Fox Nation’s Impotent Attacks On Obama’s Campaign Ad

The Obama campaign released a new ad today that points out Mitt Romney’s failed record on job creation as the CEO of Bain Capital. It tells the story of former employees of a company that Bain drove into bankruptcy, destroying the jobs and dreams of the people who worked there for decades.

It didn’t take long for Fox to ramp up a rebuttal to the ad. In fact, they rushed two responses to their Fox Nation web site in the hopes of quickly diminishing the impact of the ad. Unfortunately, they neglected to insure that their rebuttals made any sense.

Fox Nation

In one of the articles the Fox Nationalists assert that the “Obama Camp Attacks Capitalism.” However, nowhere in their article do they support that assertion. It is just a dangling notion that appears to rest on the fact that the Obama ad criticizes Romney for presiding over the loss of thousands of jobs while he ran Bain Capital – which is unarguably true. In fact, Romney’s own response to the ad doesn’t argue with its truthfulness. It said simply that “We welcome the Obama campaign’s attempt to pivot back to jobs and a discussion of their failed record.” It never disputed the facts presented in the ad. However, it did make a laughable attempt to tie Obama to “wealthy campaign donors,” apparently forgetting that it is Romney who is most dependent of such support.

The other article makes an even more blatantly false claim that Obama’s ad had been debunked. The substance of the debunking consisted of presenting a timeline that supposedely absolves Romney of any responsibility: “Romney’s departure from Bain: 1999. GST Bankruptcy Filing and layoffs: 2001.”

That’s true, but it neglects to note that it was Romney’s actions while at Bain that resulted in the bankruptcy. As noted in the ad: (and at Obama’s RomneyEconomics web page) 1993: Romeny and his partners invest $8 million to acquire GST. 1995: Merger creates $378 million in debt. 2001: GST files for bankruptcy with $500 million in debt. With Romney at the helm, Bain had sucked the blood (and money) out of GST leaving it unable to meet its obligations. The profits Bain secured were all prior to his departure in 2001. The fact that the shell of the company didn’t collapse for a couple of years after Romney left is irrelevant.

So neither rebuttal to the ad hits home if all the facts are presented. And it’s notable that even Romney’s response did not dispute the facts in the ad. But none of that prevented Fox from posting not just one, but two lame rebuttals that will be devoured by their dimwitted audience.


3 thoughts on “Fox Nation’s Impotent Attacks On Obama’s Campaign Ad

  1. They keep saying ‘failed policies’. Wtf is their definition of failure? I see a recovering economy even though congress might as well be an inanimate object. Have they EVER elaborated on how his policies are ‘failing’?

    The way I see it, Romney might go ahead and decide to sacrifice entire swaths of the economy to benefit other parts. After all, shutting down entire businesses made him and his a shitload of money, would he make similar decisions as president? Yes, as his ‘let Detroit go bankrupt’ move is consistent with this. He’d look at this country as a board game, just like he did at Bain.

    • Never mind “failed policies”. How about “worst president in history” followed by no explanation other than cryptic references to “socialism”.

      • Let’s leave George vW. pout of this!

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