Fox News Is Very Upset About Flag Desecration – Sometimes

[Update 9/20/2012: The hypocrites at Fox News have done it again. This time they are incensed about a campaign poster that has an Obama logo on it]

The Patriopathic zealots at Fox News are mightily disturbed by an American flag that was modified to place a picture of an American president where the field of stars is normally seen. They published a story about this outrage at the top of their web site this morning, complete with a snarky comment about China. The only problem with that is that their outrage, as usual, is selectively distributed. Fox News is firmly against flag desecration unless it is committed by the Tea Party or other conservative defilers.

Fox News Flag Flap

Technically, it is considered desecration anytime a flag is altered. The Obama flag, therefore, is an inappropriate modification. But the same is true for the Tea Party flag. In fact, the same is true for flag fashion (such as the flag bikinis frequently featured on Fox) and signatures on the flag (which Bush and Palin have done at their rallies). So I wonder when Fox News will feature a headline article about these disgraceful America-haters:

Flag Desecrators

As for China, millions of American flags are manufactured there. According to the Flag Manufacturers Association of America, 83% of the American flags imported into the U.S. come from China.


2 thoughts on “Fox News Is Very Upset About Flag Desecration – Sometimes

  1. The sun shines, the grass grows, the seasons change, right wingers are stupid hypocrites, it’s all part of the natural order.

  2. you left out the hate filled hag who acts as the mouth of the Westboro Baptists. She drags a flag round on those protests and constantly wipes her feet on it.

    Seems to this Brit that a Muslim burning a flag is evil, evil I say! But when a hate filled fundy loon from the Christo-fascist Religulous Reich uses one as a door mat thats OK! Or when a whte as white can be GOP Gump uses one as an autograph book thats OK, but when a durned uppity Kenyan Muslim Marxist N***a uses a photoshopped version in a poster …. well thats time to get out the rope, torches and pitchforks.

    As a Brit I use the Oxford English as a dictionary. Tell me…does the US Webster version actually have the word “Hypocrisy” in it?

    Hammer on at that anvil bro…many more horses yet to shoe!

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