The Fox News Channel: Still #1 With Racists

This doesn’t need much embellishment. A story on the Fox News web site about an archaeological discovery in China elicited what we now recognize as typical responses from the Fox News community.

Fox News Racists

The list of brazenly racist comments above was abridged to remove the many duplicates. Apparently the Fox News racists have very limited imaginations and most of them kept posting the same stupid “jokes” repeatedly. In the spirit of the hatred they espouse, I would just like to say that the IQ of the “stone-age” man in the picture is probably two or three times that of the average Fox viewer.

Racism has a home on American television, and that home is Fox News. You might think that they would be embarrassed by this, but it occurs with such frequency that it is clear that they are aiming for this audience.


17 thoughts on “The Fox News Channel: Still #1 With Racists

  1. I thought Fox News viewers/readers didn’t believe there was a Stone Age.

    • Funny you should mention that. The single biggest topic of discussion on that thread, that wasn’t wasn’t race related, was about how this “discovery” was BS because it conflicted with the Biblical story of creation. Some of the commenters were downright hostile in their condemnation of the stupid, lying, Satanic, scientists that were spreading the sacrilege of evolution.

      • They disabled the comment feature on this article and deleted the others. Pretty telling, who their target market is, that they have to do that.

  2. Wow, the same comments that are on CNN. BTW, FOX IS #1, and not just with racists. There is a reason for that.

    • Really JW Lord? I went to their site and couldn’t even find an article on this subject.

      • Didn’t look very hard, did you? This crap is on any news site. Funny how racists only watch/read FOX news. Really? If you want objective news, go to foreign sites, and see how the world sees us.

        • First of all, the article on CNN was posted at 4:55pm on March 15. Sammy’s comment was posted about two hours later. So if Sammy had checked CNN for this article throughout most of the day, but waited until the evening to comment, he would not have seen it because it wasn’t there.

          Secondly, If your intent is to defend Fox by suggesting that it isn’t just Fox that has racists in their audience, that’s a fact that I will concede. However, this really just affirms how serious the problem of racism still is. Even though there were fewer such comments at CNN, and, importantly, more people condemning them, it is still wrong and deeply troubling wherever it is found.

          The fact that you can find comments like these at CNN does not absolve the Fox community. If anything it reinforces how much work is still needed to stamp out racism. So thanks for helping to point that out.

  3. Possibly the price you must all pay for the 1st Ammendment?

    Seems that way from outside the US gold fish bowl.

    You cant mandate free speech and expect that the right wont get abused at some point, and on an increasing level as the hate speech becomes ever more mainstream.

    I aint chucking bricks here my US chums…far from it…but I am saying that the cries of WTF are gonna fall on deaf ears to Euros used to hate speech laws. Im glad that my US chums consider this a price worth paying, but Im also damn glad its one we Brits (and almost all European states) dont.

    • Indeed, there are consequences to free speech, but they are worth it.

      In fact, it is free speech that permits racists like those above to reveal themselves, and that’s actually a good thing. I want people to know that they exist so that the rest of us can take steps to try to make things better.

      • What would those steps be, Mark? Poking fun at a “community”? This item just causes more divisiveness by making fun of Fox viewers/readers. What a silly article. More finger pointing and name calling that is not needed.

        • Thanks for sticking up for us racists.

          • HA!!! Pointing out RACISM is divisive!!! HAHAHA!!!

        • if you dont like being a racist bigot then dont be one. Unlike being gay being a racist shit kicker IS a lifestyle choice.

      • good point well made sir, and I concede the floor.

        Keep up the good work…as I said in another thread you make my morning coffee this side of the world a chuckle filled start to the day.

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