Romney’s Home Stretch Pitch Aims For The Gullible And Ignorant

With less than a week until election day, the campaign of Republican contender Mitt Romney is pulling out all the stops to appeal to a voter demographic that is often neglected: the irredeemably stupid.

Romney - Slower Voters

What else could explain Romney’s late surge of blatantly false rhetoric? As he stumps around the nation, Romney is now repeatedly blathering about Chrysler moving Jeep production to China. That charge has been ruled a “Pants-on-Fire” lie by PolitiFact. It was given “four Pinocchios” by the Washington Post. It was forcefully refuted by Chrysler who called Romney’s assertions “unnecessary fantasies.”

These are not mere disagreements on subjective political statements. These are the lowest ratings possible for falsehoods. Perhaps we should not be surprised by a candidate who has previously declared that they would not let their campaign be “dictated by fact-checkers.” Romney has lived up to that promise. Currently 41% of his statements reviewed by PolitiFact are rated as false, and 19 of those are “Pants-on-Fire” lies. That’s a record, and a dubious achievement for a public figure.

The only conclusion is that Romney has abandoned all pretense of being an honorable public servant. He has decided that his only path to the White House is to corral as many idiots who are susceptible to this sort of hogwash as possible. It is a open play for the most ill-informed, deliberately ignorant yokels in America. Who else would vote for a man who has demonstrated that he has no core principles and admittedly “Etch-a-Sketches” his positions as required to pander to his audience.

Romney has taken diametrically opposing stances on key agendas including the auto bailout, abortion, gay rights, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Climate Change, and even his own hallmark health care plan. It was that tendency for being so ethically-challenged that made Romney a hated figure in his own Republican Party during most of the primary season. Now much of the party has sucked up their disgust and have settled for a man they despise, but only because they despise Obama even more.

So in these final days of the campaign, the remaining undecided morons are struggling to choose between an historically accomplished president (who says he can’t run on his record?), and a failed governor whose home state abhors him. The choice is between a man who has rescued the economy from disaster, reduced unemployment from 10.1% to 7.8%, advanced civil rights for women, gays and minorities, brought the Iraq war to an end, saved the auto industry from collapse, and advanced a progressive agenda for financial reform, energy production, and job creation, or an unrepentant liar who regards half the nation as moochers, represents only big corporations and the wealthy, has no understanding of foreign policy, and wants to privatize Social Security, Medicare, and even FEMA.

Seriously, you would have to be pretty stupid to vote for Mitt Romney. To do so with full knowledge of what he represents is basically an admission that you have given up on intelligence, reason, and rational thought. If that is insulting to those of you who still intend to vote for Romney, there is recourse. Don’t vote for him. It is not too late to restart your brain. Remember why you opposed him so vehemently in the primary and refuse to sacrifice your integrity for a man who has not exhibited any of his own.

For the rest of you, those who grasp the importance of an election that will result in the implementation of America’s first health care plan, the appointment of a couple of Supreme Court justices, and shape the direction of civil liberties and economic fairness and equality, make voting your priority. Nothing you do in the next week will have a greater impact on your life for the next decade. Vote early, if available in your state, but just be sure to vote – and take a couple of people along with you.

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6 thoughts on “Romney’s Home Stretch Pitch Aims For The Gullible And Ignorant

  1. The one thing this article tells me is that we are truly screwed – our choices – the incumbent, the most incompetent person to ever hold the office of president of the the US (and totally void of any leadership qualities), at least in my lifetime OR the challenger, someone that really can’t be trusted to represent the positions of what used to be a conservative party and pretty much the same old terrible candidate. What a choice, should be an interesting 4 years. We reap what we sow.

    • You can always vote for Rosanne Bar.

      How weird would that be?

    • Oh piffle! President Obama has done a very good job faced with enormous difficulties. It’s a testament to the Totalitarian mindset that Steve in York wants a strongman to impose the will and dictates Steve wants put upon all Americans.

    • “the most incompetent person to ever hold the office of president of the the US (and totally void of any leadership qualities), at least in my lifetime”

      You must have been born on January 20, 2009.

  2. “Now much of the party has sucked up their disgust and have settled for a man they despise, but only because they despise Obama even more.”

    This is an answer as to why people are voting for Romney.

    It really has nothing to do with character, trust, or ability but everything to do with blind party allegiance. Both sides are guilty of this.

    • i think people vote along the party lines because they see the other party as a threat to more that they value than the party they’re voting for.
      As we’ve seen, there no such thing as an anti-war, pro-choice, pro-healthcare republican.

      plus if you look at track records, you’ll notice that, over the last 50 years, more jobs have been created, the stock market has gained more, deficit spending has been lower and less wars were started, under Democratic presidential administrations than Republican ones.
      With that in mind, the GOP seems like ‘reformed’ alcoholics that have found god and want to share it with everyone else, when they’re not busy falling off the wagon themselves.

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