Daffy Donald Threatens Lawsuit Against ‘Dump Trump’ Organizer

The elephantine ego, with the road-kill squirrel hairpiece, that we know as Donald Trump has emerged again from his lair to make squealing noises about some affront to his imaginary immunity from criticism.

Donald Trump

Trump had his lawyer, Alan Garten, dash off a cease and desist letter to the organizer of a protest aimed at getting Macy’s to sever their relationship with the fake billionaire birther. He is suing Angelo Carusone for not less than $25 million for “disrupt[ing] Mr. Trump’s long-standing and well-established business relationship with Macy’s.”

Curiously, Garten undermines his own case in the letter by insisting that Carusone’s efforts have been unsuccessful and that he has grossly inflated his support (A petition initiated by Carusone has received more than 680,000 signatures). But if Garten’s claim is so, then there cannot be any justification for a multimillion dollar lawsuit. Where are the damages? Nevertheless, Garten issues brassy threats to “not test Mr. Trump’s resolve” lest you suffer “a judgment of stunning proportions.” The only other potential for liability rests in Trump’s complaint that Carusone attempted to “maliciously” “cast him in a false light,” however, nowhere in his letter did he cite any example of that.

In point of fact, Trump is attempting to bully Carusone into abandoning his rights under the First Amendment. It is squarely within the law to organize and engage in protests, including those that encourage boycotts and other consumer actions. Trump’s threats represent another example of his aversion to democracy and the Constitution. He recently threatened to sue Bill Maher for having made a joke about Trump’s thoroughly joke-worthy challenge to get hold of President Obama’s college transcripts.

Rest assured that this suit is going nowhere. It would be laughed out of court by any reputable judge. Which is too bad for Trump because this appears to be the only way he has of making any money. His business record is replete with bankruptcies and he recently had to unload his Trump Plaza in Atlantic City for a record low price that was less than 10% of its original cost to build.

Given Trump’s dismal performance in real estate, and his declining popularity as a game show host, it seems that there would be no cause of action for defaming his reputation because, seriously, how much lower can he go?


3 thoughts on “Daffy Donald Threatens Lawsuit Against ‘Dump Trump’ Organizer

  1. “The food was terrible — and the portions were *so* small!”

  2. Donald Trump is a bully by the any definition of the term. Anyone who offends this thin skinned spoiled brat is in for his bullying retaliation. When Obama made some very funny and well delivered jokes at his expense at the 2011 correspondents dinner, Trump was infuriated and that is when he really jumped on the birther bandwagon. Instead of being a good sport about it and laughing along with everyone else he gets his nickers all in a twist. That’s what happens to someone born in a bubble who never leaves it and has a hugely inflated ego.

  3. I better never hear Trump complain about “frivilous” lawsuits and the need for “Tort Reform.”
    What’s he going to say-“I’m a jackass who can’t stop myself from sueing people, so therefore, a law must be passed to prevent ME from being such a douchbag.”

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