Fox News Mounting Campaign to Foment Hostility, Insurrection, Civil War

The lust for open hostilities and bloodshed is palpable amongst the folks at Fox News who are deliberately inciting all out war and encouraging their audience to embrace their most malevolent tendencies and act them out.

Fox Nation Gun War

This dangerously irresponsible effort is revealed on the network broadcasts and in the editorial decision making on their web site. There are presently at least fifteen separate stories with delusionally hyperbolic headlines. Fox is feverishly framing the debate on gun safety as one that is un-American, unconstitutional, and an elaborate scheme by a tyrannical administration whose desire they believe is to subjugate the nation’s population and force them into slavery. They present President Obama’s proposals as an imminent threat to liberty and personal safety.

What does Fox expect to happen when they terrify their viewers with assertions that their very freedom is at risk? Is Fox conscious of the animus that is already prevalent among right-wingers who are convinced that the President is a foreign agent working on behalf of our enemies? Are the network executives taking these delirious fictions into consideration when they publish headlines like these?

  • King Of The Gun Grabbers
  • NRA: Obama Wants ‘War’ So We’re Preparing for ‘Battle’
  • Nation’s Biggest Gun Store Calls for Revolt
  • Across Heartland, Sheriffs Vow to Fight Obama’s Gun Ban
  • Rand Paul Pledges to ‘Nullify’ Obama’s Executive Orders
  • Rubio: ‘The President Doesn’t Have the Guts To Admit He Doesn’t Believe In The 2nd Amendment’
  • Rand Paul Unveils Plan To Stop Assault On 2nd Amendment
  • Rubio: Obama Is Abusing His Executive Powers
  • Missouri House Proposes Jail Time for Federal Gun Grabbers
  • Levin: ‘This is 1930s Stuff … Why Do We Need a National Database of Citizens Who Own Guns?’
  • HURT: Gun Edicts Put Personal Liberty Under Fire
  • Starnes: Freedom, Tyranny and Granny’s .38
  • Oregon Sheriff to Biden: We Won’t Enforce Your New Gun Laws
  • Congressman Seeking Obama’s Impeachment Compares Him To Saddam Hussein

There can be only one purpose for this sort of inflammatory rhetoric. Fox intends to increase the heat beyond the boiling point for people who are already on the verge of drastic action. The people for whom this resonates are deeply disturbed by delusional threats of oppression and servitude. What makes this even more troublesome is that these same people are likely to be heavily armed and not averse to using their firepower to defend their country from phantom enemies.

Fox seems to be trying to convince these Psycho Chicken Littles that now is the time to step forward and pledge their lives to the cause of freedom as defined almost singularly by the right to possess weapons of carnage that were never meant to be deployed outside of military use in wartime. But that’s what Fox thinks this is: Wartime! And their obsession with portraying fellow Americans who have a difference of opinion with them about the interpretation of the Second Amendment, as traitors can only have tragic consequences.

Pew Gun PollA brief review of the stories illustrated above is evidence of the extremism that Fox is tapping into. It is not accidental. They are executing a deliberate strategy that is fraught with risk and is contrary to the views of the majority of Americans. A new poll by the Pew Research Center shows that large bipartisan majorities favor bans on semi-automatic weapons (58%), bans on high-capacity ammunition clips (54%), and universal background checks (85%). The only option in the poll that garnered less than 50% was the one advocated by the NRA to increase the number of guns in our communities.

With support like that from the people, it is plain that Fox is directing their rhetoric at the fringes – the malcontents and miscreants who are most likely to wreak havoc. Exacerbating this problem is the fact that the fringes are no longer relegated to their traditional place at the outer rungs of society. Today they are on television and in congress. We have numerous public “servants” talking about secession, insurrection, nullification, and impeachment. And the presence of Fox News, a cable news network that rewards such talk, and participates in it, is only asking for trouble.


21 thoughts on “Fox News Mounting Campaign to Foment Hostility, Insurrection, Civil War

  1. Why don’t you send a copy of your analyses direct to Rupert Murdoch? Murdoch is personally in favour of gun control. He might be persuaded to knock this rubbish on the head. But don’t mention News Corpse, he might be offended.

    • Very funny, but I don’t think Murdoch would be interested. And besides, he seems to have been shunted aside.

      Murdoch also supports immigration reform and efforts to mitigate climate change. But, as with gun control, his Fox News network takes positions that directly contradict his. I think Roger Ailes has Murdoch on drugs somewhere or is threatening to spill the beans on the hacking scandal if Murdoch challenges him.

  2. Boy, sounds like it could get ugly. Now if the sheep would just get in line – right Mark. Had this debate actually focused on ways to deal with gun violence vs. the old gun control proposals, maybe we could be dealing with this issue in a constructive way. You and your lot have zero credibility, your goals are the same as they always were given your specific list of polls – why don’t you cut the bullshit for once. These proposals are hardly a solution to what ails this country and I’m sure the sheep won’t be falling in line for you. What’s being written on Fox Nation is tame compared to what I’ve seen elsewhere online.

    • The ones not focusing on the debate about gun control are the ones that are blaming everything else from video games to the kitchen sink EXCEPT guns for gun violence, the ones trying to pin it on mental health issues, yet at the same time being against background checks (this makes mentioning it a mental health issue irrelevant since no background checks means these people can still obtain guns), the ones who, rather than look at the details of what is being proposed, instead act like the end of the world, compare Obama to Hitler and Stalin, cry “freedumb has been taken” and call for insurrection and secession and imply assassination of “tyrants”, try to pin a label of hypocrisy on Obama by falsely equating security for VIPs and their children with general security and even dragging his own kids into the mix etc.

