Canada’s Failing Sun TV (Fox News North) Appeals To Government For Help

Harmful If SwallowedSun TV is a rabidly right-wing cable network in Canada that has been compared to Fox News. However, Canadians do not seem to be as gullible as America’s Teabaggers and are not tuning in. From the Hollywood Reporter:

“To get Sun News back on its feet, the Quebec media giant is asking for a mandatory distribution order from the CRTC. That would force the all-news channel on Canadians by ensuring carriage on all domestic analog and digital basic services.”

Mandatory distribution? Sounds like socialism! The level of hypocrisy required for a conservative network to beg the government to force private companies into doing business with them is off the scale. What ever happened to the free market? It appears that Canadian viewers have made their choice, but Sun isn’t satisfied and wants to shove their programming down the throats of viewers who don’t want it. In the process they would compel cable operators to pay them fees against their will.

Just imagine how conservatives would react if MSNBC tried to do the same thing. They are presently carried on fewer cable services than Fox, and where they are carried they are often relegated to higher tier packages while Fox is on the basic tier.

This is a brilliant example of the right-wing hypocrisy that condemns welfare when it is provided to low-income Americans who are struggling to get by, but supports welfare for wealthy corporations in the form of subsidies and tax relief. They reject government if it serves the people. They embrace it when it serves the rich.


4 thoughts on “Canada’s Failing Sun TV (Fox News North) Appeals To Government For Help

  1. You neglected to include in your writing who the owner of SunTV is — Quebecor Media. The ownership of the station has been divided between 2 of their subsidiaries but like Fox — it’s owned by Quebecor. Who do they think they’re fooling??? LOL

    They’ve already changed the stations name. They initially took over a station that Canadians all received but they were relegated to a high end number station and hopefully next off the air.

    Quebecor for those that do not know the name, should check their Wiki page — they are one of the largest and most profitable corps in Canada. They, like Fox, cry ‘victim’ when in fact I wish Quebecor blew itself up. Would I miss it — not at all. You could call them the Canadian Koch Bros. as they operate the same way. They’re dirty, they’re slimmy, they’re corrupt and don’t deserve a dime of taxpayers money as they’ve screwed Canadians like Fox, the Kochs, the US Banks etc have in the US.

    Quebecor owns Sun News & other media outlets and also owns numerous newspapers, including The Sun, published in a number of cities which David Frum is very familiar with in that his father-in-law was the founding Editor of Toronto Sun, was fired, rehired, & still writes for the Sun. Frum is married to Worthington’s stepdaughter. Worthington & his daughter were enablers and helped host/sponsor Sarah Palin’s 2 failed speeches in Canada.

    The VP of Development of Sun News was the former director of communications & chief spokesman for Stephen Harper – the moron who is unfortunately still the Prime Minister of Canada. No connections or corruption and back door deals there!!

    It’s like a spider web and I’m sure somewhere in a closet is a connection between Murdoch & Quebecor execs. Wouldn’t put it past them.

    • Correction to my first paragraph Line 3, the words ‘but like Fox’ is an error as I was writing something else and neglected to delete the whole reference. Fox is not owned by Quebecor but is owned of course by Murdoch.

      Murdoch & Quebecor are not much different in the ways they operate etc. It’s like they’re from the same cloth. Liars, Pondscum, Corrupt, etc., etc., etc!

    • Thanks for that info. It isn’t particularly surprising, but it helps to explain their behavior.

      • You’re welcome Mark.

        It’s like healthcare — having Canadians read and keep up-to-date of US crap coming out of places like the Foxhole, Rush, etc. about Canadian healthcare, media, etc. so that people can get a better picture & facts!! That foreign object on the right — Facts!!

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