Murdoch Unleashes O’Reilly, NY Post On Keith Olberman

The ongoing melodrama featuring MSNBC and Fox News is heating up again and reaffirming Fox’s status as the scum suckers of news.

Two weeks ago, Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post gave readers an insiders view of the conflict that centers around the blood feud between Keith Olbermann and Bill O’Reilly. The battle lines have extended all the way up to News Corp. executive offices, including Rupert Murdoch’s. In the Kurtz column he quoted Fox chief Roger Ailes threatening his counterpart, Jeff Zucker, at NBC:

“Ailes warned that if Olbermann didn’t stop such attacks against Fox, he would unleash O’Reilly against NBC and would use the New York Post as well.”

Since then, as promised, Bill O’Reilly has devoted his Talking Points Memo to an assault on NBC/GE, calling them biased, dishonest, disgraceful, and responsible for the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq. Without a hint of irony, he said that NBC “has violated just about every journalistic standard.”

The New York Post has also been answering the call. On May 19, their Page 6 gossip monger, Richard Johnson, asked if Olbermann was “on the verge of yet another professional meltdown?” Today the same Ailes apple polisher flatly asserts that Olbermann has not paid his taxes. Johnson’s source is the utterly disreputable attack dog site, OlbermannWatch. This allegedly factual assertion is made despite the fact that it is contradicted a few lines down in the very same paragraph. But that doesn’t stop Johnson from raising additional questions about other similarly resolved tax disputes. The only purpose imaginable here is to slander with innuendo and outright falsehoods.

What’s worse is that Johnson took the opportunity to engage in an act so despicable it even reflects badly on a rag like the NYPost. Without any justification or connection to the bogus tax story, Johnson published what appears to be Olbermann’s home address. The irrelevance to the rest of the column is so stark that it jumps off the page in a fit of superfluosity. This can only be regarded as an intentional and hostile attempt to bring discomfort, and perhaps harm, to Olbermann. And coming so soon after the Ailes threat, it is difficult to arrive at any other conclusion.

Let Johnson and the Post know that this is unacceptable from both journalistic and moral perspectives:

NYPost email:
Page Six: Richard Johnson
Letters to the Editor


8 thoughts on “Murdoch Unleashes O’Reilly, NY Post On Keith Olberman

  1. You’re writing a post defending Olbermann against jornalistic and moralistic values. HOW LAUGHABLE!!!

    • So you’re DEFENDING publishing home addresses as the Post did? It would be OK, then, to publish O’Reilly’s, or Murdoch’s, or YOURS?!?

  2. Why do you American Hating, Troop Despising, Free Speech surpresser’s LIE? Make a phone call you MORON and you will find out STALKERMANN IS A TAX CHEAT and STILL HASN’T PAID HIS NY TAXES. Why do DemonNUTT’S CHEAT on taxes? Why do you DemonNUTT’S hate FREE SPEECH? Why do you DemonNUTT’S BOW at the feet of a LOSER that has been FIRED from EVERY JOB he’s had? What exactly or you DemonNUTT’S AFRAID OF? Why is RubberDuckie MANN TERRIFIED to GO FACE TO FACE with O’REILLY or ANYONE that doesn’t fit his PHONEY DemonNUTT AGENDA that you DemonNUTT’S are to STUPID to FIGURE OUT? You demonNUTT’S can never DEBATE anything. WHY DO YOU DEMONNUTT’S HATE THE TROOPS AND AMERICA?

    • Ha! I’ll just let this stand. It speaks for itself.

    • So right wings don’t care about a decent education. You are a perfect candidate of this. Of course take what BUSH said and should someone else say it they are the one to hate the troops. Catholic Priest, Bill O’Reilly tell other parent’s daughters to invest in a dildo and how someone bought him one with a battery int he middle.

  3. Wow, who let the REPUBLICRAPS out of the loony bin? Poor Bill O’Reilly…someone made fun of him and he had to cry to Daddy AilesHOLE…what’s the matter Bill, you are getting beat in the ratings coming unglued.

    Time to fight fire with fire…NBC needs to release Ailes and O’Reilly’s home addresses so we can send them their self-portraits..aka piles of shit!

  4. Keith Olbermann: the overdue New York State Tax Warrant, the buyers of his real estate, the corporation

    Keith Olbermann: the address from 2001 of his, the parents of Katy Tur and the civil actions

  5. Amazing how easy it is to tell when a post is made by one of those professional blog responders.

    Oh.. and I’m sure Keith is quaking in his boots.

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