Today Show Ratings Down With Sarah Palin As Guest Host

Sarah PalinYesterday Sarah Palin was the guest co-host of the Today Show on NBC. It was a desperation move on the part of NBC who was reacting to ABC’s booking of Katie Couric for the whole of this week. And apparently it didn’t do them much good.

The Today Show won the time period as expected. They have long been the #1 morning network news program with ABC’s Good Morning America coming in second. However, the ratings for Tuesday on the Today show were 5.497 million total viewers, and 2.209 million in the 25-54 year old demo. That’s down from their average for the February 2012 sweeps period (5.55 Total/2.47 Demo). So Palin obviously didn’t do anything to help out the program.

By comparison, Good Morning America was able to beat their February sweeps average in total viewers with the help of Couric. Tuesday’s program pulled in 5.141 million viewers with 1.917 million in the demo. That was an improvement in total viewers over their February sweeps averages (5.03 Total/2.05 Demo).

So if anyone were analyzing the benefits of the bookings for these programs, it is clear that ABC got more out of Couric than NBC did from Palin. That may seem to be a predictable result since America mostly hates Palin and Couric is America’s sweetheart. But Palin doesn’t help herself by appearing on NBC and twice referring to “the failed socialist policies” of President Obama. And I can’t believe that doing cooking segments with Tori Spelling do much to improve her image either.

The sooner the media (and Palin) realizes that Palin is old news and has nothing to offer, the sooner they can quit pretending that she has some sort of relevance that they can exploit. By all indications NBC might have done better in the ratings with Kim Kardashian or Octomom as a co-host.


10 thoughts on “Today Show Ratings Down With Sarah Palin As Guest Host

  1. “nothing to offer”??? She looks good in a pair of slacks. So there’s that.

      • I’m going to have to break ranks and disagree with you there. If we’re excluding talent in the “sexy” equation, I think Tina is just ah’ight. I can compartmentalize and see Palin as a very attractive woman while still finding her an empty suit.

        • Yeah, but the moment you hear the grating sound of her voice, she’s dead meat.

  2. Well, at least the morning crowds aren’t all idiots. Glad to see some of them ignored that silly bitch. Must have been watching Katie.

  3. Poor Sarah–she gained nothing by being on the Today Show. How much money did she get? She wasn’t able to be a co-host and her jokes were lame and not believable. Showed no depth and no talent–someone with a degree in journalism certainly should have been more polished. And all of her clothes were dark, her stringy hair was dark, and even her skin looked like she had used her tanning bed too long. Her comment about not wearing a pink jacket because she had worn it before was lame–almost like she wanted the Today staff to take her out and buy her a new wardrobe! Sarah is simply not able to converse with other guests–she rambles and can only talk about herself and moose and caribou weiners.

  4. GMA got beat by 400,000 viewers. So Sarah Palin won. And Mark’s hatred of Sarah Palin is really getting tiresome. Amazing how immature he is.

    • What’s amazing is why you come back here so often when you find it so tiresome. And also how devoid of substance your comments are. GMA ALWAYS gets beat by Today. It’s nothing new and Palin had nothing to do with it. In fact, as I noted above, Today does better when she isn’t on.

      Seriously Scott, do you ever get embarrassed by how lame you sound? And if I’m immature, what does it make you for spending so much time on my web site?

      • “..spending so much time…”

        Somebody has to point out how immature and hate-filled you sound.

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