Fox News Heralds Anti-Obama Marine

Let’s face it, Fox News is unabashedly opposed to Barack Obama and everything his administration represents. The network has virtually conceded that it is nothing more than a promotional vehicle for conservative Republican politics and politicians.

Now Fox News has stepped even further across the line of objectivity by taking up the case of a Marine sergeant whose adventures in social media are blatantly disrespectful to his superiors and teeter toward insubordination or worse.

Sergeant Gary Stein is the founder of a Facebook page called “Armed Forces Tea Party.” According to reports from the Associated Press, Stein had been informed that he was in violation of Pentagon policy prohibiting political activities. The policy specifically forbids military personnel from using contemptuous words against senior officials, including the defense secretary or the president. At first Stein cooperated with his commanders by taking down the Facebook page, but he later restored it based on his own conclusion that he was not in violation of any code. As a result, he is now the subject of an administrative action that could result in a discharge.

Stein is adamant that he is innocent of any infraction. he contends that he was exercising his free speech rights by posting messages in which he declared that he would refuse to follow any order issued by the President, his commander-in-chief, that he deemed unlawful.

“I’m completely shocked that this is happening,” Stein said. “I’ve done nothing wrong. I’ve only stated what our oath states that I will defend the constitution and that I will not follow unlawful orders. If that’s a crime, what is America coming to?”

Technically, I agree with Stein on the matter of a soldier’s obligation to refuse to follow an unlawful order. That is a standard set after World War II that resulted in the inadmissibility of the defense that “I was just following orders.” But Stein had better have a damn good basis (and an opinion from a legal expert) before he engages in what might constitute mutiny. Stein had no such basis when he chose to ignore the orders of his commanders or to declare that he would refuse to follow orders from the President if those orders included detaining or disarming U.S. citizens. That overly broad standard would mean that Stein would not act against Adam Gadahn, the American who is presently the media adviser for Al Qaeda.

Stein’s story was broadcast on Fox News’ America Live with Megyn Kelly. Fox News also featured the story on both the Fox News web site and Fox Nation, where Stein has been treated as a hero for standing up to President Obama. However, he has a pretty thin case to make for his patriotism when he posts comments like this: “I say screw Obama. I will not follow orders given by him to me.” That comment has since been deleted and Stein says that he later qualified his comment to reflect that he would only disobey unlawful orders. But you can still find this comment on his Facebook page without qualification: “Obama is the “Domestic Enemy” our oath speaks about.”

Armed Forces Tea Party

That goes far beyond Stein’s assertion that he was merely stating what the military code says about following unlawful orders. It is an exhibition of overt disloyalty that the military ought not to abide. In fact, it designates the President as an enemy of the state, which would make him a suitable target, in Stein’s warped view, for hostile action or assassination. And that is exactly the view that Fox News, and their audience of pseudo-patriots, are applauding. Disgusting, isn’t it?

[Update] On April 6, a military board recommended that Stein be dismissed from service with “other than an honorable discharge” (i.e. dishonorable).

“The three-member Marine Corps administrative board at Camp Pendleton found that Sgt. Gary Stein had committed misconduct by posting anti-Obama comments on a Facebook page, calling the comments ‘contemptuous.’ […] The final decision on Stein’s status will be made by the commanding general of the Marine Corp Recruit Depot San Diego.”

[Update II] On April 25, 2012, the Marines formally discharged Stein as the commanding general of the base accepted the administrative board’s recommendation for discharge.


14 thoughts on “Fox News Heralds Anti-Obama Marine

  1. That is unfuckingbelievable!!! I wonder what right-wing organization is behind this guy. I’m sure he has been promised something after his court martial. Probably get his own show on FOX.

    • I am an avid follower of Morning Joe, not that I see any good in it but it is always good to see what the “enemy” is up to. As I mentioned in another comment I am new to this site. I was wondering if the folks here believe that MSNBC is in the tank for Obama. If the answer is absolutely yes, than I am down with you saying FOX is in the tank against Obama. We can add CNN and many times ABC, CBS and NBC to the most of the time in the tank for Obama.

