Rupert Murdoch Tweets His Blatant Anti-Semitism

If you’ve ever wondered where Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, and other News Corp properties get their tone of division and hatred, you need look no further than the corporation’s head, Rupert Murdoch. On Saturday Murdoch sought to express his disagreement with coverage of the escalating violence in Israel. But his tweets on the subject reveal more about him than anything else.

Rupert Murdoch

Murdoch began by criticizing CNN and the Associated Press for what he called “bias to the point of embarrassment.” It was difficult to ascertain what he meant because he offered no examples of the alleged bias. However, he later seemed to make clear what he regarded as the problem when he tweeted his complaint that the “Jewish owned press [is] so consistently anti-Israel.”

The outrageous offensiveness of that remark is its obvious link to derogatory, anti-Semitic assertions that the media is run by Jews. It’s a demonstrably false assertion that is commonly used by hate groups and was exploited to tragic effect in Nazi Germany. For Murdoch to use this sort of language against his competitors is further evidence that he is unfit to lead an international news enterprise.

In between the tweets mentioned above, Murdoch inserted an equally offensive tweet aimed at President Obama wherein he attributed the shelling of Israel to Obama’s “friends” in Egypt. For Murdoch to suggest that the Hamas terrorists (who, by the way, are not in Egypt) are friends of the President goes far beyond what can be considered civil discourse. Murdoch is effectively accusing Obama of complicity with the attacks on Israel. That is the sort of repulsive and delusional opinion one would expect to hear at a KKK rally.

There are some who believe that Murdoch has been a stalwart defender of Israel, however, there is a big difference between pro-Israel and pro-Jewish. Murdoch, like many neo-con right-wingers, is only supportive of Israel in connection with the right’s strident Islamophobia. They hate Muslims so much that they embrace Israel to the extent that they can exploit its conflicts with the Muslim world, and particularly Iran, with whom they are itching to go to war. But there is nothing remotely pro-Jewish about that stance. It is similar to the apocalyptic Christians who pretend to support Jews, but only because they are a necessary component of the End Times prophesies, after which they will burn in Hell.

On Sunday morning Murdoch became aware of the criticism of his tweets and posted another that entirely missed the point saying: “Jewish owned press” have been sternly criticised, suggesting link to Jewish reporters. Don’t see this, but apologise unreservedly.

There are two glaring problems with that absurd attempt at a public relations fix. First, the criticism had nothing to do with reporters, but with his reference to Jewish “owners” of the media. Secondly, how can he claim to “apologise unreservedly” when he admits that he doesn’t see any reason for the criticism? It is an utterly disingenuous apology that doesn’t even address the insult.

Rupert Murdoch is a vile man filled with hatred and greed. He should do himself, his business, and the world a favor by stepping down as CEO and Chairman of News Corp and fade ignobly into history.


5 thoughts on “Rupert Murdoch Tweets His Blatant Anti-Semitism

  1. Another Fox hater I see. You guys are a dime a dozen and have no originality what so ever. What about MSNBC, ABC, CNBC, CNN, and BCC? Do these hateful networks owned by the Koch Brothers deserve your hate as well??

    • Huh? The ultra-right wing Koch brothers own MSNBC, ABC, CNBC, CNN? That’s news to me (and the rest of the reality-based world).

      Rather than just lash out wildly against other media, why don’t you try rebutting anything that was written in the article above? Conservatives have a big problem with making coherent arguments that stay on topic.

  2. Every broadcast i’ve seen has a reporter standing somewhere in israel talking about iron domes and israeli air strikes, usually followed by some israeli official telling their side of the situation, so i don’t see what rupert is talking about. Dementia isn’t an eastern euro country??

  3. This is just another way they are trying to smear Obama as not pro-Israel enough. Obama is very pro-Israel. He knows they are our most important ally in the region and the only real democracy;unless you count the two failed democracies of Iraq and Afghanistan, which are the failed attempt Bush made at ‘nation building’. Something he promised he would not do and then reneged on that, in short order, during his first term.

    The good thing here is Obama knows more and is a lot smarter then they give him credit for and they always end up looking like the idiots they are and Obama looks like the good President that he is.

  4. Is this like asking when he’s going to stop hitting his wife?

    ‘Cause I haven’t heard of anything about Egypt attacking Israel.

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