USA!

  1. This happened about a month ago at a HS basketball game between my son’s school, Marcos de Niza, and Corona del Sol. MdN has a decidedly diverse student body, whereas CdS has a mostly white, upper middle-class student body. Can you guess which side was chanting USA! USA! USA! CdS also had alot of their students wear green shirts (even though their colors are burnt orange and yellow.

    This was the first basketball game between the two schools in about 5 years, because at the last game, there was apparently a huge brawl between CdS and MdN students, started when CdS students threw green index cards at MdN students. To make sure that this game wouldn’t end the same, they kept the students separate, only allowing the CdS and MdN students go to the bathrooms or the snack bar at certain times, and never at the same time.

    My son is white, middle class, but we have always taught tolerance to our children. One of the reasons we moved to AZ several years ago is because of the diversity; our hometown in South Jersey was decidedly white-bread and extremely racist. My son loves his school; and with his desire to serve his country in the military (and make it his career), he will be well-prepared for the reality that is life… a world populated with people of different races, religions and beliefs.

    Consider a person’s words and actions to see their true character, not the accent of their speech, or the color of their skin.

    • The first part of your comment about the two schools is really sad, but the second part about your son is much more hopeful. Best of luck to both of you.

  2. How can they claim they are a News organization when they print this shit! Well their headline is true but there is no context, as usual, with the Fox blowhards. So, of course, their severely intellectually challenged audience will never know the real story or truth surrounding this story. Typical Fox only as a source audience, they know less after they read a story than they did before they were “informed” by it.

  3. There is always another side to a story. Unfortunately, FoxNation uses deceptive headlines to rile up a base they know won’t delve further into the story to see the real story. I’ve even received right wing forwarded emails that link to the “PROOF!” and that “proof” actually contradicts the lies in the email. But I’m not the target audience. I’ll actually investigate, regardless of the slant of the article or email forward.

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