Fox Nation vs. Reality: Buying The Buffett Rule

C’mon guys, you’re making this way too easy for me.

This morning Fox Nation posted an item with the headline, “Poll: Americans Not Buying Buffett Rule.” That seems straightforward enough. The poll ought to simply show that a majority of respondents do not believe that raising taxes on millionaires will do any good. And since they are relying on the results of a poll conducted by Fox News, they should be able to support whatever preconceived myth they want to invent. But notice the very first paragraph of the story:

Fox Nation Buffett Rule

That’s right – the poll by Fox News itself says that “more voters think raising taxes on wealthy Americans will help rather than hurt the economy.” And the margin (16%) isn’t even close. Yet the Fox Nationalists paste a headline atop the article that is outright, diametrically opposed to the truth.

What’s next? A story about ObamaCare saving thousands of lives with a headline that says “ObamaCare Killing Patients In Droves.” Or maybe an article about the end of the Afghan war titled “Army Escalates Actions In Afghanistan.” And I can see the headline on election night if Obama is reelected: “Romney Wins!”

Are these people even trying anymore? Has it really come down to Fox just posting the headline they’d like to see above any random story, even if it says the complete opposite? They must really think their readers are idiots. And since they must know their audience better than anyone else, I will defer to their assessment.


5 thoughts on “Fox Nation vs. Reality: Buying The Buffett Rule

  1. I’m wondering whether that election night headline might actually read “Did Romney Win After All?”

    • If Mark was doing the math..lmao..that’s exactly what it would read

  2. Hey Mark, just started reading some of your other articles. Lets do some thinking here, ok?

    24% said “It would Hurt the Economy”
    34% said “It WOULDN’T make a difference”
    58% Dont believe it would help! (Total)

    40% of the voter believe raising taxes on the wealthy will help.
    Mark, 18% more people think it wont have an effect, not sure what happened to the other 2%

    Mark? Wtf? Your a liar again! ok, a manipulator (which is a liar in my book)

  3. They actually gave the 2% in favor of the 40% listed above. Thats how you get the 16% they said the margin was buy.

    Simple Math Mark! Got Milk? Got GED?

  4. Wow Mark….(shaking my head)…Problem is report the truth. The truth is what it is. Failing to see ALL truths makes you a lair at worst and biased at best. 2 Wrongs dont make a right, they are BOTH wrong. Why is it that you feel by acknowledging the truth the other side of your opinion has, that it weakens your own? It doesn’t at all…It shows that you have some intelligence to you and that you don’t have an agenda to propagate. That is unless you do?

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