Breitbart Bear Hugs Fake Democrat Kirsten Powers Of Fox News

This weekend the Fox News farce “News Watch” featured its customary panel of four slobbering ultra-rightists and one alleged Democrat. This week’s lefty lamb was Kirsten Powers, who did her job of pretending to be a liberal while denigrating everything liberals stand for.

In a segment about an NPR story on wasteful spending for disability programs, the discussion suddenly veered off course to attack Media Matters with the program’s host, Jon Scott, calling it “that liberal media watchdog group funded by George Soros.” Scott complained that Media Matters had “a problem” with NPR’s report because “it has become fodder for the right wing.”

Right off the bat it should be noted that Jon Scott, whom Fox inexplicably installed as host of a media analysis show, is the Republican Party’s man at Fox News. He was caught red-handed (by Media Matters) reading “news” copy that had been cribbed, word for word, from an RNC press release.

Scott also suffers from a malady that has infected most of Fox News that could be called “Soros Tourettes Syndrome.” Its primary symptom is the uncontrollable shouting out of the name George Soros whenever some organization is mentioned that he might have made a donation to in the past five decades. Given that he is a well known billionaire philanthropist, that’s a pretty long list. In this case. Soros did make a donation to Media Matters exactly one time two years ago, which hardly puts the organization in his pocket. What Scott failed to report was that NPR, whom Scott is alleging was attacked by the Soros-funded Media Matters, also received a hefty donation from Soros. In fact, it was nearly twice what he gave to Media Matters. So Scott seems to think that Soros is attacking one of his front groups with another.

Which brings us to fake Democrat Kirsten Powers. When asked about the NPR affair, she detoured to make this baseless observation: “I just want to say first of all, Media Matters is not a legitimate organization. And they do not exist to be a media watchdog group.” She provided no support whatsoever for her allegation, however, it was enough to attract the adoring gaze of Breitbart’s John Nolte. He posted a short item fawning over Powers for her “honesty” and gushed “I disagree with Powers on almost everything, but she’s good people.”

The assertion that BreitBrat John had substantive disagreements with Powers struck me as peculiar given her overt conservative leanings. So I looked up some previous references to her on the Breitbart web site for evidence of how starkly their opinions differed. This is what I found:

  • Liberal Kirsten Powers Fights Back Against Obama’s War on Fox News
  • Kirsten Powers: Obama Nominating Rice As Secretary Of State ‘Would Be His Undoing’
  • Kirsten Powers: Obama’s ‘You Didn’t Build That” Comments Offended Me Too
  • Kirsten Powers: What Did Obama Know and When Did He Know It?
  • Kirsten Powers: ‘Obviously, There’s A Bias Behind’ Cable News Not Covering Catholic Lawsuit Against Obama
  • Liberal Pundit Powers: Obama Removing Work Requirement From Welfare Huge Issue For Romney
  • Liberal Columnist: Double Standard In Media’s Attack On Rush

These were just the articles that referenced Powers in the headlines. There were many more plaudits for her on the site within various articles. So all of this admiration and accord raises an obvious question. When Nolte says that he disagrees with Powers on “almost everything,” what the hell is he talking about?

Kirsten Powers

Powers is plainly another right-wing plant in the Fox News garden. She consistently rips the President and other Democrats and rarely offers enthusiastic praise or defense for progressive policy or people. She is only on Fox representing the left because Fox couldn’t get Ann Coulter to do it believably. But Powers is in the same conservative bag as Coulter, even going so far as to outrageously accuse Obama of sympathizing with terrorists. No wonder BreitBrat John is so infatuated.


16 thoughts on “Breitbart Bear Hugs Fake Democrat Kirsten Powers Of Fox News

  1. If she ever suggests that people should be murdered, Nolte will leave his wife for her.

  2. Powers is a joke. She fits in perfectly with the bigger joke that is Fox News.

      • So why do you spend so much time here?

        Seriously…you show up and post inane comments that say nothing more than that I’m lying, but you provide no proof or argument to challenge what I say. You seem to be obsessed with me and this site, and now we learn that you think it’s a joke?

