Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Case Of The Imaginary Regulations

When Fox Nation needs to disseminate some fictional talking points, they turn to disreputable blogs like for new material. That’s what they did this weekend when the Fox Nationalists posted this fallacious item about 80 regulations that were supposed to have been proposed by the Obama administration in a single day:

Fox Nation

As usual, the headline, and the underlying article, are not even remotely true. The article links to the web site, and specifically to a page where there were indeed 80 items listed. Unfortunately for the credibility of Fox News, they were not 80 regulations. Most of the items were simply notices of comment periods where the public could have a say in the administration of their government agencies. Some were requests to collect additional information. There were announcements of appointments to performance review boards. Here is one of my favorite items on the list: “Meetings: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.” That was merely the publication of a meeting date.

The magnitude of ignorance required for somebody to construe this list as being entirely comprised of proposed regulations is stunning. But here we have both the Hotair blog and Fox Nation doing just that. They would only have to have read a few lines to know that, while these items had some relation to regulations previous and pending, they were not regulations themselves.

It’s one thing for some dippy blog to misconstrue something so obvious, but a legitimate news enterprise should check before regurgitating their stupidity. That, of course, explains why Fox News didn’t check – it’s not even marginally legitimate.


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10 thoughts on “Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Case Of The Imaginary Regulations

  1. You said it FAUX News is far from legitimate.

  2. Mark, after all the stuff the Bush Admin spoonfed these nutjobs, you can’t seriously believe that Foxnation bigwigs would want to bring the gullible out of the wilderness until they’ve been duped out of everything they hold dear.

  3. You mean Fox have time to do other fictional stories besides The Cover Up of Benghazi aka Benghazi-Gate. FOX NEWS- UNFAIR AND UNBALANCED BUT MOSTLY UNTRUE.

    • I still like, ‘Fox-You’ll end up pissed and confused.’

  4. One of my right wing friends posted something like this a couple weeks ago. I pretty much told him the truth. Have not heard from him since. No apology, no checking, not even admitting he was wrong. Just silence.

  5. Mark,
    I believe that the majority of Fox minions will eagerly ignore the link in favor of that instant gratification of anger and sense of betrayal that only a disingenuous headline can deliver. If all of your preconceived notions can be met by a single sentence that alleviates the need for you to think or reason, why would you bother delving deeper? These dedicated followers of the Cult of Fox cannot be bothered to dig deeper as they just might come into contact with a dissenting view known as fact, reason, nor simple logic, or as they see it, liberal bias.

  6. Steve in York he was complaining about all the new regulations. However, his information came from headlines like the one in this post. When I pointed out the truth, that these were mostly notifications, etc, he did not respond. In fact, GWB set the record for the most regulations but you probably already knew that.

  7. My dad is still using FOX “News” as a blankie, to soothe himself after the election. What’s puzzling to me, is that they were proven to be utterly wrong about everything leading up to the election; more or less proven to ether be really bad commentary, or liars. If I were Dad, I’d be offended, pissed off, and stop watching them. But there he is, eating it with a spoon. . .

  8. Fox News seeds blogs and sites like these with these nuggets of misinformation then they can go on their “real hard news” shows and honestly say “Some folks are saying that . . . ” or “People are saying that …” or whatever.

    They are nothing more than a bunch of dishonest hacks with one single political agenda.

    But we all knew that.

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