A Valentine For John McCain

On this special day, Republican presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, can look back fondly on a lifetime of love and romance. And isn’t that what life’s really about?

Candy McCain’s Valentine’s Day Card:
Candy McCain

Whether it’s President Bush, Governor Schwarzenegger, Mayor Giuliani, or some poor sap at a rally, Johnny sure loves to pour on the sugar.

Too bad he doesn’t feel that way about all the soldiers that he’s so proud to have sent to Iraq.

And it’s too bad that he thinks it’s OK for them to be there for the next hundred Valentine’s Days.

And it’s too bad that so many of them will not be celebrating Valentine’s Day with their sweethearts and families because they have been sent thousands of miles away to police another nation’s civil war.

And it’s too bad that some of them will never come home or will return so damaged that they don’t even know what Valentine’s Day is.

And it’s too bad that, despite previously condemning torture, Johnny just voted to allow it, perhaps as a gift to the president he is so fond of.

And it’s too bad that this “family values” advocate, who is presently on his second wife, won’t let others celebrate Valentine’s Day because he disapproves of their gender status.

And it’s too bad that he thinks that bombing civilians in Iran is joke to be put to the tune of a Beach Boys song.

But other than that, he should have a warm and enriching Valentine’s Day in the bosom of his family and not let the tragedies for which he is responsible spoil this happy occasion.