      Indeed from above, the one’s doing everything to avoid discourse on what necessary legislation to enact are the NRA and the right wing media that supports them like Fox News. Mark is right to point out all these things because they actually do all that. This site isn’t a site that reports news, it’s one that reports ON news, so Mark isn’t in any obligation to focus on the legislation being passed (even though he can), it’s more the onus of the actual media itself since they are in the position to steer the discourse.

      And as documented above the direction they are taking this whole thing is anywhere BUT discourse on legislation. Yet you put all the blame on Mark for not doing what the media should be doing and you completely turn a blind eye to their shortfalls. As usual you wear your bias very proudly, looks like that big cinderblock on your shoulder towards this site and Mark aren’t going away any time soon.

      • Thank you for this: “This site isn’t a site that reports news, it’s one that reports ON news.”

        That is a point that so many people don’t get. They veer off into debates about a particular issues when the point I’m making is how the issue is being covered. I get tired of trying to set people straight, and it’s refreshing that you clearly get it.

        • No Mark, I get it. If you just reported on News, you would refrain from inserting your leftist propoganda in the “reporting ON news” stuff. But it’s a nice way to take some cover on your outrageous beliefs and statements that are inserted in your commentary. If you didn’t include calling those with who you don’t agree idiots or some other insult, then maybe you would be believable.

    • OK, so your saying that since you have a drivers licence, and that new stuff came down the pipe to make it so you have to get another licence for a bus, or truck… you will loose your regular licence? And that they will take away your car?

      Away to deal with gun violence is see what the same points are in the assaults. Namely the semi-automatic rifles. So, let’s see, if the last few mass murders was done with these items, let’s ban them, or licence them. Let’s make sure the mentally stable (which last few attacks were not stable) are not around these items to use to mass murder. NO NO, that’s to reasonable… let’s call for secession and civil war because someone wants to get that item away from those who would use them for harm. If it were midgets with machetes, would you not be for making sure all machetes were away from midgets?

      As for all these idiots who yell and scream about how much they love America and then yell for secession. It’s the I love this place and I want to leave it… at the same time. Make up your mind, love it or leave it, can’t have both.

      Just like them(Fox) going on about killing abortion doctors, then one someone does it, saying it was not their fault. Seems like they are doing it again. When someone does something stupid because they are bombarded with the same message over and over again, Fox will sit by “reporting” on it, and take no responsibility at all for it. Make your own news, best thing ever.

  3. Everyone needs guns to protect themselves from other people who have guns because the other people are the ‘bad’ people. But what is even more important is that everyone has guns so that ‘we the people’(but not those ‘other people’) can keep our rights and make certain that the very government that we elect into power (provided the ‘right’ people are voting) to lead on our behalf (clarification: ‘our behalf’ refers to Wall-Street and Special interests and should not be considered inclusive of the average citizen) does not decide to impart marshal law and take away our freedoms; aka: guns (restricting health care, basic tenants of the Bill of Rights and Constitution, rights for women and people of color are acceptable) . If they take away our guns, er I mean freedoms then we cannot fight back against the armed forces that they will send against the very people who put them into power (pure evidence of voter fraud) in order to take over and establish a Socialist Regime (proper voters don’t vote socialist).

    Besides, there is just way too much money involved in weapon manufacture and distribution for any meaningful legislation.

    • You know that is one of the few things we still manufacture here – so I hope you’re right and NO meaningful legislation comes on gun control.

  4. Remember that saying – “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”? Well, you have perfectly exhibited that left-wingers like you don’t believe in that saying at all.

    Millioins of Americans think the policies that Obama and the Dems are foisting on this country suck – and you try to claim that these people are ready to get violent? You lie – and lie -and lie.

  5. Fox is fomenting their followers to get out in the next election to do what they did in 2010. If the republicans do what they did in 2010 in the House and if they take control of the Senate, I would almost guarantee Obama will have articles of impeachment filed against him in the House on trumped up charges. He will survive conviction in the senate, just as Clinton did, only because it takes a 2/3rds majority of senators present to convict.

    • Yes, and the FBI may think Occupy wall street is a terrorist organization – no one is safe when it comes to the State.

      • Yeah it was great to see all those Oathkeepers standing up to Police as they attacked the unarmed Occupiers. Oh wait…

        • Funny how you attack the people working for the state – I assume it’s these “Oathkeepers” – while giving a pass to the government who must have directed it. You’re a good slave, you should be proud.
          I’m on the side of the Occupy people in this case – piss on the government if they don’t like the people standing up to them. When did gathering to speak against the state become a terrorist act? I think that is how Mark would categorize anything against the state the way he defends it.
          Not sure about these oath keepers or what they really would do – hopefully we step back from the idea of the all powerful state and take back our freedom – that may go against our dear leader’s belief in his imperial presidency.

          • Funny how obtuse you are steve. Since you hate the state explain how you’re going to “take back your freedom”. Gonna march and organize? Didn’t work for the Tea Party. Gonna buy alot of guns and threaten Concord Bridge like Ted Nugent. OR are you just gonna post here your comments in the defense of conservative bullcrap.

            • I’ll tell you what I’m going to do and have been doing – I’m going to take responsibility for my own future and do the things I need to do so as to not put any trust in the government to take care of me or my family – that’s a suckers bet. No need to be violent or hateful, just need statist like you to leave the people alone to be who they want to be. Keep your faith in the government and enjoy your self imposed slavery – that is your choice, just let others get free.

            • I just realized in reading your response that you are truly incapable of thinking of yourself as free and maybe you’re so afraid of what you may not get from the state that you would refuse complete freedom if given the choice – I am wasting my time, you’re correct.

            • What Gene – no response…no criticism for just trying to be self supporting vs. putting my full faith in the state??? Why don’t you tell me how I’m all wrong trying to do it myself?

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