Fox News Hypocrisy Over Al-Jazeera Hilariously Exposed By Jon Stewart [Video]

As reported here last week, Fox News went on a loopy and hyperbolic panic over the news that Current TV was purchased by Al-Jazeera. They railed against what they called an anti-American network with ties to terrorists when, in reality, Fox News is more closely associated with terrorists than Al-Jazeera.

Last night Jon Stewart weighed in on The Daily Show with another of his hallmark smackdowns that revealed the brazen hypocrisy of Fox News. The segment features ludicrous condemnations from the likes of Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Stuart Varney, and Steve Doocy, as they sought to demonize Al Gore, while blithely ignoring the fact that their own boss, Rupert Murdoch, was deeply aligned with repulsive rhetoric from a Saudi-based network (Rotana) of which he has a 20% stake. Stewart noted that…

“Rotana is the same network that aired “Valley of the Wolves,” a movie in which American soldiers are the bad guys, massacring Iraqi civilians and stealing Arab organs to sell them to Jews.”

This is further evidence that Fox has no genuine interest in the pseudo-patriotism with which they plaster their airwaves. It is just a sleazy and phony operation aimed at advancing the political agenda of right-wing extremists, and enriching the network’s owners and the celebrities posing as journalists.

It’s too bad that the humor-deprived conservatives who need to see Stewart’s piece most are unlikely to do so. They already regard the program as liberal propaganda and dismiss it out of hand. But if they knew that they were being conned by Fox while the company is embracing some of the very same villains they pretend to oppose, viewers would revolt in a big way. Perhaps some of them already have, because Fox’s ratings have been in a steep dive for the past couple of months.


4 thoughts on “Fox News Hypocrisy Over Al-Jazeera Hilariously Exposed By Jon Stewart [Video]

  1. “…a sleazy and phony operation…”

    Perfectly describes Al Gore selling his glorified public access channel to a Big Oil-financed operation for half a billion dollars. And trying to close the deal before 2013 to avoid millions in capital gains makes it even more sleazy.

    Mediaite reported that even the Current TV staff was ticked off. They might have said so to Gore’s face, but he skipped the meeting.

    • Do you not realize that every complaint you just described is coming at this from the left? Are there any from the right that you want to talk about? Or did you see the light and switch ideologies? Anyway, just sayin, you sound like a liberal there. And you’re right. That’s all right.

    • This issue about trying to close the deal before 2013 in order to avoid taxes is one that I’ve heard about often, but can you prove that that was really what Al Gore was trying to do?

      So far I haven’t been able to find conclusive proof of that intent.

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