Hating Breitbart: Now Easier Than Ever

Following in the footsteps of “Atlas Shrugged” and “Sarah Palin Undefeated,” the new documentary “Hating Breitbart,” about the late Andrew Breitbart, made a beeline for the bargain bins at your local video store. It was a dismal flop at the box office despite massive marketing to the Tea Party crowd that producers thought would eat it up.

Hating BreitbartIn their desperation the producers have initiated a unique marketing plan that illustrates just how delusional they are in believing that they can salvage their investment and/or integrity. The plan involves persuading their most mentally-deficient followers to buy copies of the DVD for various liberals in what they describe as a “sponsorship” in the vein of those late-night television appeals for starving third-world children. From the Hating Breitbart web site:

“At Hating Breitbart, we believe liberalism is an illness that is best treated with a healthy diet of being exposed to different points of view. We’re offering fans of our movie the chance to “sponsor” an intellectually malnourished member of the mainstream establishment by ordering a copy of the film to be sent to them to help overcome years of indoctrination by the liberal elite.”

Pleasse forghive me. It is mush hard er to type whil laughing hystrically than I thoght. OK, let me try this again.

The BreitBrats think that it’s a good idea to convince people to buy extra copies of their DVD (at 15 bucks a pop) for liberal politicians, journalists, entertainers, etc. The producers must be stuck with a warehouse of these paperweights and believe that their fans are dumb enough to bail them out by buying more. Of course, the intended recipients (i.e. Michael Moore, Rachel Maddow, Nancy Pelosi) are only going to deposit the DVDs in the trash.

Since there is no chance whatsoever that they will waste their time watching this dreck, the only real purpose for this campaign is to separate the flock from more of their cash and to enrich the incompetent producers. Wouldn’t it just be easier to double the price and tell them the proceeds are going to Jesus? But a bigger problem is that these conservative Randians are abandoning the pretense that they actually believe in the primacy of the free market. The people have spoken with their wallets. For God’s sake, let it go.


4 thoughts on “Hating Breitbart: Now Easier Than Ever

  1. It’s hard to get people to buy garbage.

  2. I dunno, Mark. I can picture Rachel watching it in order to eviscerate it on her program. It wouldn’t take her longer than one segment.

  3. Mark I think it’s now time to rethink the marketing strategy behind your e-Book. Maybe you can set up a ‘sponsorship’ system and get people to buy for those who already know that Fox News is, shall we say, less than honest. Paid links can be emailed to Rupert and company.

    Of course I get 10% because I obviously thought of it first.

    We’ll be rich in no time!

    • OMG – That’s brilliant. I may just try it. I can’t promise you 10%, but maybe a t-shirt or something. And, frankly, I don’t think anyone will do it, but it would be fun stunt.

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