Fox Nation vs. Reality: Beauty Queen-a-Cide

The ignorant fables spun by the Fox Nationalists have frequently coasted off the rails of sanity. But none have diverted nearly as far off course as this article, linked to a story by CBS News, about how “Mexican beauty queen Susana Flores Maria Gamez and four others died in the brutal gun battle between Sinaloa cartel members and the Mexican military in November.”

Fox Nation

On the basis of information that a gun that had once belonged to an ATF official was found at the scene of this gun battle, Fox Nation asks “Did Holder’s Crew Kill A Beauty Queen?” That’s the sort of deliberately offensive and juvenile question that turns Fox viewers into raving ignoramusi. In their purposeful attempt to deceive, the Fox Nationalists failed to provide any details of what actually occurred, including the fact that the alleged “beauty queen” Gamez was reported to have been armed and fighting with the criminals in the drug cartel and was likely killed by the Mexican military.

Nevertheless, Fox portrays her only as a “beauty queen” and not as a drug trafficker, and accuses Attorney General Eric Holder of murdering her. There is no evidence that any gun associated with the ATF or “Fast and Furious” was responsible for her death, particularly in light of the fact that any such weapons would have been in the possession of her drug-running accomplices, not the law enforcement agents they were fighting.

So to answer Fox’s question: No, neither Holder nor his “crew” killed a beauty queen. However, a more accurate version of the story might have said that a shootout with the Mexican military may have resulted in the death of a female drug trafficker and her comrades.

Fox really had to stretch reality to turn this into an assault on Obama’s Attorney General. And they also had to turn a member of a drug cartel into a sexy fallen hero. But that’s what Fox does. It’s only purpose is to malign their ideological enemies and decorate their distortions with lechery and melodrama. I can almost see the next Fox headline about the Sandy Hook killer, Adam Lanza: Obama Attacks Recently Deceased, Mentally-Challenged, 20 Year Old Orphan.


3 thoughts on “Fox Nation vs. Reality: Beauty Queen-a-Cide

  1. The journalistic malpractice of Fox on almost everything they report is criminal. Apparently nothing can be done except to point it out which this blog does very well and, therefore, I believe, fulfills a public service. In addition to that Stewart, Colbert, SNL and all of the late night comedians constantly make them the brunt of jokes. When you are a joke like Fox is the comic material is endless and provided on a daily basis. If Fox ever became what it claims it is-a real news organization-these guys would all have to work a little harder. We can only hope but as long as Ailes is running things I won’t hold my breath.

  2. Wait, I thought guns made everybody safer. This is UNPOSSIBLE!

  3. *ignoramuses. It comes from a Latin verb, not a noun.

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