So F**king What? Obama Supporter Wears Hat

The Obama haters seem to be struggling to come up with new scandals to hang on the President. They have already run through his Kenyan birth, his Marxist father, his gun confiscations, his economic sabotage, and his treasonous golf schedule. Now, grasping for anything with which to hammer the President, the congenital liars at Fox Nation have uncovered something so spine-chillingly horrific that they had to feature it on their news feed.

Fox Nation

So F**king What?

The Fox Nationalists sourced this ridiculous article to the laughably inept Daily Caller. The author, Patrick Howley, is actually identified as an “Investigative Reporter,” despite his history as a violent right-wing activist who admitted to infiltrating OccupyDC for the purpose of undermining it. Howley also recently alleged an absurd scheme by a media investor to buy up all the gun-related magazines in order to shut them down.

Now that Hat-Gate has been revealed we can concentrate on more important matters like how often the President flosses and whether the First Lady is a Belieber.


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