Bush Spiritual Adviser Endorsed Obama

The media obsession with pastors to politicians has an exciting new vein to mine.

Rev. Caldwell

The picture above shows Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell, frequently identified as President Bush’s spiritual adviser. He presided over the wedding of Jenna Bush on Sunday. And ….. he has publicly announced his endorsement of Barack Obama for President of the United States, citing his “character, confidence and courage.”

Will the press that has been relentlessly pounding Obama for his association with the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright (whom Obama has repudiated) be as eager to report that Bush’s pastor (who officiated at both of his inaugurations) prefers Obama to Bush’s aspiring successor, John McCain? Will they saturate the airwaves with this news? Will they even ask Bush or McCain a single question about it?

God knows.


3 thoughts on “Bush Spiritual Adviser Endorsed Obama

  1. We regret to inform you that by even mentioning the endorsement, you’re participating in the saturation of media outlets with bs.

    I mean, come on – where do you think the Obama/religious thing originated anyway?

    Wa waaaa

    FunyonJunior, Out

  2. If, by mentioning the hypocritical behavior of mainstream press constitutes participating in it, then you could never point out such hypocrisies. I believe it is necessary to point them out so that people recognize them in the future.

  3. Obviously not — Caldwell’s endorsement came weeks before the Wright story broke.

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