Could Stephen Colbert Join Al Franken To Form A Senate Comic Caucus?

Stephen Colbert - Al FrankenPublic Policy Polling has just released a new survey of South Carolina residents on who they would prefer as the replacement for Sen. Jim DeMint, who is leaving the senate to head the conservative Heritage Foundation.

Among those included in the speculation are long-time state pols like former governor Mark Sanford, his ex-wife Jenny Sanford, congressmen Tim Scott, Joe Wilson, and Trey Gowdy, and GOP official Henry McMaster. All of these folks would be conventional picks for Governor Nikki Haley, whose responsibility it is to appoint DeMint’s successor.

But leading the pack is Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert, a South Carolina native and former candidate for President of the United States of South Carolina. According to PPP…

“Colbert tops the wish list of who South Carolina voters would like to see join that body at 20%, followed by Tim Scott at 15%, Trey Gowdy at 14%, Jenny Sanford at 11%, Henry McMaster and Mark Sanford at 8%, Jeff Duncan and Joe Wilson at 5%, and Mick Mulvaney at 4%.”

This could send shock waves through the political world. Colbert has a hefty campaign war chest via his Super PAC that has nearly a million dollars left over from the presidential campaign. He has a devoted following that is nationwide in scope, and a platform for expressing his views on his television show, which gets a bigger audience than Fox News. He has testified before congress on labor issues. He delivered an epic speech before the White House Correspondents He has won two Peabody Awards. However, he also has powerful enemies. Nancy Pelosi launched the Stop Colbert campaign earlier this year:

Yet to be heard from is Minnesota senator Al Franken. The two have a common background and could form a coalition in the senate to advance legislation favorable to political satirists. A “Comic Caucus” in Washington could be a significant counterweight to the other congregation of politi-clowns, the Tea Party.

Neither Colbert nor Gov. Haley have given any indication of their intentions. For Colbert the decision has to include consideration of the fact that a seat in the senate would be a demotion for him. He has far more influence where he is now, although he could earn more money taking kickbacks from lobbyists who would eventually provide him with a multimillion dollar job when he tires of the senate, just as Sen. DeMint has done.


5 thoughts on “Could Stephen Colbert Join Al Franken To Form A Senate Comic Caucus?

  1. I think it is more likely Haley would appoint herself.

  2. What a country we live in. The PRETEND conservative is leading the poll.

    • That’s due to the conservatives now a day’s have gone off the deep end, and so far right they can’t see the middle. I’ve said it for a while now, I believe this is the point Abe Lincoln looked at the conservative party and decided they were a bit too far out and created the GOP. Seems they are back to that point again, and need to remake the party again. I mean if they stop obsessing on social issues of woman’s health, immigration, marriage, etc… then maybe people would start to listen. The GOP is saying it’s about personal responsibility but are doing everything to put big government in your personal life. Or calling out for fiscal responsibility, and spending more on defense than their budget wanted, or spending mass amounts on planes/equipment that is outdated and not used which is wasteful spending. Many people are tired of hearing one thing and watching them do another. If they quit lying to people and making things up, then maybe people will be open to hearing from them again.

      • I’m not sure what you consider “conservative” – but the current GOP doesn’t resemble conservative anymore.

    • It is an interesting statement that there isn’t a “real” candidate anyone wants – no surprise – the current GOP group as a whole is a joke – it will make no difference. What a wretched party they’ve become.

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