Fox News Sucker Punches American Workers Every Day

The InterTubes are abuzz with a piddling story about a douchebag from Breitbart/Fox News who got what looks like a popped pimple on his forehead after confronting union protesters in Michigan.

Steven CrowderSteven Crowder, is a self-described comedian (though there is no evidence to document that) who is trying to make a name for himself by emulating faux-journalist James O’Keefe. That mission brought him to Lansing, Michigan yesterday where he somehow managed to rile up an otherwise peaceful gathering of 13,000 union protesters. One has to wonder why the only report of hostility just happened to be where Crowder was stationed with his video team.

The video Crowder later posted on line was, in the style of O’Keefe, heavily edited. The portion that showed an alleged union member swinging at Crowder was cut to exclude most of the activity prior to the altercation. However, in a longer clip that was shown on Hannity (below), it could be seen clearly that just prior to the swingfest, the union member was on the ground. There is no explanation for how he got there, such as the possibility that he had been assaulted first by Crowder and was retaliating. Crowder has repeatedly lied in saying that he was sucker-punched, because the video also clearly shows that he was facing the union member at the time the punches were thrown. And it appears that the union member was reacting with the sort of anger that someone who had just been assaulted might be feeling. Also, Crowder rushed the union member after the first punch, displaying his size advantage, but then pulled back as if he just remembered that the cameras were rolling and he had forgotten momentarily his goal of portraying the protesters as violent.

For someone who was allegedly brutalized by fiendish thugs, Crowder seemed rather giddy in his subsequent appearances on Fox News (twice in less than 24 hours). He confessed to Sean Hannity that he intentionally sought to provoke the protesters, saying with a smarmy smile…

“I went out here to prove the left for who they truly are. Certainly, these union thugs. And I’ve achieved that.”

On Fox & Friends Crowder issued a contrived macho challenge to the union member to engage in a Mixed Martial Arts match – an absurd suggestion considering that he is bigger and younger than his opponent, and trained in MMA. Crowder is scheduled for another Fox stint with Neil Cavuto tonight.

The entire demeanor of Crowder in his post-bout media tour is one of someone proud of having successfully carried out a preconceived mission to fabricate bad publicity for the workers seeking to defend their rights. This is not a game to them. They have just been sucker punched themselves by a right-wing state regime that is assaulting their jobs, their livelihoods, and their families. The Michigan governor and legislators rammed this law through without notification or public debate.

To make matters worse, Fox News, and others in the conservative mediasphere, have thrown their own sucker punches at America’s working families by promoting right-to-work (for less) laws that have been proven to result in lower wages, worse working conditions, and have never been shown to create additional jobs. Nevertheless, Fox has characterized the Michigan law as a “victory for capitalism.” They have long sought to portray union members as thugs, rather than as the families they are, struggling to support themselves in a society that permits corporations to make record profits, lavish million dollar bonuses on executives, and then whine that they have no money to fairly compensate their working-class employees.

This sort of misrepresentation and vilification of average Americans goes on daily in the right-wing press. It is emotional abuse that has to pile up over time and create anxiety and frustration. While violence is never an appropriate response to a political dispute, these occurrences have to be evaluated in the broader context of the environment that surrounds them. And when people are being attacked by their so-called representatives, and their lives are being upended by out-of-touch elitists, it is hard not to expect that tempers will flare.

That may have occurred yesterday in Lansing. Or it may be that an overzealous media whore initiated the entire affair with his own provocative behavior and hostility. Time may shed more light on the facts, but it is undeniable that working Americans are not going to give in to the corrupt bosses in executive suites and statehouses. Nor should they. Working people are the backbone of our nation and they deserve better than to be exploited by self-serving politicians and third-rate clowns acting as outside agitators.


19 thoughts on “Fox News Sucker Punches American Workers Every Day

  1. Steven Crowder got punched several times. That tent that AFP paid for was yanked down. No matter how many snotty little insults and lies you keep belching onto your website about this incident, this was thuggery.

    • Actually it was entrapment and the insults were hardly “little” but well-deserved.

