The Ugly, Asinine American: Donald Trump Links Wind Farms To Terrorism

If you thought that Donald Trump had embarrassed himself beyond the limits of human tolerance during the presidential campaign, you don’t know The Donald.

This is a man who continues to believe, despite all evidence, that President Obama is a Muslim from Kenya. He is a man who made a pathetic challenge to exchange five million dollars for Obama’s college transcripts. He is a man who thinks that Bill Ayers is Obama’s ghostwriter. He is man who called for a revolution because he thought, incorrectly, that Obama lost the popular vote. So what could he have done since the election to further affirm his world-class idiocy?

Donald Trump Ad

The ad above is part of Trump’s effort to kill a wind farm in Scotland near one of his golf courses. He thinks it will hamper the view of the snooty elitists batting little balls around his exclusive club. But it’s not enough that Trump’s dishonest and self-serving ad misrepresents the value of renewable energy resources, Trump goes further to associate an advocate of wind power with the terrorist who brought down an airliner over Lockerbie.

This is about as despicable an act of character assassination as you will ever see. And it is a naked attempt by Trump to further his own greedy interests at the expense of a public servant, Scotland’s environment, and the general concept of dignity. To top it off Trump Tweeted “Windmills are destroying every country they touch— and the energy is unreliable and terrible.” That’s not the least bit hypoerbolic. Just look at the trail of former nations that have been destroyed by windmills. Obviously Trump knows as much about energy as he does about Obama’s birthplace.

The desperation in making such wild and offensive claims is apparent. Trump is proving once again that the only thing he cares about is his own wealth and ego. It’s sad for the rest of the American populace that he is prancing around the world ruining people’s impression of America. If only there were a way that we could refuse to let him back in.


5 thoughts on “The Ugly, Asinine American: Donald Trump Links Wind Farms To Terrorism

  1. In the scheme of things Trump is about as relevant as that thing on his head. He is a narcissistic publicity whore who will do anything to get attention. What is really amazing is how he can’t see what a ridiculous joke he is. Those close to him need to do an intervention but I don’t think that would work he would never listen to them.

  2. That is, btw, an experimental wind farm on a ridge in California. It has lots of wind, and no sight controls. Half of the towers are non-functional.

    Actual production systems tend not to be as haphazard since they’ll want to keep the number of varied units low to lower maintenance costs and the distance between them high to get pure airflow.

    • Maybe that’s one reason it’s called an “experimental wind farm.”

  3. I suspect that Trump has an alterior motive that he could profit from. Did he possibly purchase land nearby to build a golf course?
    Whenever Trump speaks I always follow the $$$ signs.

  4. How could you be against wind power…..???

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