Breitbart Is Hot For Gay Activist Dan Savage

Most people have vivid memories of the first rumblings of romance in their youth. It usually manifested itself as teasing or taunting the object of one’s affection in their fifth grade class. That playful hostility was the surest sign of a crush in those days of flirtatious immaturity.

That must explain the response by the Breitbart crew to remarks made by gay activist Dan Savage to a group of high school journalism students. Savage’s address was typical of his controversial oratorical styling that commonly includes profanity and challenging subject matter. This address was no exception.

The part of the speech to which the Breitbrats, and a growing amen chorus of conservatives, object is when Savage observes that many Christians cling tightly to Biblical verses that condemn homosexuality even while they ignore passages that similarly condemn – to death – children who curse to their parents, women who are not virgins on their wedding day, and anyone who works on the Sabbath. That contradiction was too much for some of the student reporters as well as their adult counterparts in the right-wing press.

I have no problem with coverage of public figures like Savage that includes criticism of their ideas or even their method of presenting them. However, there is something extraordinary about the Breitbrats’ reaction that bears mentioning. They posted at least nine articles in one day blasting Savage for his remarks at the student convocation and resurrecting past commentaries that have nothing to do with it.

Breitbart Dan Savage

The ferocity of their assault reminded me of the childish romantic who, knowing that his desire could not be fulfilled, resorted to harassing his love interest. This applies particularly to Ben Shapiro who wrote six of the articles. Is Breitbrat Ben secretly stuck on Dan Savage? Who can say? But he is plainly obsessed in some respect and might want to examine his deeper motivations. This sort of fixation is unhealthy and, for his own good, Shapiro should not ignore it.


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  1. Mark since you make a correlation between obsessing about savage and Brietbrat having a crush on him: your quote “Is Breitbrat Ben secretly stuck on Dan Savage?” Does that mean you have a crush on Mitt Romney? Fox News? The GOP? The Truth? I have been wanting to ask you Mark. Do you think the Democrats and President Obama shit golden eggs? Last time I checked only the Golden Goose did that..lmao

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