Not So Breitbart: Jon Stewart vs. Robot Chicken

The Breibrats over at BigHollywood have once again set out to knock Jon Stewart down a peg by noting that there are other TV programs with higher ratings. I suppose I should give them credit for being able to count and to read a list, but they are still embarrassingly bad at ratings analysis, so I thought I would help them out by amending their big headline:

Breitbart - BigHollywood

If the Breibart crew is intent on criticizing Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for being such losers, it might have been a good idea to read a little further down the list (well, actually to the very bottom), where they would have found Fox News stars Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. Then this commentary would not seem so idiotic:

But-but-but the media keeps telling me that two guys regularly humiliated in the ratings by cartoons, reruns, and “Robot Chicken” are American phenoms…?

But-but-but the media keeps telling me that two guys who couldn’t muster three million viewers combined are populist heroes who speak for the people…? […]

Stick that in your clown nose, you speech-policing, left-wing elitists.

Hey, maybe stop being dicks. That might help.

If Stewart and Colbert are humiliated by placing 27th and 45th, than how would the Breitbrats describe Hannity and O’Reilly showing up dead last at 99 and 100? It would seem that Stewart and Colbert are more representative spokespersons for the people than Fox’s biggest stars. And as for being dicks…I think the Breitbrats have that honor sewn up.


3 thoughts on “Not So Breitbart: Jon Stewart vs. Robot Chicken

  1. You only focus on the 18-49 SHARE…nice biased slant. Lets look at total viewers (P2+ = age 2+) during the same day you quoted (Tue. April 10, 2012)

    TOTAL VIEWERS (4-10-12)
    O’Reilly Factor: 2,677,000
    Hannity: 1,999,000
    Daily Show: 1,466,000

    Regardless, using the same data/website look at the most current Tuesday (4-22-12) NON-HOLIDAY week ratings ( and you’ll se that the Daily Show and Colbert DON’T even make the top 100 in the 18-49 segement!!

    In fact look at any day/week and you’ll see that the Daily Show barely cracks the top 100 unlike O’Reilly or Hannity. The Daily Show has a strong total viewership (~800k+) but you cherry picked one strong show to support your arguement. If you look at the 35-64 segment it’s not even close, which should be as no surprise that The Daily Show’s audience skews younger.

    Likewise the BS stories about The Daily Show crushing FNC in year-end ratings are so misleading that they’re a bold face lie. They compare Daily Shows (11:00-11:30 M-F) Average Audience (AA) vs. all of FNC in a 24hr cycle. They use the 12am-7am ratings to drag down the AA.

    So either you don’t know much about media buying or you’re just a a typical LYING liberal.

    • Talk about typical liars…Your comment is so full of BS it’s hard to know where to begin.

      First of all, I didn’t chose to focus on 18-49 or that particular day. I just used the same demo and day that the Breitbrats did. I can’t help it if that shows that they are idiots. (FYI: The demo is the number media buyers use for advertising, not total viewers).

      The link you provided is for a day when the Daily Show did not even air, Einstein. That might have affected its placement in the ratings. Even so, O’Reilly was dead last and Hannity didn’t make the list.

      I just randomly checked this past Tuesday (the most recent day for which there are ratings) and the Daily Show is #19. Neither O’Reilly nor Hannity made the list. That is pretty typical.

      Your analysis is even worse than the Breitbrats. And the fact that you question other peoples honesty and knowledge is hilarious – in a pathetic way.

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