      Here is what is truly pathetic, the Commander in Chief allowed the trial of LTC Terry Lakin (MD) to go on trial for challenging the credentials of the Commander in Chief. We should be thrilled that something like this is allowed. It shows the world that there is no other country on the face of the earth that would ever allow such a challenge. But no, we allow a trial to go forward, refuse to allow the Doctor to see the credentials and any other evidence that may have supported his defense. We acted like a third world gangster country. Here is the most disgusting aspect of the LTC Lakin scandal, the Gangster in Chief whipped out the very same Birth Certificate that Lakin had been asking to see and has been flaunting it ever since. This should tell you something about this pathetic human being. The world gets to see the “forged” document but Lakin is denied that privilege. It stinks to high heaven. OH, this dirty bird will pay and it won’t be pretty for this country.

      Oh, by the way MSNBC, CBS and CNN did mention the Sheriff Joe Arpaio and FOX has refused to cover the event. So maybe Fox isn’t completely in the tank for Obama. At this point they are helping save his sorry ass.

      • You obviously know nothing about military discipline and order.

        • I know plenty about it, I was an MP in Vietnam for my first tour and a Military Intelligence Analyst during my second tour. I realize that is an oxymoron for some folks but it is damn site more than you may know. Nice try!!

          Still waiting for that confession that MSNBC is in the tank for Obama! Cat have your tongue or have you caught a case of trigger finger?

          • If I were to believe your claim of military service, I would have to assume that you learned nothing about honor or respect for the chain of command.

            And you can continue to wait for some silly confession about media biases about which you’ve already made up your mind. I’m not wasting my time with your pointless deliberately distracting challenges.

      • The reason why FOX didn’t follow Arpagio was because they at least have the intelligence (and I’m giving them due credit here) that Arpagio does not have to see that pursuing the birther issue would only lead to their own loss of credibility.

        They used to trumpet it, but realized a while back that it was over and done with and changed their tune. Not that it makes them any less against Obama though, you’d have to consider the wider context for that.

        Your bias shows when you say in the same line that the “gangster in chief” whipped out the document that Lakin wanted to see and then call it a forgery. How do YOU know its a forgery?

  2. Leave it to a guy ACTUALLY committing treason to run around wildly accusing others of it. Discharge is too good for him – perhaps 20-to-life in Leavenworth would be more fitting.

  3. Baracks Lawyers will always be able to convince themselves of the rightness of their treason…

    If I or any of the Marines I served with during Bush’s tenure had made out feelings known about that chicken hawk lying asshole or his chicken hawk warmongering puppet masters, Faux News would have called for our incarceration.

    • [Admin: Comment deleted. This is your final warning. In the interest of maintaining a civil and engaging discourse, comments on this site are moderated to insure their relevance to the topic of the article and may not contain ad hominem attacks or obscene personal remarks.]

      • How many warnings have you given to Mark and Sammy. Both of those guys are complete assholes. I have been the victim of personal slander from Mark and Sammy from my very first comments. You and the rest of the sadsacks cannot stand the truth and when someone sheds light on the lies the cockroaches run for cover. I have been kicked off much better sites than this one. As long as I have had you twisting in the wind and squirming in your seats sweltering in your anger MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Find a stack of newspapers to hide under. Loved it while it lasted.

        • In as much as you are continuing to sling obscenities, avoid productive, on-topic discourse, and appear to be striving for banishment, I’m going to grant your wish. And the decision is made easier by your admission that being disruptive is your only aim.

          Some of us are here to have enlightening discussions, even amidst disagreement. And I can assure you we are not squirming in our seats over anything pissants like you spew.

  4. This guy should be court martialed! Many of us veterans support president Obama. Apparently this loser Stein doesn’t understand anything about the chain of command or respecting his Commander-in-Chief!

    • There is a hearing scheduled for Saturday March 31, that will address whether he will be punished and possibly discharged.

  5. Long after the fact, I know, but was noodling around your sight and came across this article. In the body of your post you state “On April 6, a military board recommended that Stein be dismissed from service with “other than an honorable discharge” (i.e. dishonorable)” This is incorrect. Other than honorable and dishonorable are not synonyms. The levels of discharges are honorable, general, other than honorable and dishonorable. The general (often called administrative) discharges have several subcategories, some that may be upgraded to an honorable discharge when certain conditions are met. An other than honorable discharge can be apealed for upgrade as well, but it is unlikely to be overturned. A dishonorable discharge is very similar in effect to a felony conviction. Also, despite the wingnut explosion of ill informed outrage, If the Sgt in question had obeyed his orders to cease and desist he would be a Marine today. Disobeying a lawful order is frowned upon.

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