Bill O’Reilly’s Dementia: Caught On Tape

O'Reilly Fear FactorI may have been a little too hard on Bill O’Reilly in my past assertions of his crumbling mental state:

“…all that will be left for us is to watch with a sickly curiosity because he is beyond us now. He has reached that destination about which he cautioned us a thousand times while pointing menacingly. He has finally and irreversibly entered a Zone that is thoroughly devoid of Spin – or, for that matter, reason or sanity.”

Apparently this is not a developing problem. Apparently he has been insane all along:

[YouTube pulled the first version of this video due to “a copyright claim by CBS.” Now there are 40+ versions of it on YouTube. In case they all get pulled, you can still view this must-see video at Gawker]

Bill Don’t Block the Shot O’Reilly is a TV studio massacre waiting to happen. Fox should issue Kevlar vests to all Factor employees. The irony is that, after making millions off of his dementia, O’Reilly would go out providing Fox with exactly the sort of blood-stained tabloid story they feed on.

See also The Collected Verses for more O’Reilly insanity.


4 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly’s Dementia: Caught On Tape

  1. I would call him a pop n jay if he ever screamed at me like that….but first i would kick his butt.

  2. Became a fan while looking for reliable information on the presidential elections during the fall of 07. My pithy comment is this: Nancy Polisy should have known what was going on with an issue that apparently meant so much to certain factions on the left – and her. It was her business to know. The information was available. She should have made it her business to stay informed once she knew these tactics were even being considered.

    Laura J. Catrambone
    Chicago, IL

    • I’m not sure why you chose this year-old post to make your comment that isn’t even on topic, but I’ll respond.

      I want anyone involved with justifying torture to pay a price – including Pelosi if she played a part. That’s why it’s so important to commence an investigation. Once started, it should go wherever the evidence leads.

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