BEWARE: Glenn Beck’s Web Site TheBlaze Hosts Computer Virus

Anyone foolish enough to visit a web site run by Glenn Beck now has something additional to worry about. Norton’s Internet Security software is warning that Beck’s TheBlaze “news” site is host to a computer virus that it describes as “a serious security threat.” Perhaps this is related to the threat that Beck has been warning us about for years that he calls “The Perfect Storm.”

Glenn Beck Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm is so dangerous and imminent that Beck has declared its arrival on at least a dozen occasions over the last four years. The last time being the Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East last year. This new threat may not be exactly what Beck had in mind, but it is worthy of attention and he will certainly find some nefarious excuse for it that probably implicates Van Jones or George Soros. In any case, here is the alert that Norton generated for TheBlaze:

Glenn Beck Blaze Virus

And here is some information from Norton about this virus:

Fake App Attack: Fake AV Redirect 21
Misleading applications such as fake antivirus scanners (Trojan.FakeAV) or bogus disk defragmenters (UltraDefraggerFraud) are designed to mislead users into thinking that their computer has serious problems that must be fixed by paying for a license of the software.

How ironic that Beck’s site is infected by a virus that is “designed to mislead,” and requires payment to fix. That sounds like a fairly accurate description of Beck’s entire media operation whose purpose is to disseminate delusional conspiracy theories for which his followers must pay if they hope to be enlightened by Beck’s Apocalyptic dementia. For years he has been preaching that “serious problems” are threatening to throw the world into darkness and the only hope is his sage advice to hoard food, buy gold, and arm yourself to the teeth.

Sometimes these virus alerts are in error or caused by harmless applications that appear to be malicious. However, if you have been to TheBlaze recently it would be a good idea to run a virus scan just to make sure that your computer is safe. After that, it would be a good idea steer clear of Beck’s web sites just to be sure that your brain is safe.


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  1. I always thought buying gold and arming yourself “to the teeth” was good advice under almost all circumstances.

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