        Obviously you are lying. You recognize the massive impact this site is having on the world. You are aware that I’m an extraordinary analyst and visionary and it frightens you, so you return here repeatedly to try in vain to suppress the truth that shines from this site like a beacon. But you are intellectually unprepared to have any effect. It’s kinda pathetic. Sucks to you, huh?

        • I provide proof all the time that you are lying. Here is the reason that I show up: The amount of venom and dishonesty is so overwhelming in your posts that they beg for a response. Besides, since I will never get the opportunity to go up to Bill Maher or Chris Matthews and point out how full of crap they are, I will go to the places that I do have some access.

          Don’t worry, I never lose sleep over any of the idiotic things you post.

  3. I guess this falls under – Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Must be a pretty good payday for Ms. Powers, Joe Scarborough on MSNBC behaves the same way – he is supposedly conservative, but bad mouths conservatism all the time. I guess if you’re paid enough, many will say anything to keep the $$ rolling, what does that say about the news today?

  4. “Joe Scarborough on MSNBC behaves the same way – he is supposedly conservative, but bad mouths conservatism all the time.” -steve in York

    I used to watch Morning Joe and what I saw was a conservative guy, he was always touting his conservative creds, who bashed anyone who didn’t tow the conservative line while giving a pass to others like him.

    If a guest was scheduled who would and could school Joe on a given subject he bashed as an ‘authority’, Joe would be elsewhere.
    Too many times I watched him softball conservative politicians and harangue his co-hosts, especially Mika who is in a self-denial class all her own but that’s for another time.

    Just because Joe Scarborough is on a left leaning network, his show is anything but. Morning Joe leans to the right unless Joe is on vacation, then it stands right of center.

    • Joe has no convictions, he seems afraid to be too conservative, which is why I say he will also not bite the hand that feeds him – ie his far left network. he’s a joke and isn’t any different than a liberal poser on Fox News – such as this Kirsten Powers based on the article.
      Joe Scarborough can be bashed by almost anyone because he doesn’t believe anything (based on what I see on his show) – if he did, he would be willing to defend it. Mika is a mess in my opinion, but at least she isn’t afraid to be the insanely biased liberal she so clearly is. I appreciate honesty.

      • MSNBC is not a “far left network.” Left yes, though Morning Joe is certainly not, whether he’s pulling punches or not. But back to that far left thing. . .

        There WAS a far right, and it used to be represented by Rush Limbaugh. He was nearly as fringe as Morton Downey Jr. Over years, that far right fringe has finally taken over, and you have the fringe in the mainstream. I have no idea if it’s possible to be “far right” of that mainstream now. Preppers and truthers, maybe, but even they land inside the right-wing media world.

        The left never had a Limbaugh. Air America was tried, but it wasn’t far left, it was just left. Same with MSNBC now, and it doesn’t apply to every show. It is only “far left” in comparison to the tea baggin’ loons now squarely in the spotlight on the right.

        • Sorry, I typed “truthers” when I meant “birthers.” The truthers might be far left, but they are not even close to MSNBC territory.

      • Joe is conservative to the core. It is just that the conservatives have gone much further off the farm than even he could stomach.

        Also, he knows the “movement” lives in crazy town and as much as he wants to be their flag waver, he knows they are alienating the public and driving them into the Democrats arms.

        See Ohio and Florida.

        Also, he is the biggest phony and is a troglodyte at heart.

        On the plus side, he is a genuine sports fan.

  5. Once again, Mark can only spew lies and insults and hate. Kirsten Powers is a liberal Democrat. Period. She just isn’t full of venom and idiocy like Chris Matthews.

  6. Here is what’s so obvious: Kirsten Powers holds political views that are unmistakenly liberal Democrat. But she is also clearly frustrated by how much the mainstream media roots for her side. I’m sure she would rather let the merits of liberalism stand or fall withour assistance from these jokers. Perfect illustration: Kirsten ripped into both Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher. Good for her. The media lapdogs almost totally ignore the crap that Maher spews. Shame on them.

    • Oops….”without assistance”, not “withour assistance”. Dang it.

  7. Kirsten Powers is a Conservative working for Fox News.

  8. Kirsten Powers is a planted conservative for Fox News!!!

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