    • And I guess you missed all the other articles that were taking many eye witnesses accounts of the idiots loosing their own tent ropes prior to the tent falling. Or that their little group was trying to provoke many others. You want to talk about Thugs… sure let’s, let’s talk about how the lower number of union members in an area means lower wages for the area. Go look at the average wage for the state of MI and compare to TX. Lot less union members in TX, and a lot less on the average wage. Let’s talk about how you would survive on 8 bucks an hour instead of 15 bucks an hour, due to no union fighting for a decent wage. Let’s talk about the dead policemen there will be because no union to fight to get them bullet proof vests, or dead firemen from out dated equipment that fails when they need it. How about paying teachers minimum wage and still wonder why our kids are not learning. Please do us a favor and learn your history. Without unions there would be no 40 work week, no weekends, no minimum wage. So, I guess you call someone fighting for their life and family a thug over someone wanting to pay someone 2 bucks a day for 12-15 hours of work in their sweatshop to make millions to line their corporate board members pockets.

      Until this O’Keefe want-to-be releases the full tape unedited, I will not believe him one bit.

        • I think that’s clear from the content, Hawk. Thanks for the great rebuttal.

      • It’s so much better that unions are fighting for teachers to get a fair wage while our kids are failing. Wages for teachers are not the barometer for student success. It’s funny how private school teachers who don’t belong to a union and may make less money than unionized public school teachers have students who are doing much better. You shouldn’t conflate the two issues.

  2. What’s it called to set out to prove a political point that ‘you already know’? And what, by definition, does that do to the possibility for objective perspective? It’s almost like they were going to find what they wanted no matter what, even if they have to manufacture it. And setting out to ‘show them for what we know they are’ isn’t even close to news worthy, because that’s just some dude that by his very own mission statement (and therefore his very purpose of presence itself) was provocation. Provocation with prejudice. Prejudiced provocation. I don’t know which is more relevant, but they both make this dude look petty and childish.

    Prejudiced investigative provocation. Is that accurate??

    • I agree. This was had to be a provocation. Everybody knows that union members have never resorted to violence or intimidation. To imply that these guys are thugs is laughable. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      • The hell are you talking about? I don’t know what about anything I said made you think I was being as general as that response, but I think it’s obvious you didn’t think too hard about it.

        • This “report” by Crowder was created by provoking a confrontation. That’s not journalism, and I agreed with your comment. My further comment was not so much directed at you, but more in general. I was unaware that a “reply etiquette” dictates one should only stick to the comment being replied to, and should not stray into more general commentary.

          Thank you for so gently letting me know.

          • Given the nature of your previous comments on this site, I figured that one was thick with sarcasm, (I still think it is). And using sarcasm in the general to prove your prior sarcastic point. I thought the nature of conversation was that a reply is relevant to the comment being replied to. I wasn’t talking in the general…..I just realized how pointless this is.

            Anyway, sorry!

  3. Oh man, and don’t even get me started on the fight challenge. What’s it say about a man that has to prove to others that he does in fact have testicles…..unsolicited??

  4. I think the author of this story is about as much of a coward as the candy-ass union worker who hits like a little girl.
    You liberal retards spin everything, it is no wonder that you cannot be trusted or believed.

  5. your representation of the AMerican flag as a paint drop explains it all… are as un-American as yer kenyan-born muslim whitey in office.

    • Feel better? Bet not, my guy still won. 😉

      Have a good one babycakes.

  6. Violence is never ok but it was greatly satisfying to watch Crowder get punched. Sometimes, you get what you deserve and he did. The true details of what happened clearly show what lying thugs the GOP & their RWNJ’s really are. The brainwashed Faux Fox News watchers will love it since it doesn’t take much to trick them. Benghazi.

    • “…it was greatly satisfying…”

      The left wing is full of hate.

  7. i wonder why fox isnt bashing the teachers union today like every other day.maybe because they saved kids lives in conn. now gun nuts say if they were armed they would have saved kids.let me get now you wantso called union thugs armed/ i tried to say this on fox nation they wont let me we need to go on that website and ask why stop bashing the teachers union now/ if its what they is disgusting how they divide this country. why not talk about how congress gets full health coverage vote on their own raises only vote to get reelected vote themselves on term limits lets get to the real problem career politicians

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