Hilarious MoveOn.org Video Rankles Right-Wing Prudes

A new video produced by MoveOn.org with help from Michael Moore is causing some right-wingers to reach for the smelling salts. The rest are falling off their chairs with outrage and frothing criticisms. What has them so unraveled?

OMG! Old people cussing. The world has finally succumbed to Satan’s call. What better evidence is there that Armageddon is imminent?

This little video is generating thousands of views, and millions of guffaws, across the InterTubes, but in the realm of the right it is stirring nothing but anxiety and outrage. It has been featured on Fox News on at least three programs: America Live with Megyn Kelly, Hannity, and the O’Reilly Factor. All of these “news” alerts castigated the video with vitriol usually reserved for terrorist bombings or Obama sightings.

Sean Hannity and Megyn Kelly both brought Fox News “Democrat” Kirsten Powers on to fulfill her mission of pretending to be a liberal while bashing her alleged allies. As the representative of the left she responded to Kelly’s leading questions saying “I don’t know why Michael Moore would do it, but even worse, I don’t know why MoveOn.org would be associated with it.”

Far worse, however, was Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points Memo segment that he titled “Threats From The Far Left.” In his feverish denouncement of the video he said “So now the far left is threatening violence if President Obama loses the election.” Then he charged that President Obama is “culpable” for the video because he hasn’t condemned it. Really?

Someone needs to inform O’Reilly that this video is what we humans like to call “comedy.” It is not threatening any actual violence. For a demonstration of actual threats, just visit the Fox News community web site, Fox Nation. There you will find Fox fans literally yearning for Harry Reid to die; for Nancy Pelosi to have her skull crushed; cheering Arlen Specter’s death; advocating the assassination of President Obama. Since O’Reilly has never condemned these remarks he must be regarded as culpable for them.

The zealous acrimony expressed by these puritanical louts is almost as funny as the video. They clearly have a hard time discerning the difference between comedy and reality. And that may explain why they are unable to see the humor in this video but they can take Mitt Romney seriously.

ADDENDUM: For an idea of what the Fox News crowd thinks is funny, note this item posted on Fox Nation:

Fox Nation

The rating given to this article by the Fox Nationalists is “Funny.” Apparently they regard bad news for American businesses and workers as a joke. These cretins actually celebrate the hardships of fellow citizens. For the record, Fox failed to note that GM’s earnings statement was actually better than analysts expected and the stock rose almost 10% after the release. It was an indication of an improving economy. But that didn’t stop Fox from latching on to what they could spin as bad news and lifting the hearts of their America-hating audience.


5 thoughts on “Hilarious MoveOn.org Video Rankles Right-Wing Prudes

  1. They took offense to this? I thought it was funny but at the same time it delivered a pro-democratic, pro-american message about how important free and fair elections are to democracy. As Jon Stewart says these people live on bullshit mountain so we should not be surprised at their reaction. If Obama is culpable, as O’Reilly put it, for not condemning this it is only because he has a sense of humor. Culpable for what? I might add. Has anyone heard Romney condemn the really violent, vile and hateful things said by Ted Nugent and others about this President? What they said had no hunmor in it at all. I can only conclude, based on years of observation, right-wingers have no sense of humor.

    • Oh yeah – I forget to mention Ted Nugent, who has threatened to shoot Obama and said that if he’s reelected that he (Nugent) would either be dead or in jail in a year. And while Obama is not affiliated with MoveOn, Romney actually sought Nugent’s endorsement.

      • Ted Nugent did not threaten to shoot President Obama. And I never heard you utter a peep about the kill-Bush comments from Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, and other lefty talk-show hosts. You said nothing when Bill Press wished that John Boehner would be struck dead by lightning.

        Micheal Moore’s video was idiotic. Also, the video featured some doofus who said she would c##kpunch Romney if he wins.

        • You obviously don’t read everything I write, and you also don’t know much about Nugent’s past. But worst of all, you don’t know the difference between comedy and real life, just like Hannity, O’Reilly, et al.

  2. About the addendum-They don’t see it as hating America, they see it as hating the ‘fake America’. Hatred is something the right has obviously embraced in the past 4 years. It’s also obvious that if something like the tea party were anonymous like the comments sections on websites like fox nation, the hatred would palpable enough to make you need a gas mask. Suppressing expressions of hatred is something that the right has had to spend a lot of time on, all the while calling the president ‘a foriegn usurper’, a Marxist, and all around anti-American or saying that he just hates America outright. Championing conspiracy theorists to the point that actual members of congress start to say things like, ‘Fast and Furious was an attempt by the administration to create violence in Mexico so that it drives a pro gun control movement in the US.’ Making baseless and substanceless statements in the form of questions and call it journalism.

    I’ve said it several times, when political parties lose their shit right after a massive political defeat, it’s a sign of things to come. We’ve already seen the beginning of a fracture in the tea party and through the embracing of extremism. Also evidence of a dim future is the huge difference in preference of racial minorities for political party. I really do think the GOP is trying to resuscitate itself through all these things, and citizens united was their attempt for life support. Even more evidence will be what will happen to Mitt after he loses. They are going to fucking crucify him.

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